Expected stuff in final game


The game was originally going to be released in three parts but the devs realized that part three was going to be as long or longer than parts one and two combined, the latter of which would be only a fraction the length of part one itself. As such parts one and two were merged into Kingdom Come: Deliverance with part three becoming its own game to be developed as a sequel about nine months after the launch of the first game. I know they are planning a DLC to include the playable female character and her mini-campaign but beyond that we don’t know anything about the status of post-launch content. We will probably see some things though as they had to cut some features and quests and I suspect those that aren’t moved to the sequel will instead be released as DLC.


I have got few updates. Lately there was a presentation in Paris Games Week 2017, where Tobias said mostly the same stuff as before but added few new details.
Tobias is playing the game at home on his GTX 970 and he states it runs great.
PS is still being optimized to achieve 60 FPS, now it runs on 45 FPS.

The video shows in 7:43 how you can deal with enemy, in this case random encounter, when one of them yields.
Release - Disarm - Demand Money - Fight



Do we know if dual wielding is in the game? Might not be practical or historical accurate. But at some point it could be used. Because i am wondering if you Wiels a 1-hander weapon, and now shield will you get a bonus to swing speed and or strenght?

Also, it it confirmed that we will get blacksmithing as a DLC later? I thought they dropped it completely.


No Dual Wielding


I also did not see dual weapons a thing.
Same for blacksmithing. Most of that are rumours on forum. More I am interested in are horses. I found out you can steal or buy it just like in Skyrim, but how will you manage them if you own more, even same types, do stats differ if they are same breed and can adjust their stats other than just boosting the presented.


Stalli111 did interview with Tobias. They talked about few more details.
Eventually, you can get drunk but you can not play lute.
Tobi compared difficulty to For Honor, because there is directional blocking.
There is only one guy you have to kill to finish game, otherwise you can avoid killing anyone.
They are planning to release more DLCs and if another project comes, it would probably be related to Henry story (KC 2).
Tobi had this experience lurking nearby house at night without torch, he woke up NPCs in the house who went out to ask Henry if he tries to steal and why has no light. It was mentioned before, if you do not use torch at night, you look more suspicious.
WHS are still hiring new people to work on KCD.

Apart from interview, there are still many bugs being optimized and consoles running 30 FPS.


Bears are cancelled.


Drunk quicksaves have been further explained.

every time that you quick save you have to drink that liquor. It’s an item in your pocket and if you want to save you need to have this item. If you overdo the quicksaving, you get drunk and you get sick.
Regular saves and auto saves are still included, though the quick save option is tied to alcohol – which has a whole sub-system of its own.

Every type of weapon has its own skill tree as do the links of alchemy – and yes, drinking is a skill all its own, a quirky but charming addition that has more of a gameplay impact than you’d think.

Your drinking stat helps you when you might have to use your speech skill to talk to people in a bar and will help you to resist intoxication and the associated negative debuffs from going at it a little hard.


very strange design and innovations. i like the sound of it. i guess save scumming for me


It actually came from our discussion right on this forum, always nice when backers feedback and ideas gets actually used. Part of the reason why I really love WH


The NAYSHOW interview with Tobias. He explained the crime and reputation system, health and stamina bars and injuries, plus few details.

“when you start to rob people or kill people, and no one knows who was that, you raise their alarm level, and they will have and start carrying weapons, they will be more suspicious, the skill checks will be tougher when you will be in dialogue and so on”

“there is reputation system in a village with different fractions, so farmers, shopkeepers and so on, so different people have different attitudes towards you”

“there are 2 important bars, one is the red bar which is your health, and one is the yellow bar which is your stamina. Stamina is something you need for fighting, blocking, running, jumping, whatever and it’s buffer for your health. So when you get a hit, you do not lose energy (note: health), but you lose stamina, so more you fight, more you lose stamina, but then when you get hit, you immediately lose energy, because if you are out of stamina, your attacker will take from your life (note: health) bar. But your stamina is connected to your life. So when you have only 50% health, you have only 50% stamina, so the more hits you get, the less stamina you have”

“you can injure yourself and this will be not permanently, but for a long time you will suffer some buffs or debuffs. So for example, if you jump down a high hill or something, you can injure your legs, then you’re extremely slow. When you get hit in torso, you can not carry so many weapons anymore and so much stuff… When you get hit in the arms, you will be slower at fighting and the time windows for blocking will be way smaller so it will be very hard to fight. When you get hit in the head, every hit you get, you will be more powerful, so you will lose more and more energy… You can bleed, bleeding is not stopping itself… So you must quickly end the fight and bandage yourself because you can not eat or bandage in fight. And if you want to regain energy you need to eat and sleep”

“if you are carrying halberd or spear, you can not put it into your inventory. When you unequip your halberd, you have to drop it.
If you drop some stuff on the ground, people will say :Oh, what’s this:, and you can lure away guards”


“Story driven, bohemia,historic, first rpg …”

Really? Without the czech language I am not going to buy this game ever. i will not betray my land, lol. :slight_smile:


You do realize the “historical” Czech is totally different than modern Czech, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats honestly just retarded :smiley:


Yeah, lets rather make it german dubbed, that is more similiar-Praise the income. AAA funded title should have language of the homeland. It is like Witcher without poland language. :slight_smile:


You are comparing country with 10 million people with country with almost 40 million people. Thats 4 times the possible revenue.


Possible revenue is modern problem, world of big corporations and economic cartels…
Except the czech language i must say, that Kingdom come game has soul of main developers, it is gonna be a great game. I definitely recommend it. I just would like to hear czech language(could be a included as dlc), even year after the release, when the main aspects of the game are finished.


I still have a question about the quick save and drinking.

If normal saving is still in the game and not tied to the drinking of liquer. Why would anyone quicksave and not just regular save?
I always just pause the game and save it. never understood the quick save feature. Besides it’s quicker with the press of one ore two buttons. But that doesn’t matter to me because pressing esc pauzes most games.


As I understand it:

You can save in beds or on leaving the session. Autosave may be done at certain major quest entry points (but I am not certain on that).

Quicksave can be done at any(ish) time but requires a consumable item from inventory. It apparently allows a limited amount of saving at the player’s requirement while discouraging save-scumming.