A method to clean-up the halberds mess


I think I found a way to get rid of the piled halberds in Rattay, I’ve tested it on PC but it should also work on consoles. Disclaimer: it’s tedious.

1.Grab a halberd and jump on your horse.
2.Ride to the alchemy bench and use it (just activate it), the equipped halberd will go to the inventory.
3.Rinse and repeat until you’ve cleaned the streets of Rattay.
4.Go to the alchemist hut west of Neuhoff and dump all your halberds in front of the alchemy station.
5.Sleep save in the bed nearby, the halberds will disappear.

I don’t know if the 2 last steps can be done anywhere, the initial idea was to dump the halberds far enough from Rattay but near an alchemy bench just in case, you might not need to do that, you can test this, just be sure to save before dumping 100 halberds on the ground!


Nice tip, but I would just wait for them to fix it with a patch :smiley:

Consoles unplayable due to Halberd bug

But it’s considered stealing though…how do I do this without getting half the town on my ass for theft?


After a while the halberds can be taken without it being considered stealing, same mechanic as items losing their stolen tag over time I guess.


1.41 cleared that up.
now ,on PC, the only pole arms on the ground are from dead bandits or me dropping one after accidently picking one up in mass loot grabbing.


Not if your save already has halberds on the ground.


No problem with that, at least not with my game; playing old save and not a single halberd on the ground.


Yeah, this thread is destined to people having the problem, you don’t, what’s your point again?


It is enough to grab them and dump them right away. They probably get tag “touched by Henry” and will dissapear after some time. I allready cleand up southern entrance gate. But there still is plenty of them at every other gate in Rattay :grin:


Seriously? Please be polite and stop name calling people because this is childish behavior, I’ll repeat in case you have some problem understanding, this thread suggests a solution to deal with the halberds, you saying you don’t have the problem is not relevant here, got it?


Yes it’s an alternative but if you more immediate solution, the alchemy bench will do the trick.


hmm… how so? I can hold only one piece at a time and it is quite a run across the whole city to alchemy shop. Seems to me much easier just to pick the stick and then throw it right away. Or maybe even faster. Just picking one after another as they should automaticly drop/equip.


It may take sometime before they disappear when you grab/throw them and some of them are bugged and won’t disappear at all (in my playthrough they never disappear even after grabbing them), if you use the alchemy bench it’s a guaranteed way to get rid of all them without having to wait for the game to clean them up.


Simply equipping halberds and taking them to Chez Pechek has made them disappear for me (not immediately but after game day or so)… too tedious for me to clean up all


Well,the best way would be the proper implementation of polearms into the game,I guess. As a basic foot infantry weapon it is sorely missing. I would like to unhorse me some noble rider…wait a sec…there are no mounted enemies anywhere to be seen :grin:


Very tedious indeed, no choice though beside starting a new game with the latest patch, it doesn’t seem to properly clean the already piling up halberds but actually stops the guards from dropping them.


good grief. i’ve killed around 2000. i havent collected all their weapons… :expressionless: seem like the same mechanic may still lurk


I hope not. I think the problem occurs more in/around towns, on my first playline I had 2 lit torches burning up for months at the encounter spot near the second miller (Woznyk?), some items just don’t despawn…


Good news, the Halberd method worked, for the most part. Frame rate’s a bit smoother than it was a little while ago.


Wot? Just hit the ~ key and type “disable”. Or better yet “Mark for Delete” without the quotes.
Then close the console cheat window. And return to building your houses, becoming a Thane/Nordic nobility, hunting/fishing, being the master assassin/thief, dungeon adventurer, using dragon shouts to fight Dragons, transform to Vampire Lord/Werewolf, murdering Thalmor Elves & their imperialist lapdogs in your game…

…Waiy… God damn it. Wrong game…