From the Ashes DLC feedback


Just wondering if the empty chest in the rathaus is supposed to be the character chest? It seems really wierd that they would neglect to put one in. Is my game just bugged? Does anyone else have a character chest in their town?


Only player chest I found was with the expanded Rathaus, on the upper level. I didn’t look too frantically before, but did a once over and couldn’t find it on either of the two prior levels of the building.


Expanded rathaus… 2nd fl, between beds

Sort of disappointed Henry doesn’t have his own desk and bookcase as the bailiffs in other towns do


Yeah, looks like not much activity/(optional) busy work potential :thinking:


Skalitz priest and Father Godwin … no dice

Waldensian farm was vacated last time I checked

Reloaded earlier autosave… there’s an unnamed priest. The house on the opposite side of church from Rathaus is his


They tell you to bog off if there are still some quests related to them.


Yeah, got the brush off from Andrew the innkeeper … don’t really want him anyhow. As bailiff not a fan of recruiting those who are morally ambiguous than I am (Henry is), and that puts me at odds with old pals and finishing their quest :smirk:


Income generated by special NPCs:


Mirka - tavern, 50
Kunesh - woodcutter, 35
Zach - armorsmith, 70
Kornelius - trader, 70
Mark - stable, 55
Vashek - stable, 45
Adam - tavern, 30


Well I hired Kornelius for general trader, he boosts the tradehouse income by 70 or something.

What I was thinking about: can you build anything else after the initial objectives are completed (church, income, capacity)? I am asking because when I went to trade with Huntsman Nicholas, there is an option to tell him that you need a huntsman, although I didn’t click on it.


Did you select him in Aquarius?


I never choose him, because he is not one for physical labor.


Does anyone know if you can get an amoursmith if you didn’t confront Zach during his quest? I’d be pretty upset if I couldn’t as I would have made a sword smith and got Fink instead. Also what about innkeepers? My besmirched quest is glitched so I can’t hire Adam.


Adam 30 gold inkeeper whit mirka togheter 80 gold
Master otto 10 gold (disapoting for a master ) armorer
Backer silvester 70 gold
Butcher kochwurst 50 gold
Butcher brisket 45 gold


What do you mean by the names?


that is their names. Watch the ashes preview vid. The guy names them as choices.


Anyone know how much it is for roads?


I wonder, is it possible to get any of the armourers on board without ever triggering the Rattled quest? As far as I understand it, if you solved All that Glisters without triggering it (highly likely), then you can never trigger it.


Remember which one exactly?


They are dlc npcs, that you have to choose between after you build the butcher’s.


I’m having problems finding any of the ncps