Delivery of Physical Copy

Still trying to understand how the figurine (which was actually sold as an action figure…) is supposed to fit into the box.

Holy cow bois it could be it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: if its not some horseshit from Aliexpress :smiley:

What the fuck? The Duke edition is supposed to be:

Are you saying that’s changed? Where’s the confirmation of that? If the edition I backed changed some point between 2014 and now I absolutely EXPECT to be informed of that by email.

I can’t remember the last time we backers received an update via Email that specifically related to our backing of the project.


Given by what we know so far, it would seem so…

Silver coins will come, metal figure in our edition but resin in the shop collectors edition, bigger box for us, dice set for us. and thats cofirmed by unboxing video!

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It seems so, because few hours ago my Duke edition arrived… No email, no info about that something changed. It just doesn’t seem fair. We were buying/supporting the game 3 years ago with the risk that the game might never be done and seen in the lower tiers like baron you could get more stuff cheaper, but every edition higher then Baron will get you less thing for more money then you can buy now…

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I think its up ti thw people that delivered (DHL&their pqrtner in your country)that you disnt recive any message.

The box we get may be bigger in terms of height but in terms of depth it is smaller. It is also not a metal box which is what it was advertised as. This looks like they did not want to spend as much on rewards and half-assed it. I have seen people make their own collector’s editions or big box versions of games that have looked better and sturdier.

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Well but you have Deluxe edition, we have paid for Duke edition, which should have things like special edition metal box, signed poster etc. Oh and I just noticed that there should also be Screenplay of Act I, I am not sure if I have seen that on the dvd, I will have to check that

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Hmmmm, stil no e-mail:

There’s an unboxing video of the Duke edition? Can you link to it please?

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hm not sure wich edition, I dont speak czech…

here thats ehat im talking about: looks different to the collectors stuff from gamestop:

Thanks, possibly a unique Czech special edition, I know in the past Arma 2 and other Bohemia Interactive games got unique Czech special editions not available anywhere else in the world so maybe it’s similar…

You are correct:

So even the design of the Kickstarter stuff is not exclusive…

So it finally arrived. Some e-mail notification would be nice, though.

Before I’m gonna even install it… can I add the game on steam somehow? With the achievements and all that bonus stuff… or it is not even possible with the physical version of the game?

nvm /10char

You cant install it without key. Watch your profile.

I have received my rewards today for Limited Edition (PC). In Prague.
The sword is nice. I have everything that is mentioned in the limited edition. Nothing to complain.
I did not even knew when the shipping would start. :smiley:

There is no accessory for the sword in the package like a holster, but that is ok, will get them myself

Just checked the DVDs and there is no screeplay or high-res map, so actually even more things are missing:

-Making of video on DVD
-Screenplay of Act I in pdf
-Digital high-res Map
-Special edition metal box
-Signed poster
-Wrong t-shirt size
-Additional digital version of the game
-Printed manual

In retail collections there is also steelbook for free and you will get preorde bonus (unique armor + unique locations):

On the rewards page they say we will get the pre-order bonus