From the Ashes DLC feedback


Regarding Sir Divish, I very much prefer the company of his wife.


I found Theresa is good.


She just lacks a bit of realisme. In medieval times you could just offer Pershek groshen for her. Like 1000 grochen and a horse to marry Theresa. Maybe even a few potato´s to sate Peshek some more.


Not acted just history wise


Blech. Needy cougar who has probably bribed half of Talmberg with her fathers old shirts for a good lay.


I’m eagerly awaiting the DLC also.
I thought I’d go sniff around the ruins of Pribyslavitz just for fun, and now, after the latest patch you can stroll into the ruined church and climb up to SPOILER-

Runt met his demise.

From the Ashes is going to be great!


I just finished the “kill Runt” bit and oddly enough I had to knock him out with a beat down.
The guy I killed with a sword was just one of his boys. The game wouldn’t let me kill Runt with
a sword or even hurt him. It came down to a fist fight.


Done and posted already. days a go with spoilers. :blush:


The “conditions on the ground” at Priby no longer match the map. Paths are closed, there are large black areas. All signs of the changes coming in the DLC. Gonna be fun…


Might take 5h to transfer money … :hushed:

The slider is really slow with +2 million and damn NPCs are giving the usual run into me and then complain


I have played about 2 hours of ‘From the Ashes’. Currently I have a positive income of about 600 per day.

There seems to be a bug in the Basic Rathaus. The room to the right of the ledger, which I assume is Henry’s room, contains a chest that is empty. Is this supposed to be linked with the other chests? The room also has no other furnishing, no bed, there is however a candle floating in the air across from the chest.

As far as content, I was disappointed about the ‘choice’ element. Bakery vs. Butcher. Guardhouse vs. Stables. Armorsmith vs. Weaponsmith. There is still loads of land to build on and the choice of forcing us to chose these options in complete nonsense.

My 11 year old son, watching me build the butcher, says “build the bakery next”. “I can’t” I tell him. “Why? That is stupid!” he says. Unfortunately I have no answer for him. Because I agree with him. It is stupid.


Terms of service as bailiff


5 yrs
All money earned during that time is Henry’s

Not sure the compensation will even out… we’ll see

If Henry does well, could see a new DLC: become chamberlain


Not sure I necessarily agree. To me, depends if there’s a (really) special or unique benefit to having just one. If there is, it could outweigh the conflict. If not, :expressionless:


I can’t see except baker gives you the smoker, taven gives you a brewery and I have no idea the perks for armor or swordsmith


Is there a bath house or a maid of some sort to wash my clothes and armour atleast?


Nope and you don’t get your own house. You get a bed in the ratthas that others live in as well


Yeah the house thing kinda bugged me but having to ride all the way to talmberg just for a bath really bugs me. That had to of been an oversight.


Oh wow, my thoughts were correct icon_laughing


There is so much land left over… why not let me build everything? I have the coin and Divish already said he wants to expand. Also add a bath house and my own actual house to the list. I kinda feel like i am sleeping in a hostel when i wake up with random people around me. Atleast i had my own room in radzigs castle.


The church is crap as well