From the Ashes DLC feedback


still hafta find limpy lubosh. Admittedly I am using richer merchants mod (20K) and robin hood mod (7K carry) and looting just about everything and selling


Just about to enter valkia or what ever it’s called and have 3.6m gr


I think if you play the game historically accurate it is very fun. So you can’t sell items except to the regular traders, and then use what little money you have to fix or maintain items you find. If you play the game this way, you are very poor, but also can still get a decent set of armor and other items. With hunting and pots you don’t need food hardly at all, and really maintaining armor is all you need, they give you a free horse, and some bad clothing, and with the little money you steal from bandit you should be fine. If you play the game without exploiting the economy it really is fun, and works, but i love grinding groschen very fun and soon to be rewarding.

People should not jump to conclusions either about Divish. They dont’t know the story about what he tells you. He might say if you want something to do, spend some cash to fix up that old hamlet north. If not whatever. He might also say that he will die without issue, and will leave his estate to Sir Radzig upon death and Radzig cuts a deal with you as his squire or what not. He might even say he wants some help, and asks if you will help him, in exchange he will put in a good word with the king, seeing as he is Margrave of Prague or whatever.


i wholeheartedly agree up to a point.

Apologies in advance for the wall of text below

in a game, there always needs to be playabiility and even more in an RPG. with the armor, landscapes, cityscapes and other things, i think WH largely nailed the historical elements.

regarding the economy, there are 2 simple changes that would make KCD more like a real economy but not necessarily a medieval one:
(1) enforce the horse carrying capacity - I can now circumvent Jenda’s carrying capacity by just loading up myself. when i want push it , i kill off all the bad guys. load up Jenda to the max. travel to the next battle. kill off all the enemies i can. load up their gear on myself and then head off to the vendors (or push it more by finding another battle – this is why horse archer is my preferred technique… can’t walk worth a damn but i can shoot a bow and ride the horse). by curbing load-ups, you become choosier about the goods you loot.
(2) enforce a store inventory capacity - give vendors enough space to pay for and take in a good haul but put a reasonable cap on the shops. the blacksmiths and armorsmiths are not modern warehouses and shouldn’t be able to keep taking on 20-30 or so chest armor pieces every day or so on top of their current inventory. add an inventory clearance rate for goods (even if this demand function might not be historically accurate). this allows Henry to sell off his stuff and fill in that free space as it arises. by curbing sell-offs, you become more sensitive to your market (ie the needs of those around you). iow, KCD becomes the world Henry lives in rather than KCD is Henry’s world.

what you describe I might call the appreciation and beauty of living a simple live. one of more humble means and desires. it is a compelling role to play, but it may be too harsh for some. similarly, perhaps the mechanics above may be ‘too hardcore’ for casual players. fine. just enforce them in the hardcore mode. by doing these 2 things, WH will make you play Henry in the station appropriate to his historical context and role in the game. this will make you feel the growth and transformation of Henry from a blacksmith’s apprentice to a potential noble in waiting. simply put, you will earn every measure of your ascendancy.

a couple other thoughts…
(a) modders will circumvent the above with mods as sure as eggs are eggs
(b) the larger issue is that there aren’t enough non-combat related daily activities. this encourages players to grind in the cliched kill-loot-sell cycle so typical of RPGs

WH has created a path to spend your hard earned coin on living the ‘big life’ as a bailiff/investor. But, what of the ‘simple life’? with the base game, you can do some. but, there’s much room for improvement. with that change we’ll all be able to enjoy more of the simple pleasures of life Sir Radzig mentions during the reunion.

WH could be tranformative here. make it so you can go to the pub, tell tall tales, drink (interactively), eat (interactively), befriend the person opposite you at the table, play drunk mini-games, garner trust, gain access to other activities/quests, fight, alienate.

make it so you can make or commission goods (choose from a variety of hilts to put on weapons, choose from a variety of edges and color schemes on clothing/armor).

make it so first-aid skills you’ve learned matter more in your daily life. you can develop to be one helluva alchemist. but, you aren’t able to use those skills outside of scripted refugees in Skalitz. for instance, you can’t awaken knocked out people but the untrained NPCs around you can.


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. id rather keep my 1 mill inventory. id rather them do a skyrim type thing and let people on ps and xbox use mods aswell.


you can keep your 1M inventory. neither of these impact your global footlocker


We can figure out a bit of what’s not likely due to the available lore. Divish has three sons, and therefore does not end up giving his estate to Radzig. We also know a little bit about Radzig, in the fact that he was a Ritter who lost his fief at some point. I suspect, as he was a knight in the service of Wenceslaus, that he was a Reichsritter, and granted a fief in the imperial lands. As the HRE princes no longer recognize Wenceslaus as the King of the Romans or the Holy Roman Emperor, and Radzig is his Hetman and ardent supporter, Radzig may have lost his lands to a Ritter loyal to the Palatinate. That’s my best guess, though we may see something different.

Henry may not have much in the way of inheritance coming, though he does have a pretty good chance to obtain a heritable title with rebuilding Prybislavitz and his support of local nobles and King Wenceslaus. But, that’s all up to Warhorse and where they want to take Henry on his adventures, I suppose.


Can we expect From the Ashes DLC withing Steam SUMMER SALE discount period?


nope no discount on the dlc but you can wait too next year and hope its in the steam summer sale


I have a question that has not been answered yet. I am currently replaying the game. Can you play this DLC right after the Pribyslawitz quest or after the game has ended?


You can play it after Pribyslavitz is cleared out and have met Divish. It isn’t a DLC for the Epilogue, but you could presumably wait till then to start ashes.


Thats awesome! Thanks for the fast reply!


I presume (Captain Obvious here) that the DLC will be paid. Ok. Got it. But when it will be released in Microsoft Store (for XboxOne users)? It´s 03/07/2018 and it didnt appeared yet.


It releases on all platforms on the 5th. You got a few more days.


Patience Padawan. 2 days will come then you will have yes.


O Jedi Knight, I want to buy it really fast so it can be already downloaded.


Helllll yesssssssss!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Noooo not divish he’s one of my top favorite characters


R u pulling my pizzle I can’t wait that long


Ha puh lease tell me you are being sarcastic.

Divish is probably the worst acted character in the game. Who ever cast the 25 year old hipster as the 50 something old lord needs a roundhouse. It is then amplified by the terrible feeling that the person doing ill casted voice is just reading the back of a shampoo bottle. Very disappointing.