You Favorite RPG Games and Why


Nehrim is mad. And awesome. Madly awesome. Sadly, it seems tha the creators bite more than they could chew and later on, the mod feels … Empty. Still, it contains one of the largest cities I have ever seen in an RPG, world design is absolutely amazing and gorgeous, and I’m going to reinstall it right now you bastard.


really liked the witcher series, dragon age series, mass effect, KOTOR, and always kind of liked the Fable series even though it didnt go where i wanted it to


Knights of the Old Republic series.

One of the most incredible, emotional and empowering RPGs I have ever played (I also played the Witcher 2, Skyrim and Stalker Call of Pripyat). Here are a few reasons:

  1. These games clearly show that you do not need amazing graphics to be able to deliver a powerful and intense experience. Two months ago I finished Knights of the Old Republic 2, and with the help of a couple mods I managed to immerse myself even more in the game.

  2. Characters. Not shallow, not shady, not strange, obnoxious or disgusting. I had strong connections to almost each individual with whom I created more personal bonds. I cared about what they wanted, how they felt, and I really needed to know their life stories. I wanted to be trusted by them. I cried for them and as crazy as it may sound, I am still thinking about Visas and Brianna, and wished that I could have saved Kreia.

  3. Dialogues - Great stories need to be told in the same manner. That is why I truly belive that they managed to succeed this with the pretty large dialogue options and diversity.

  4. Story - self explanatory.


Witcher Series
Mount and Blade Series
Dark Souls (Loved the realistic-ish combat)
Neverwinter Nights
Baldur’s Gate
Diablo 2
Dragon Age Origins was ok. The story was good but very little (imo) replay value at all and no free roam/exploration outside of the main Quest.


I love(d)

Gothic 1 + 2
because, in my opinion these games are very immersive. The atmosphere in this dark and rough world (especially for part 1) with its interesting, funny and sometimes crazy characters was amazing! And it was also fun to see your character grow from the little weak noname guy, who was pushed around by everyone, to the big and strong guy you better don’t want to f**k with :slight_smile:

These two are my favourites, but I also like theese ones:
KotoR 1 + 2
Gothic 3 (patched ;))
Mount and Blade
Baldur’s Gate
Fallout 3


Dragon warrior 4 USA
Final fantasy 2 USA
Mass effect 1
Dragon age origins
Elder scoll morrowind
SW kotor
Breath of Fire
Arx fatalis
Diablo 2
Nerverwinter night
Witcher 2
Ogre battle


Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas although not just because of story and free-roaming but because of the mods people have created that adds on to the experience and immersion of the game.

Neverwinter Nights for the same reason for Skyrim. The amount of creativity that the game lets you achieve is astounding. So much so that a group of programmers actually made a LoTR MMO using the multiplayer campaign creator.

Lionhead did a great job with the Fable series, and I’m currently playing through Anniversary Edition.

A lot of people have been listing KOTOR as a favorite, and for good reason as the game is great, but to me Jade Empire was my favorite BioWare RPG and I’m hoping for either a sequel or an HD remake.


big fan of witcher 2, due to the quality of story and fact is it possibly first medieval rpg featuring realistic “sourced” armor.

other rpg games i just cannot get into because they all look like ridiculous cartoon nonsense


legend of dragoon will always be my favorite rpg


The Witcher 2

  • Story
  • Setting
  • Character Design
  • Level of Detail / Graphics
    (btw first post :o)


My all-time favourite RPG is Baldur’s Gate 2. It’s the perfect RPG for me for several reasons, which is mostly because of the companions. The companions you have in Baldur’s Gate 2 is some of the best written group of companions I’ve experienced in any game before, and the party banter is very well done.

The story is very well written, even though it can be a bit simplistic, but that isn’t a bad thing. The music in the game, and the art fits very welll with the game and and makes it all feel very alive.

Favourite companion: Jan Jansen.


I always have and always will love the following games:

  1. Baldur’s Gate Saga.
  2. Planescape Torment
  3. Neverwinter Nights


Suikoden 2: Lots of playable characters, tackles the big questions in life but easily digestible.

Mass Effect 1: love the exploration (the sequels never had it) and a very brilliant story. I left my jaw on the floor at the twist near the end.

Honorable mention:

Dragon’s Dogma: flawed and lack of polish but one-of-a-kind.


Well my personal favorite RPG games until now are:

Gothic 1, 2+Night of the Raven and 3
The Fall: Last Days of Gaia,
Mass Effect 3,


The Suikoden series is definitely my favorite RPG series.

After that… Radiata Stories, The Bioware Titles (Dragon Age & Mass Effect), then Elder Scrolls, and Fallout.

And thats only if we’re defining RPG as a game that involves levelling-up and stats.


All my favorite RPGs have already been mentioned here, so I only name one, the one I still love most of all: Planescape: Torment. You can still play it today. There’s much to read - and it’s worth, and the characters and ideas are simply amazing.


I would add Gothic (only the 1st one) to that list. What I liked is that if NPC told you it was dangerous off the path at night, and you were early on in the game, and you ignored him and went off the path, you got ripped to shreds (i.e. the text wasn’t just flavor, they meant it, and it’s unforgiving). I also liked the fact that personal skill at applying learned techniques made all the difference. Personal skill would allow you to leap forward in the game, if you could dodge & strike your way through a higher level opponent. One thing that drew me to this game was the melee combat system, which reminded me of that aspect.


TES Morrowind, loved how it didn’t spoon-feed you with map markers etc like the later games.


I love the character-driven stories featured in BioWare games such as Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age series. They have a way of pulling me in, or making feel “invested.”

I love the freedom and open-worlds of the Elder Scrolls series games.

And last (but certainly not least) I love the grittiness and graphical fidelity of the Witcher 2. So many “Oh, shit just got real!” moments.


My favourite games have already all been mentioned, but nevertheless:

Gothic I + II / NotR and TES III: Morrowind

I love the freedom and the setting of the games as well as all the little sidequests and characters which fill the game with life and atmosphere –that is what makes me return often (in case of Morrowind) or replay the complete game with a different storyline several times (in case of the Gothic series)…
Morrowind is the more intricate game in terms of vastness of the world, character choices, skill and magic system which all in all seems to give the player endless possibilities and playtime (especially with the add-ons)
In contrast the Gothic series is more of a living and vibrant world and has the ability to convey the feeling of the setting of the game perfectly (e.g. the great soundtrack and the often rough and/or funny interaction with NPCs)… Same goes for the large reoccurrence of characters in the different instalments and the connection the protagonist builds with them… It is not as completely open as Morrowind, but you also don’t get sidetracked as often (and get to really finish the game^^)
The focus on developing only one character is something I enjoy in both of these games…
I have no issues with the lack of modern graphics (especially as with Skywind that might change somewhat for the better for Morrowind)

On my shortlist are Risen 1 + 2(just about made the cut), KotOR and Skyrim…