Backer Satisfaction Poll

This is for my own Curiosity.

I have seen many differing opinions and I wanna see some data on backer satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: for the sake of this Poll “Backer” is defined by those who backed the game prior to the publishing deal with Deep Silver in late 2016.

  • Satisfied
  • Content
  • Dissatisfied
  • Not a backer but wanted to feel included

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Satisfied- No complaints overall satified with backer experience and without hesitation would support WH in the future.

Content- Not completely satisfied with my backer experience would have preferred some things handled in a different matter.

Dissatisfied- Not at all happy with backer experience. Refunded/considering refund

Can you really be considered a backer if you refinded?

When qualifying backer experience yes you kind of have to.

Without yet having played the game, and thinking purely from a developer / backer interaction and engagement perspective… I’d say overall I’m pretty satisfied with how Warhorse handled the entire process.

Is there room for improvement, absolutely. Could things have been handled differently, for sure. But this was as much a learning curve for them as it was for all of us involved. I’m just glad I got to experience the whole ride… it’s been fantastic.

It would be nice if people qualified some of their responses. Be interesting to get a read on where and why people who felt dissatisfied felt that way.


Yes, although the release night should have been handleded a bit better, but it is not yet nothing catastrophic. Perhaps a few employees on duty during night to help all the desperate over the ponders.

Everyone needs to chill and appreciate the devs and work out into this game. You will be playing shortly. Some are saying how outraged they are, but they are just bratty children pushing for free content…


People get overhyped as always and then they throw tantrum whenever anything, even something small, goes wrong. People should stop expecting perfection. Keeping both criticism and praise in moderation is the key. :grin:


I originally backed the project years ago (nearly exactly 4 years, I think) when I had a gaming PC and it was precisely the sort of thing I wanted to support, it was for Soldier/Physical copy (this was long before they offered the choice for console backing). I haven’t had a PC for gaming for quite a while now (on PS4 mainly) so I changed my selection to PS4 immediately when the choice became available (long before the deadline) in the beginning of November. Came home to a package from the Czech Repub. today - it was a physical copy of the PC version. There’s no indication anywhere in my profile that I’ll be sent a PS4 version as well (despite my profile clearly showing that I am a PS4 Soldier backer), so I bought the digital code off of PSN tonight and DL’d the game. I’ll give the PC copy to my nephew, who got his first gaming PC about a year ago.

So, I can’t say the distribution has been all that great, for me at least, so I chose dissatisfied. That being said I’m not going to worry about it and I’m hugely looking forward to playing the game (no time left tonight, will have to play after work tomorrow), so it hasn’t put a sour taste in my mouth at all. I’ll just chalk it up to a donation early on to support the funding of the project.


Just curious. Whats the point of this poll?

In my opinion reasons why players like or dislike something about the game expressed with compliments and constructive criticism would be a good thing.


Totally ripoff! I paid 140 Euro and didn’t receive what was promised (Duke Edition).

1. T-Shirt is size L - WTF?! I asked them 1 year ago how I can select S-Size, yesterday I’ve read that every shirt is in the same size and thought “okay, M-size could do it…” but L (!!!)
2. The figure is way smaller than expected and not a figure on a horse as advertised in the kickstarter campaign
3. No "Special Edition metal box"
4. No limited edition signed (!!!) poster

The art book however is good quality.


I know this is total nitpicking and completely irrelevant in the greater context, but having the 98-page art book padded with 4 completely black pages to bring it to the promised 100+ page size is really a nice touch :wink:

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Agreed, some have already done so and are free to. Not all care to but still like their opinion known.

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Currently Content.

I hardly played the Beta because I didn’t really want to spoil the game for myself. I was not really a fan of the Combat and lock-picking and I never got to see this final version of the pick-pocketing.

These are the three main reasons I am not listing myself as satisfied.

I can live with the combat, annoying as it is but I really detest the Lock-picking and pick-pocketing and would love to see them removed from the game or better yet completely redesigned.

I’m satisfied with the process and the final product, the game is fabulous but i’ve been really dissapointed to have to play on PC instead of PS4 because i’ve missed the Pick your platform email in November.

Are you people who are satisfied aware that many backers did not receive ANYTHING? I backed the game 12/9/2015 and my profile has no link, no mention of me being a backer, NOTHING.

I contacted warhorse about this 2 days ago, and still have no reply from support. I have spoken to multiple backers with the same issue.

I’m glad your satisfied with the game, but are you satisfied that warhorse shafted half it’s backers, and despite the multitude of people reporting, they haven’t even acknowledged an issue… it’s disgusting.

A combination of people not receiving their codes, getting sent the incorrect physical version, and a lack of communication from Warhorse is disappointing to say the least.

Its like the developers wasnt prepare to release the game and they rush it because they were affraid of changing the release data one more time

It’s a real shame that the most important day for Warhorse (release day) was marred with so many issues. I mean the entire distribution process has been royally fkd. Deep Silver probably have a fair bit to answer for in that regard… I’m one of the lucky ones who received everything on time, but I sympathize with those of you that haven’t. It’s no doubt frustrating and extremely disappointing.

The only thing I can say is that the lack of communication is probably due in part to the overwhelming number of emails they would’ve received from people in the same boat. I’m sure that they’re trying their best to respond to everyone in a timely manner and are working to resolve everyone’s issues / complications.

This would be a crazy busy time for them… so the only thing I can suggest is patience.


Let’s see…

  1. Sword in bad shape and from the looks inferior to limited edition
  2. cardboard-box instead of metal which is included in limited edition
  3. no other objects that are solely limited to backers

I feel a bit ripped off compared to the risk and money put into kickstarter.

The game began to look much worse than the beta version. Will it be possible to return the beta graphics? Where are the beautiful forests, fields and fog? Waiting for mods.