You Favorite RPG Games and Why


If I had to rank my top 5 I would say; TES: Morrowind, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, Mass effect 2, Mount and Blade: War Band, and the Witcher 2

The top two simply because of the modding communities that support them (Morrowind overhaul 3.0, Misery for COP) I’ve put so many hours into both games and just get lost in the immersion.

The whole Mass Effect Series is just great story telling and interesting characters, I know most people didn’t like the ending of the 3rd one, but I found it appropriate for the series.

Mount and Blade is probably the reason why this game caught my attention, of course it looks like crap and isn’t incredibly intuitive, but man its fun slowly taking over another kingdom.

And if any of you have played the witcher series, I don’t need to really explain, highly looking forward to the third one!


Apart of obvious and many times qouted here I’ld like to point out the Neverwinter Nights 2: the Mask of the Betrayer expansion. The story is just amazingly layered and dark… another expansion: the Storm of Zehyr is also interesting. It’s a showcase of what can be achieved with that old game engine.


I never did discuss “Why”.

Well for the Suikodens and Radiata Stories it’s got to do with the huge range of recruitable unique characters.
The Suikoden games also always impress me with their story. Whereas Radiata Stories was one of the first games where I was extremely impressed by EVERY NPC having a 24 hour day 7 day a week schedule.

The Bioware titles (DA & ME) excel at player character relations and I become heavily invested in the lives and problems of these NPCs.

As for Bethesda’s duo (Elder Scrolls and Fallout)…well we have a love hate relationship… I hate that they’re always SO buggy…but I LOVE the potential they hold for immersion and vast world exploration… but mostly I love their dedicated modding communities.

The Final Fantasy games get a special mention because they USED to be up there on my list…but well… I haven’t enjoyed their last 3 or 4 attempts. 12 was…OK… but I tend to feel that they started going downhill after 10.


Played a great deal of Mount and Blade, not even sure why, probably its open ended nature and difficulty or mods, probably the mods. Great many of the Final Fantasy games right up to 10, then I stopped paying attention. Chrono Trigger of couse, Suikoden 2 - pinnacle of that series in my mind, great story, lovely sprite art, good flow with all the minigames and combat, not to mention the bloody 108 characters.

Fallout: Las Vegas - played through it twice without mods. TES - most of them, good wandering and freedom of action- even if the combat is utter shit - worst yet in Skyrim. At least Oblivion had acrobatics.

The first Witcher, second one had poor flow, made it tedious to play, good overall combat though.

The first Mass Effect. From start to finish several times, don’t quite know why. The second one bored me into quitting, never bothered with the third. First Dragon Age, because when entering the tower, I seriously did not expect spending the next 2 hours in the fade with the culmination being a boss battle with me having little to no resources left - that I will remember for some time.

P.S: Of course there is much else - some of the older Forgotten Realm RPGs, hell Neverwinter - both the first and second - were and are great games, just not to the liking of the “modern” audience. Never played Planescape though.


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The original “Defender of the Crown” and “Pirates!” … yes, I’m that old.
“Defender of the Crown” because of the maiden in distress cutscenes and siege weapons, “Pirates!” because of the storyline. Both have great box artwork (from a time where you could actually own a physical copy of a game).


I miss those days. I loved being able to look at my shelf and see all the games I owned liked up nice and neat.


Holy crap I completely forget Dues ex, I’m ashamed…


Gothic 1 - superb atmosphere and still unmatched exploration (but yeah, it was small so it wasn’t that hard I guess)
Deus Ex - sandbox mechanisms and also great exploration
Fallout New Vegas - Post Apo + Western and it is more akin to Fallout 1 than F2
Alpha Protocol - Awesome C&C system, Tom Clancys Novel feel, great characters and some systems.
Bards Tale (2005) and Southpark: SoT - well, one is Hack’n’Slash and the other one is jRPG, great deconstruction of fantasy RPG genre + 'great humor’
VtM: Bloodlines - Everything, it is awesome.
Arcanum - I was hardcore fallout fan, until the Arcanum came out and I liked it much more than Fallouts, also maybe it is the only game, where you can make Gnome gunslinger and use grenade launchers and teslagun to kill elves and humans…
Mount&Blade - I think it is more Simulation than RPG and the sandboxy world is great.
Jade Empire - Kung Fu + non europian-like world, it wasn’t perfect and it was too short, but I really like it
Witcher 2 - beautiful visuals and great story, shame about fighting system and Triss everywhere.

Lands of Lore - I loved that game back than, it was soooo beautiful.
Shadows over Riva - My first ‘openworld’ dungeon crawler with interesting character building.
Baldurs Gate (1) - great exploration and feel of ‘young adventurer’, which was sadly lost in the BG2.


In order:

TES 5: Skyrim
TES 4 Oblivium
Baldur’s Gate 2
Gothic 2
Dragon Age: Origins


No mention of Psychonauts?!


/Personally found the Mass Effect/Dragon Age and Final Fantasy series loathsomely dull…



I love Psychonauts, but it is more open world platformer than ‘RPG’ and my personal definition of RPGs is wiiiiideeeeeeee.


There was some ranking, etc, in there…

…and it’s and RPG to me, darnit! ;p

…and all the other good ones have been taken…


Mount and Blade Warband because
I love history and I can’t stand FANTASY.


Vagrant Story, NWN, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and Deus Ex are my favorites. I have no idea which order I would put them in.

I also love Arx Fatalis, but I haven’t played enough of it to be able to place it on my favorites list - I only found out about it somewhat recently, and even though I have Arx Libertatis set up, I haven’t gotten in to it much.


warband is set in a fantasy land, there’s nothing historical about it.


I haven’t seen anyone mention Ultima VII, so let me do this. I was very delighted to see NPC schedules as planned by Studio Warhorse come close to what Ultima VII had 20 years ago :-).

Other, less favourite RPGs are Realms of Arkania: Star Trail (DSA: Sternenschweif in German), because I liked how you had to plan ahead and prepare well before venturing out into the wilderness. And unlike Blase of Destiny – which had too much – and Shadow over Riva – which had too little – the balance between freedom of exploration and plot that kept you on the right track was just right. The same btw. goes for Ultima VII.

TES:Morrowind, for it’s wonderful world, a huge amount of carefully crafted content (in contrast to the arbitrary fetch or kill quests of Skyrim) and many secrets that I only learnt after I long stopped playing myself (again, unlike Skyrim, where everything was shoved right into your face). I.e. I never knew that you could become a vampire … I think I never even knew there were Vampires in Morrowind ;-).

Planescape Torment, for its language and general weirdness. An RPG without Dragons must probably feel similarly weird … in a positive way.

When I learned about KC: D, I found that it shared a lot of qualities with those games, so I backed it without much thinking: old school, with fancy graphics. Just what I was looking for, for a long time …


I meant that there is no magic or something similar. Also the factions in-game refers to some different races of middle ages.


Albion … Really nice story, fine combination of sci-fi and fantasy, believable world, smooth gameplay, … Simply put it’s really one of those gems in all time rpg history.

Fallout 1+2 … Does this really need any comment?

Wizardry 8 … My first game from the series and instantly one of my favorites rpgs ever. Nice character customization, nice story, mix of technology and fantasy, cool world, turn based battles, … I really like this one!

Gothic 1+2 … Gothic games are another master piece. Although they may have strange controls, quality of games themselves is amazing (talking about G1+G2). Believable world, nice use of magic, unforgettable characters, tough difficulty. Great!

Witcher … I think Witcher is one of the best conversions of book into video game ever made. He keeps most aspects of book character while story doesn’t really seem “bent to match” this. Really good and worth playing! (Plus Witcher 2 is pretty good too!)


To me was:
Mount and Blade series
Fable The lost chapter
Dragon Age: Origins
ME 2,3 (1 a bit boredom)
The witcher 1,2
Fall Out New Vegas
Fall Out 3
Deus Ex
Neverwinter Nights 2
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
Gothic 3