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Please report Bugs to the following email:

How to report the bug?

  • what platform do you use to play the game? (PC, PS4, XBoxOne?)
  • What version number does your game have? (You can see at the lower left edge at the main menu)
  • a simple but precise description of the bug.
  • simple steps how to reproduce the issue.
  • add a savegame if possible.
  • add a picture of the bug, if possible.


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Spielstand laden nicht möglich!
Spielstand laden nicht möglich!

I have no idea what I am saying but



So, how should we report bugs if we see them?



We have a new bugtracking system:

Login on the top right corner with your account information and choose Kingdom Come: Deliverance as the selected PROJECT in the top menu. To report a new bug go on NEW ISSUE.


The bug tracking site is not recognizing my credentials. I am using the same as those used to log into this forum.


The bug tracking page is not accepting my current login details as instructed. Therefore not possible to submit bugs currently.


This is method is no longer being used for bug reporting please use the Current Bug Reporting method


@Blacksmith Wanna lock it down?


Cannot sign in to create issue



im not receiving the activation email. tried 3 times.

cant report bugs here unless i log in but i cant login without the activation email. derp!


This is how bugs were reported during the Alpha/Beta please use the Current Bug Reporting method.


I clickdd the link and it is updated daily ?


I play on pc and after patch 1.5 I still have the Merjohyed plague bug and I did not relies it for a long time and now im 10 hours along ant cant continue the main quest