About the Voiceover Poll

Continuing the discussion from Poll: Voiceovers, accents and archaic language:

Hey guys,
I favor an option number 4: Use czech voice actors speaking english for peasants. Use german native speakers for some of the knights and nobels.

-The czech accent has a nice archaic flavor. The sound of it appeals to me as somewhat rough and it can be both, powerful and beautiful.
-It hasn’t been used a lot in international media, so your chance to deliver something special.
-It adds historical originality to the game and conforms to the medieval setting, which is what this community wants.
-Maybe knights and nobels could be speaking english with a german accent since much of the nobility in the area had a german cultural background. It would make them stand out and it would be easier to differentiate them.
-It is more important that the voice has personality than that it is understandable for everyone. Who needs to understand every single word can turn on subtitles.
-You are already good at speaking english with czech accent, so you sure find skilled voice actors who speak good english with czech accent.

-On the contrary shakespeare english can easily sound pretentious. Plus these guys probably charge you more. At best you’ll end up having a game that tries to compete to medieval movies from Hollywood.
-International english / american english voice acting is also a poor solution cause it sounds like CNN. Please do not do this. I don’t want to play a game about wild west.
-Czech only will rule out a great part of you audience. I don’t want to learn czech to play and I don’t want to end up focussing my eyes to reading subtitles either.


Please stick to the existing topics! :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile: