From the Ashes DLC feedback


I didn’t choose him for Aquarius, and I when I went back to hire him, he was asleep ALL DAY. Do you know a way to fix this if you encountered it?


This happenned to me as well. The only thing you can do is to choke him out while sleeping. Carry him away from the bed. If the guards saw you, persuade them (this is what I did), or pay a fine. If you managed to do it without anyone noticing, all the better. Wait for him to wake up or for someone to wake him. Then talk talk to him.

I didn’t like this method, but it’s the only workaround I know of.


It worked, thank you! I hope your village goes well :slight_smile:


It does, Jesus Christ be praised! I hope yours is or will too!


I waited near him and by luck of the draw o caught him switching beds and hired him


Talmberg is like that since i set from the asches in my game. i can’t continue to kill coumans camp and get easy money with robard :confused:


what if you got off all ultra and down to the level of us muggles at medium?


I get similar performance in Sasau (vanilla PS4)


Thanks. A little disappointed Fat Profits (Sasau) butcher not available esp since he mentions friend in Pribyslavitz. In test run, built the butcher shop but didn’t see/get choice. Haven’t seen the preview of it. What triggers choice?


Me too this guy never was found for me too in the town have even tryed too build evrything


Thought about it more. Still don’t mind too much the butcher/baker choice. The armorsmith/weaponsmith choice burns a little but I can get over it. The stable/guardhouse choice bugs the heck out of me. Having the combat ring shouldn’t come at cost of getting a stable. (btw, to me, combat ring veteran in full plate with longsword was worth the price of admission).

Some things that are annoying:
-design of enhanced Rathaus - doesn’t retain the bailiff features of other villages (desk, bookcase to store your books, reception area, more privacy in sleeping quarters; having a cooking station in the entrance foyer is poor design… as is, the ledger looks like a cookbook :man_facepalming:)
-can’t bring many named Skalitz refugees (Theresa, Antonia, Alex, Beran, etc)
-forced choice especially of stable vs guardhouse

Some enhancements wish WH would add:
-add quartermaster or capt of guard (if doesn’t already exist) to manage armory and guard equipment; enable option of Henry provisioning armory and selecting guard equipment
-add (unique) names to guards
-complete palisade wall and gates around hamlet, and put watch on foot bridge
-more interaction (dialog options) with your townfolk beyond ‘about Pribyslavitz’ and judgments
-herbal apprentice (if one not already enabled)
-ability to commission customized (decorated) armor/weapon
-ability to add X of gold/silver goblets (etc) from inventory to display (on table, shelf, whatever) in enhanced Rathaus
-ability to add pelt(s) from inventory to designated locations in enhanced Rathaus
-Theresa is a miller’s daughter and niece (knows how stuff gets done). Got to imagine a role for her as an aid in the Rathaus (even if unofficial to be within sensibilities of the time)
-bailiff to bailiff interactions - seem a little too stiff once Henry is officially done with Supplies
-change ‘a few days later’ in construction cutscene to ‘some days later’; there’s no way some of those structures are done in a few days

Some praise for Prokop et al:
-much appreciated past relationship connection with recruitment of special NPCs (very Fallout New Vegas-ish)
-well thought out town lay out
-well thought out interconnections between investments
-good number of options for resolving resourcing needs (Supplies quest)
-addition of names to NPCs
-nice inventory among vendors
-combat options are the dog’s bollocks
-old tree and the judgment platform - cool vibe and nice mechanic

@DrFusselpulli the above is feedback to forward as you deem appropriate


Me TOO! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yes, there is room for both as well as for a Bakery and Butcher.


Was thinking stables could go next to archery range :eyes:


You can add this to your list, I have just finished testing this:

Stables NPCs

Mark 55 g
Vashek 45 g


Without FtA DLC, I have no more random encounters with Cumans


I have it install and even before I still get Cuman ambushes. From one single idiot to 5 of them and the bandit camp restock after a few days.


i will test again after lunch


first of all, let me say that i enjoyed this game besides all the bugs and stuff. i was kinda excited to get this dlc since there wasn’t left anything to do after my playthrough. unfortunately the excitement slowly faded away after being 1 hour into the dlc though. i would have been pissed, if i would have started a new playthrough just for this dlc.

  • why do i have to choose between stables or guardhouse, bakery or butchery, armorsmith or weaponsmith?
  • i have to share my place with other inhabitants? no customizable private house?
  • no bathhouse or mill, cobbler, tailor? i know this is supposed to be a village and not a town, but still.
  • expected to recruit a few more interesting npcs like father godwin, peshek & theresa, beran and his wife, brother elias etc. including extra quests or at least some interesting interactions. fritz and matthew won’t move.
  • the village looks even worse than samopesch or merhojed. even kornelius is like “this place is a shithole”.
  • the church looks basically the same as before once you’ve renovated it. i expected something more impressive especially since they mentioned that the new church will shine over the whole village.
  • the judgements don’t have any significant consequences
  • the money making aspect is meaningless once you’ve played through the game
  • no attacks/raids from the outside?
  • why are my own guards being assholes to me?

finished the dlc in like 7 hours . built up the village, recruited a few npcs and did a few judgements. that’s pretty much about it. i am a little bit disappointed because it feels like a halfassed dlc, a missed opportunity / wasted potential. no hard feelings or anything but that’s just my 2 cents. still probably gonna buy all the upcoming dlcs :wink:


I am a little confused, how does the village grow and produce anything, other than what you invest in (and invite special NPCs)? I mean, Marius says not to worry about villagers, they will come, apparently? There aren’t going to be farmhouses & farmers doing their thing, i.e. producing corn and other foodstuffs, I have IMPORT all that stuff for the village to work? I don’t collect taxes for the lord? This is hardly the way a medieval village works you know? I realise this DLC is mostly for the player to sink all their extra cash in, but this seems so futile and unrealistic?