DLC Roadmap

Only the castle was not rebuild… they used the stones for other buildings.

The town itself exists in the present.


Look at the archway and the church

Where is this in Skalitz?
As mentioned its Prybislavitz

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That´s the artwork of Prybislavitz…

Compare it with the “from the ashes” picture…

Can´t wait! :slight_smile:

What kind of gameplay will we get?
I expect something like the original Morrowind Bloodmoon questline to rebuild the village…

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That´s what I meant. Maybe I schould be more specific next time :smiley:

Harvest wood and mine for stones so that you can rebuild the church. So basically Minecraft ft. CCD :grin:

What can we expect from:
The Armorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon” DLC
"equip your Cupid’s arrow and aid an associate in “delicate” matters, "

Check this interview with Luke Dale (Hans Capon):

  1. Do you remember any funny moments, being in your role?

There was a scene (which I’m told unfortunately hasn’t made it into the game). Where I recite Shakespeare to a girl in a tower, whom I supposedly “love”. And all the while Henry is looking out to make sure her father doesn’t catch us and kill us. That was pretty hilarious.

I can remember another interview, where he mention the trouble with some “lyrics” he has to tell in his quest… :wink:


I think you can recruit npcs. Maybe choose who?
Or find a place for skalitz refugees?

Defend against bandits maybe

Skalitz is real then? thats crazy. need to go so some research on this because it’s crazy to imagine a town that doesnt even use electricity and has all that old stuff.

It’s a normal hellhole of a village these days (and no more castle). We went there last month with a bunch of other KCD players for a little hike from Skalitz through Rovna to Sassau, then through Ledetchko to Rattay and then Neuhof and train back to Prague.
Skalitz is pretty boring (we only found one pub), but you can see the shape of the village and it looks pretty similar to the game. The Sassau monastery was a bit more fun and Rattay, obviously.


That’s neat. Thx for sharing

Reminds me of my hometown except didn’t take centuries for it to slide downhill :face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope that the future patches will include fixed accouterments (scabbards, shields with straps, quivers with straps, bow scabbards…)

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I hope by the time tournament and band of bastards are released, WH reconfigures the controller so that we can gallop, turn, aim, shoot as in following…


thanks got it

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I hope hardcore mode includes some twisted kind of NG+

why compare this game to Skyrim while it’s not comparable !! ??

otherwise I can not wait to continue the adventure, I hope it will be a continuation of Henry’s adventure ^^

When is the release of from the ashes?? I need more game play lol

Around E3 in June :slight_smile:

Great news, specially if DLCs are quest based like acts, good quests based expansions with hours of content comes and mod support emerges.

A more persistent world with NPCs, random encounters and more diverse radiant quests with DLC expansions for example.

@frelMedieval, from #123, I agree, and better horse combat (mounted NPCs too), and add a mode, modifying how attacks work without “toggle objective”, more like (dark Messiah or Mount and Blade), but obviously more realistic and slow.

See ya’ll in June (E3) :3

Really looking forward to the DLCs and any other content that will come.


Hello! When will the support for mods, is it possible to return the graphics and vegetation that was in the beta version of the game?