Expected stuff in final game





so what is your point?
1.6 billion people are terrorists?



Do u really think terrorism is just suicide bombing? Where is murdering’looting’steeling harrassing…etc


If that was targeted at civilians, with a political aim behind the action, then it would be considered terrorism.


@SirWarriant and everyone else:
Please come back to topic! :slight_smile:


you seem like a terrorist here, labeling all Muslims as terrorists? really?

There was a slash between the words there, you realize?


And I’m going to keep away from that topic because I have a very strong opinion backed by a looooooooooooot of history to support my views, of which I’m going to not get into because that is not the point of this thread.


we all have different views, but i would refrain myself from saying something that would hurt or make other people uncomfortable.


you know this is not something funny.
Tony Blair apologized and “regrets” Iraq War decision, so according to your logic he is a terrorist because he put fear in the heart of others. So if someone says all Christians are “bad people” because of him…that is wrong because billions of people can not be bad and one would be stupid to say that.
Same with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and many other events, you can’t blame everyone.

One Bad Fish Can Spoil the Whole Pond



There will be no bears or wolves in the final game. :confused: That’s really a shame, considering we were already shown a model of a bear more than a year ago.


While in some video update they said you may meet some bear, but in joking way, so I do not know if they yet did not have them finished on time or will not make any at all. It is possible the animations did not work as similar problem with your dog companion.


Damn, you are right, I can imagine that creating animations for bear might be shitload of work :smiley: But more than creature animations, i think its issue of combat animations - as whole combat is based and designed around weapon vs weapon fights, and adding claw and teeth attacks might be just impossible with this system :frowning:


Yes, I am very curious how will animal fights look like, I can only imagine them ramming you, like wild boar or horse, but other than that, the biggest problem is that some animals are higher some shorter than your character and he can not react same to all of them.


Maybe, but I think it was also no fun to fight against wolfs/bear/wild animal. If you shoot an arrow the fight will be over, because the animals have no armor…
They had to spent a lot of time for animation/model and 90% will kill them instantly.


I can’t see why a bear or even a wolf couldn’t take more than one arrow. I’m pretty sure that in reality a bear wouldn’t immediately fall down dead after just one arrow. Imo it could easily take several arrows and still continue fighting even with fatal wounds, dying a lot later. There actually could be a lot of good game mechanics, connected with hunting, tracking wounded animals leaving blood behind etc…


Of course, and also there should be random animal encounters and ambushes.


Hmm,… if you can kill human with one or two shoots; how many do you need for a bear? Two, five … or maybe ten?
Its a quest of balance.
If you need more than three, you will everytime die, because the bear is faster, stronger and pissed off. No matter if you are running or riding your horse. The only way would be to hunt in a group with two or more NPCs.

Yes, you are right. In the moment it´s not realisic how the game handles this. There are only two state… alive or dead.
If a NPC has only, let say 1-5% of his lifepoints, he should be in a wounded state: paralysed or in agonie/throes of death.

Yes, but they never promised or mentioned mechanics like blood trails, wind, traps ect. I wouldn´t count on this. A little hope for a Mod…?

Yes, in the beta we have random rabbits. In the final game we will have deer and boar, that´s promised!
But how many bears would be realistic in 16km²? One or two? Maybe WH said: too much work, there is none…


Martin Klíma guesses main quest would take 30 hours.

Daniel Vávra guesses that main story line would take 20 to 30 hours and there are maybe 80 quests.

Another Vávra interview. 30 main quests for 30 hours, 50 side quests for 50 hours.


I wish the was longer.


This should be the first episode no?
I guess, once it will be live, there could be much more opportunities to bring more content, expansions, DLCs etc