From the Ashes DLC feedback


Whats your deal Kirksty? We are just having a discussion no one is bashing anything. Majority of us like the dlc we are just confused by some of the decisions.


I looked at the Steam reviews, they seem to be happy. I personal think the bugs are annoying but for the rest this DLC has fine content for a small price of 10 euro. For 10 euro don´t expect a miracle.


After using the book to build buildings once, now when I go back to use it the “Build” button is n0t there… at all…


Should I make an off topic thread called where everyone can act as if they are 6 year old. A thread where everyone can accuse each other of ignorant speech and the ability to freely respond with fire to even the trolliest posts. Maybe not.

The thing with bugs is, they will always be there. The only thing WH can realistically do is fix them as soon as possible. It is in the nature of RPG´s to have bugs. As long as we report them it should be fine. It also has been fine for at least a month after release. With smaller companies bugs take longer to fix. And no you cannot just hire a ton of them because when you start working on game 2, then who needs so many bug hunters while you could spend the money on quests and 3D objects.


I like the dlc its great too get this small town too work even too find the special npcs too improve your town . Anyone have a idee ive its give more then 1 npc for the tavern i only have found adam !


Disappointed couldn’t initiate Pribyslavitz relocation dialog with the following Skalitz folk:
-Beran and his wife
-Antonia and her husband

So far, Kunesh is the only one I could talk to about relocating :neutral_face: (addendum: Adam and Kornelius)

The announcement in front of the Rattay rathaus seems to ring hollow


The girl from the mill in merhojed


Guardhouse and Pribyslavitz defense

Wish there were an option to provision the arms. I have an sizeable armory in my chest. Would like to transfer it to the guards to their express use, and as mentioned before would like to arm them (can’t)

Silly that there’s no guard watch at the dilapidated foot bridge, and that area could use a little more touch up

Would be nice if there were 1 more improvement to complete palisade wall and gates around the settlement


Alright so I have finished the DLC (the quest at least, I need a bit more money to finish the rathaus). My only real issue at this point is that I can’t get an armorer from Sasau to come to my town. When I did the quest where you discover Zach was stealing I never confronted him about it. Now whichever armorer I ask says they can’t take my offer until the other one is dealt with and I can’t confront him anymore. That save would be at least 30 hours back for me so I’m not really willing to reload. Are they required for some unique armor or anything or is it not really worth it anyways?


Just talked to him and convinced him to pay to work in Pribyslavitz. Don’t know yet. Master Ota will be my choice in my hardcore playthrough

Addendum: Chanfron and criniere appear to be unique goods… so no need to go cliff diving near Ledetchko anymore

Sells decorated (gold trim) pauldrons … beyond that nothing of note I can discern


Oh intristing thanks how much income she offers ?


Find a vicar? Kind of half baked to have a church without clergy


Ok, so just finished the town. I had invested 100k groschen into the town treasury, and ended up with 20k remaining. Was somewhat anticipating an extension once you show Sir Divish what you’ve done, but no. So, claims of requiring 300k+ funds seem a bit hollow, unless I’m missing something.

It could be that the fast pace of the build process bypassed all “judgment” options. Received no choices whatsoever so far in terms of solving dilemmas. Hopefully

Furthermore, the only person I’ve only been able to recruit so far has been Kunesh. Found some other NPCs with the option, but they all told me to bugger off. Adam in Rattay does so for no apparent reason. The armorsmith in Sasau rants about the other armorsmith in town, saying he needs dealing with, but there’s no option to do so. Overall, a bit puzzling.

Probably have to be lightly funded to experience the DLC as it was meant, and draw it out longer.


I have think it must be the skalitz vivar in sassau or the one that you finde in the woods !?dont have build yet the church too get higher income


Simon (one in woods) is at St James. Will go back to Sasau for Skalitz priest … not optimistic


Tried Simon in the woods. No dialogue options in regards to Prib.


Think adding names to NPCs was nice touch but wish there were some dialog … other than ‘about Pribyslavitz’. That way as bailiff you’re more invested in your town folk

So, Lida, welcome to Pribyslavitz! Tell me about yourself… Need anything?


Yeah. A bunch of unnamed npcs you can’t talk to doesn’t quite give off a comfy atmosphere.


True. They say hello Henry, but you cannot converse at all. Still not sure just what I am to do with
the people or soldiers. They function on their own it seems.


And ?? Maby ushitze and ive its realy bad its in zhe misson whit the waldenser you checkt even sassau monerstrey elias i have in mind