From the Ashes DLC feedback


Total cost of building is like 150k


With all this negativity, backers should be glad they don´t get this DLC for free and instead get ´´a woman´s lot´´.


I hate being negative because i love this game so much but seriously alot of this stuff dosent make sense.


There’s not 20 hours of game play here. I will say for a add in to the main quest it really doesn’t fit that well. It’s a shame I’m pretty happy with it but it could have been so much more


I agree 100%


Oh that is getting better and better. :expressionless:
I thought they were able to fix that random people around the player after sleep with dlc release or patch


So many negative Nancy’s here. For £8 you expected the content of a £60 game. LOL
Stick to the main quests if you can’t adapt. This game requires some thought


It was never claimed that this DLC would be straight up 20 hours extra (=no matter how you do it.) It was claimed it would add 10. Well obviously it takes less time if you have 300.000 from hunting. Rather than playing it with bare profit and having to gather money to build something. It seems captain obvious is needed. Not far it doesn´t even look that bad from the streams I watch. When combined with hardcore, it will take like 30 hours maybe even.


Dont get me wrong i like the dlc but from the way the devs were describing it i expected a bit more


How do I provide the Village with wheat and meat?


Open your quest log and make sure your quest is marked. If it is all the providers should be marked on your map.


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What’s hard about making it possible to build anything! It would be not much more work to allow all the houses. The same like the relationship system, a exact copy of the Elder Scrolls DLCs and mechanisms.


This isn’t elder scrolls in the slightest


I would of paid 20 dollars for a more complete village and my own house.


Oh please stop! icon_rolleyes


Dont waste your time with him rataj


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Skyrim is a fantasy RPG sandbox game, just FYI.


You are not understanding what i want to say. So stop telling me what and which game what is.
God really play Skyrim and use the Hearthfire dlc and dont kill my nervs with your bad perception.
Not my problem if you cant compare these two dlc’s. Spare us your dlc to full game comparsions!