Foreigners in Kingdome Come

As a Czech I like the setting of Kingdome Come very much of course. But still, there is a great potential of introducing some foreigners and travelers into the game world. Are you planning to include some characters, who came from distant parts of Europe or maybe from Asia or Africa? There shouldn’t be many of them certainly and it would require some research and interesting idea but it would provide some nice change. What do you think?


Well apart form other Europeans i think the neighboring communities would have travelers,diplomats,students and roaming scholars that could technically be here and there,folks from Turkic,Berber,north-African background etc etc. Though it would be rare.


Exactly, Bohemian lands were undergoing reformation during that period. I think some exotic thoughts wouldn’t hurt. I’m talking especially about scholars, not about some badass ninjas. But a little culture shock, like some orthodox christian or even muslim… But it should be based on some twrustworthy backstory

well traveling scholars/monks/businessmen usually didn’t strand away from big towns/cities. What mysterious knowledge will they bring from the lands across the black sea ^_0

foreign diplomat probably won’t be visiting your liege in his remote castle town, but maybe his convoy stops here for the night and you have chance to learn some things.

could make for some interesting dialog/culture shock as you say.

funniest thing would be if he was a black man

I could think of meeting some (or one) foreigners in the game during some quest or in a tavern at the trading route. But that is something I don’t want to know before playing. What’s the magic of a game when you know everything about it in advance?

As I say, even orthodox christian would be enough probably, Some themes like theology or science could be interesting subject of discussion. Another posibility for meeting is also a kidnapping of some diplomat or scholar.

i can enjoy a movie having read the book its based on just fine. in fact, if you know a fair share of medieval history, probably a lot of quests will be “spoiled” anyway, since you know what types of things could be made into quests. i don’t care much for spoilers anyway. nothing human imagined surprises me.

Of course you can have some sort of fun with a story you already know. But you will take away from the magic of exploring stuff on your own. I feel a bit pity for you if you really can’t be surprised by anthing the human mind imagined. That’s really sad imo. :wink:

Someone mentioned that there would be Turkish mercenaries in Sigismund’s army (the king’s brother); they’re the pointy-hatted guys seen briefly in the trailer.

I can imagine that you come across a argument about religions, that some foreign priests/monks come in and try to convert people without permission. it could either be hilarious, or ghastly serious.

i think those are magyars or cumans.

I think as a whole, there really won’t be that many foreigners. Within this time era, people weren’t really traveling to other lands; these people tended to stay-put because of the lack of resources they had to be able to move and people find there niche. Now I am also not saying that it’s impossible to meet foreigners; caravans and traders would come from all over the world to get rare and exotic goods especially when compared to what would be common items within their homeland.

I can’t belive it if they are Turks, around 1402-1413 there was a major civil war between 5 Ottoman Shahzades (Prince). But quite possible a noble from Ottoman Dynasty is around Sigismund or amoung those horsemen from Hungary (Magyar or Cuman, they must be from Hungary).

When his father’s rebellion against his grandfather failed, Davut son of Shahzade Savcı Bey fled to Hungary at 1379 and become an ally of Jonh Hunyadi after death of Sigismund.

Maybe some really active hussits or jan hus personally in one of the bigger places…

Civil war may provide interesting background for some scholar to leave his home possibly. Or maybe just some nobleman from Bohemia, who traveled all over the Europe would be interesting. Doing a usual religious pilgrimage in 15th century wasn’t so common as in previous centuries, otherwise I would like to see some pilgrims ingame. But to where?

Landway to jerusalem maybe?
or people going direction to cologne from southern parts…

This is the photo from Finins Terrae, End of the World, 90 kilometers from Santiago de Compostella. Bohemian King Jiří z Poděbrad visited this place on pilgrimage 60 years after the period of the game. There had to be another pilgrims.


There will be Czechs, Germans, Cumans (Hungarians/Magyars). Swiss people will also a appear in a certain scene.
Jews lived in bigger cities and mainly in cities of the crown. This is not the case of our location in Act1. But some may be present.
Distant merchants (Arabs, Italians) also may appear.
Romani people started appearing in the country roughly at that time so these can also appear (initially they were mistaken for travelers form the Holy Land which may create some interesting scenarios).
We may also incorporate Poles, Russians, Greeks, Turks, Spaniards, French people or freshly christianized (and thus widely Pagan) Baltic. Individuals. That depends on design that is yet to be created.
Black people or distant Asians (India, China, Japan) will not appear. There might have been individuals in the capital city of Prague but our game doesn’t take place there.

I hope I did not forget to mention someone.


Thanks, this sounds pretty much like something I thought of :wink: Still, this is a lot of different nationalities for small region, but it should keep the game interesting.