28.56gb Update on Xbox1

Anyone able to tell me what it is? i only bought the game 5 days ago, so quite surprised to see such a large update. But i cant seem to find anything that explains what it is (im assuming a patch, but its massive) and no patch notes…

Any info?

Also… please fix lockpicking, its terrible

Wondering the same thing. About lockpicking though, I just noticed if you go into game settings you can change the lockpicking style to Simplified. Don’t know if it’s any easier - will have to test it when I’m done updating.

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Thank you, both of you

I hope it fixed lock picking as well. But also please with a 28gb tell me they can make it so I can climb a 2ft bank on the edge of some water. I’ve restarted more missions just getting stuck than actually failing anything.

If you stuck somewhere, have tried “save and exit” and load again. Or have you tried fast travel to get out?

It is patch 1.9 and 1.9.1 for consoles, a mayor update which comes in preperation of the “A Woman’s Lot” DLC :slight_smile: