Young NPC's should be added to game. Babies, Children, Teens


One thing I find Lacking in Immersion and Realism is there are no Children in the game. consider in those times survival meant having children…and lots of them. The game mechanic surrounding them could be that they are not killable. You harm a child you go to the gallows and are hung. Any actions of violence intentionally or unintentionally will land you on the gallows. There could be quests to help families …ie clothing and shoes for the kids or blankets and cloth for babies. Also you could hunt down kidnappers and put them in the gallows. Missions to find a lost kid. If you are not well liked by locals kids will throw mud balls at you. Punch or kill a kid will land you into an instant end of game. I understand the developers reasons for not putting them there. Yet the realism of the time period and gaming in general can take this game to the next level. What are your thoughts on this?


Warhorse had this debate when they were first developing the game. They said they knew that if kids were added, and they were killable, then warhorse would get crap from media. Warhorse then said if the kids weren’t killable, then that would break immersion.
It was decided to not have kids because of these reasons. However, back then every npc was killable. Now, we have quite a few who aren’t killable, so whats the problem with invincible kids? I don’t see an issue anymore.
I liked how there were kids on Witcher 3, it just added a lot of immersion for me.


This is that kind of thing, that I don’t realise it’s missing till someone starts talk about it. Yes, it would be more realistic, but It’s not so important for me. Same thing with more animals, like cats, mice, pheasants, wolfs or birds on the sky. It would be nice, but I think they had other problems to solve, like optimization etc. than adding even more things which could make game even more HW demanding or create more bugs.



HW: Please put things straight before pushing new content like DLCs and stuff!


Indeed, this was debated before and it ended in yet another wrong decision not to implement them. Actual history makes no sense without’em.


How about adding all the children Henry fathered in the bath houses…or castles.


The story does not last 9 months :wink:


don’t disagree. just wondering what needs to be put straight

to me, Ulrich charging into battle in his undies is crooked as #*%!. it was reported soon after launch. this weekend, WH gave a like to a player who pointed out the personality defect and included a pic. regarding WH’s like:


kids, Cumans without mounted units, etc


What for?

To be accurate, if kids are included they should be naked or almost naked, since in those times kid’s clothing wasn’t priority for common people, except nobility. Don’t believe movies or staged pics with fine pieces. Then devs must prepare to get hard backlash for a stupid reason.

Second, some PC’s or XBOX’s are already exploding with actual settings, then you add useless mechanics for useless NPC just for visuals and many players will be f*ckd.

Third, ok, let’s add some useless NPC, then people will start complaining about when babies should cry, change diapers, when poopoo, unrealistic mechanics, and a long etc.


having kids would be eye candy. FO4 is a shitty game in some respects but it has kids (on all platforms) and that lends some immersion. although i wouldn’t object to the implementation of kids, KCD has bigger issues such as implementing some missed Kickstarter targets.


Totally agree with you on that. IF certain NPC’s are not killable then that reason is invalid. The real issues is having the balls to go against what the critics say. This is an adult game that should allow immersion with whole families …Soon Henry may have to answer for at least three kids or more in my playthough. That is one band of Bastards. Now the issue with morality needs to come into play in history too. How many invading armies killed every man woman and child. The PC culture can just take a back seat. This game sells…for a reason. Immersion. Warhorse needs to improve its position or perhaps take the game to the next level. I see a DLC for this in the future…" Realistic Population".


Aye …put they could always just replace plain jane NPC’s with them that would not crash the settings. IF Skyrim can have a few Milkdrinker Kids in the game so too can KDC.


Yeah I agree they have alot on the table…perhaps this can be added in the Future after they get done with the current roadmap when things settle down.


Accidently dug up a grave near the inn in the glade and found two skeletons in it. One large, one quite small… So there are children in the game.


Now that is just wrong. Children wen they get to an age where they can do work, (so age 3-4) back then had need of clothes to the same extent that adults.

Lets not fall for the old stupid “the dark ages was dirty” myth.


You accidentally dug up a grave? :laughing:


A fellow named Peschek taught me all he knew about archaeology and well, you know. Anyway, back to my studies.


nothing Miller Peshek does is by accident even if it might be made to look like an accident… oops, i was digging up flowers so i could plant them by my house. sorry, didn’t realize this was a grave


Too much realism makes a game bad. I’m sure no one would play this game if bows and swords were made realistic in terms of being absolutely worthless vs any sort of armor, and used only as a secondary weapon when your main mace, or polearm breaks. Not to mention what someone else said, immortality on quest NPC’s is already unrealistic, so do you realistically make all the children killable? You have to sacrifice realism for playability, or you end up with a game that will not sell.