You Favorite RPG Games and Why


Yes!!! So much this. This what I meant when I said the world feels barren. It can hopefully reach that level as the basis are there. But it needs more of that for sure. New Vegas had problems but in my opinion the story and feeling of importance overshadows them.


For me only Gothic 1+2 and Risen 1+2
And for everyone, Here a special,

And the available developer version of the canceled Gothic Sequel :wink:

And a patch for the Sequel,

It is not allowed to use any material of the sequel in a modification for Gothic 1 or 2.
Even after 16 years, PiranhaBytes is unwilling to release them for the community.


your right, you should really try prophecy of ponder mod, I have played almost all M&B mod best one so far.


When Warhorse makes an actual fantasy RPG with the elements based off KCD…that will be my favorite RPG. Until then I’m stuck with Skyrim


Do you know a mod that changes the world map into a real one?
Like the one from Viking Conquest


@ Taylorsd: Cant be them; too many invested in Warhorse for realism.

Should be done by a partner studio; who going forward does fantasy side of coin.

@warhorse How about it Warhorse?
I’ve been considering a proposition for a few months now…

It could be a DLC that installs a menu option for configurable fantasy element.
I’m offering a few levels- so people who only want a few magic objects to exist in their ‘real world’ and a balanced game/economy to suit -level 1 can have that…
Right through to minotaurs and fairies and map expansion capability…as the higher ‘fantasy’ levels.

Its pretty easy to see the ‘flow on effect’ ranging from opening up sales opportunity to ‘fantasy only’ game buyers-I’d say more importantly would be: regaining consumer trust… imagine the trust for the product/studio to hit 100% again by Warhorse investing their income to set up the new studio! ?! !
(If their only real profit was to be derived from new sales, they have to make their sole product work and be bug free. It shows commitment.)

I’d spend the investment building a holiday location/alt work destination for the Warhorse team (& team salaries for the new studio naturally).

It could be an all organic health retreat type location (straw baling/permaculture etc)… that provides a positive environment for sharing visions(/work) and sewing the best fantasy mod (official) into the most immersive world imaginable…

(WH: As an aside I’m willing to add ‘call centre support’ /bug squishing and testing with useful reporting; whatever is needed.)
-=A sister studio to live and breath KCD=-


Back on topic:
I stand by Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System being an accolade earner for being so much more than everything else out there.
It had the 3D dungeon crawling of, say, Amiga and Atari ST domain titles like dungeon master…
And a great story that really extended and drew a player NATURALLY into it.
For what 8bit should do- it set the mark high.


you mean like a history based mod? well here are 2 good ones I can think off first is Anno Domini 1257 which takes place in all Europe and middle east it has some cool features like asking your king to go on a crusade, second is gekokujo which takes place in feudal japan.

there are of course other mods but I find these 2 to be best.


That sounds like something I’ve been looking for a long time.
I will give it later a try. Thank you for the recommendation


I play on PS4 Vanilla, but hear lots of PC players raving about Mount & Blade.
Is it any good on PS4?
How close can I get with it to the extreme pleasure I have with KC:D?


don’t even try mount and blade on ps4 i have it on both PC and ps4.

its nothing like KCD except where they are both mid evil themed.
M&B is sanbox/RPG/ strategy game these 3 combination makes it really fun

if you on ps4 just wait for M&B banner lord to be released which is maybe in 1-2 years.


oo, I really like computer games, because they really relax me. After work, I can play the following games:
Slots -
Witcher 3 -
GTA 5 -
Mario -
Gears 5 -
these are my favorite games.


Kingdom Come deliverance and the from the ashes dlc!

a true rpg.


Gothic 1-3 —> For the freedom, interesting story and charmingly grotesque mechanics;
Witcher 3 —> for interesting characters and phenomenal Polish dubbing;
Skyrim and Fallout 4 —> for mods;
Morrowind ----> because nostalgia;
WoW ----> because have all what i need from MMORPG;
KCD ----> because it’s my game of dreams, I got almost everything what i want to see in RPG game - not a Excel RPG but first human simulator


Dragon Age (all of them) - I like the story crafting (for the most part) and how all the games relate to each other. The games have heart.

Fallout (3, NV, 4) - These are my go to jams. I normally play them pretty much exclusively until either another FO or DA game is released. LOVE the open world and (most of the time) good story telling with compelling characters (except Strong. I F’n’ hate Strong).

To be honest KA:D is the first game in probably a decade or more that has seriously broken my cycle. I took one break about a year ago for a month or so to do a single play through of Far Cry Primal, but nothing has kept my interest for long apart from FO and DA games… until now!


Good choise! I want to add some new one PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Call of Duty®: WWII, Hunt Showdown, No Man’s Sky. The most I like Dead by Daylight, but be aware, it is too cruel.
But the most common rpg for me now - it is my work . It is a joke, but only partly. Does your work left time to play for you?


Skyrim was a good game, however the Witcher series was just awesome. The story telling beat anything I’ve played without a doubt, including KCD.


It seems you haven’t played a lot games.


This is my all time favorite topics to discuss one about the games.
Well I like to play many video game like Kingdom Come, GTA, COD and mnay more.
And still looking for the latest series to arrive.


well, i am a huge fan of RPG, been playing lot of game from flash game on browserweb game, symbian on nokia phone to ios games and to pc game. all kind of game, but tehre is two game i must say it’s the best to me, or at least give me the most special game. the first one is skyrim, the gameplay, the mission and the annimation and storyline of the game is the besst of the kind, nothing feel like an empty and dieing world, everything runs on its own. the other game is dungeon hunter 1, you guys may know about the series for mobile game. the time when i know about it was when dungeon hunter 4 released, so long ago and the gmae is quite old, but luckily i jailbroke my phone and found it on apknite, not in appstore as it has been dropped down. it’s the first RPG game in smartphone i have everplayed, and i have not tried other RPG games in pc before so the first time alwasys the best.