From the Ashes DLC feedback


The only way currently is the production of specialized goods. This leaves one potentially with stables (prized horses), smith (combat equipment), brewery (Pribyslavitz boar), and processed food (medieval times… so not moving far)

One of oddest decisions is to secure food from outside Talmberg.


It’s summertime in Bohemia, and planting at this juncture would hardly be optimal. It would be months before any food was available, and would be a poor crop if it ended in late autumn. Importing the food is the only real way to do it. Also, a fresh settlement being untaxed for a period wouldn’t be unusual. Where I’m puzzled is that it seems like the town owns the businesses directly, instead of leasing the buildings to individuals as was usually done with tradesmen. Henry pays the wages, and gets all the profits. That would be pretty unusual in this era. Henry isn’t complaining, though. At 1800 Groschen per day income for the next 5 years tax free, he’s looking to make 3.3 million on his 100k investment.


Forgot to mention I am also using the mod [more random events] Tho I;ve only came across the timid knight once on this 1.6 playthru


“More Random Events” is not updated for KCD v.1.6, neither v.1.5…


Then It either still works or those with a lack have a bug. I have a few that still work despite no updates for patches. Mostly simple ones that do one set of things.


My Trader doesn’t seem to be selling anything. No income, just cost.


another posted they had to wait a game week to trade.


He generates some income but not more than the expenses (e.g. resources). I only have a positive balance with him because


When you built everything, you will have to make a judgement: now that wood is not needed, you can sell it. There are two other options but I went with this one.


but those are the woodcutters.

For me the trader, even with special npc, costs more then it generates… I wonder if it would be different, if I would told him he may keep the profit for himself?


random_event.xml has changed in both 1.5 and 1.6 for the original game (can’t say about hardcore). The base chance and cooldowns are the same, but Warhorse added respectively night encounters variables and another random event, which I ignore what it is.

It doesn’t have to generate any bugs, but you’ll be missing the additions/modifications (at least; other potential conflicts could arise). However, I have read other people reporting that they don’t get/almost don’t see any random encounter since 1.6 patch, despite not using mods. They might have changed other related files to encounters, so there might be a related internal bug again.


Du musst kornelius überzeugen das ers eine ehre ist für dich zu arbeiten dann macht er 75 groschen


I’ve tested it now many times (version 1.6 PC) and it seems they decreased the chance to get into a raid or duell? But i am not sure, can be a bug. No mod was in use! On 1.5 everything worked.


Soweit kam ich gar nicht.
Er meinte nur, dass Otto wieder etwas im Schilde führte und dass er nicht in die Wälder ziehen würde :roll_eyes:


The base chances and cooldowns per encounter are the same from 1.5 to 1.6 patch (random_event.xml), so either Warhorse modified other related files or there’s a bug again with the random encounters… It’s been almost 5 months since game release, it’s getting disappointing…


Bla bla hardcore Henry


my opinion and some ideas

Overal i am not happy with the dlc, its too short, boring and a lot of loss potential

  1. The cruch is dissapointing, the rathous too.
  2. A place to call home without a own house? Come on…
  3. Quests like supplies are basic fetch quests and your choices only save you 10 or 20 grochens a day.
  4. There are not enough build options, 6 buildings?! There is a lot more space to build
  5. The npc’s living in the villages are dull and useless
  6. The special npc’s can only be recruited if you do certain quests a specific way.
  7. After building the village nothing puls you back to village there is absolutely nothinh uniek to do.

Some idea’s

  1. Make the guaddtower or baliff hand out unique but repetable quests like, saving villagers from bandits, investegate kidnappings, clear a ambushpoint closeby, kill bandits at a closeby camp, investegations for different cases like, theft, murder and poaching.

Random events like ambushes on your traders wagons wich you need to interfere with in a set timewindow else you dont get building materials for say 2 days.

A marketvwhere i can offer weapons and armor to visitors oc the village, the tradef costs money even if you are selling nothing, selling items takes a couple of days but the prices are better and you can choose the price yourself

Activities within the town you can interfere with and punish citizens for, like (tavern)brawles, thefts, burgelary and seeing guards react to this.

A better judgehall with a dungion and a option to judge the people where judging too soft or harsh leads to rep loss.

Option when a cuman or bandit surrenders to capture him and drag him back to pryvs dungion and a option to judge them 2

I option to build houses for citizens and collect taxes from them.

More named npc that can be brought back to pryv like all the skallitz refugees. If they dont have work give them the option to be a helper at the existing shops or a guard with a purcuation check.

Make the outside of the church nicer

Give us options to upgrade places not covered with buildings with decorative items.

Let us build and decorate a private house for henry, makeva option for henry gf to move to pryv and live in his house.

Let us build defences around the town

Bandit or cuman attacks with a increased chance of happening if you don’t upgrade defences or do missions to get rid of bandits in the erea, with a stat tnat shows you how likely it is to get attacked.

Let us buid a guardhouse anc stables and a butcher and baker knstead of just one.

Give villagers and soldiers inside the town better dialoge suitable to your rank as baliff

Let traders from other towns visit your village with unique armor, weapons and saddles

Let us build stage 2 what radzig speaks about, like farms and mil,x on the outskirts of the land

A crime meter, witch fills if crimes gk unpuniched, if you commit crimes yourself, punish tol soft or dont have money to pay wagers.

Dice, arena and archer tournaments

Villigers can give you personal quests like, setteling disputes, collecting debts or mariage problems

Let the church hold a morning or evening mass.


And a (water)mill. You need it for the baker!


Things to liven up Pribyslavitz and the rest of the land:
-make drinking, eating and talking at the tavern fun with more animations and mini-games
-incentivize some of the activity

For Pribyslavitz specifically:
-create a getting to know you mini-game for bailiff
-create a side quest for Locator for benefit of town (even if just aesthetic; perform task leading to town party, etc)
-create more bailiff tasks (optional tasks of walking with a couple guards closing up town & tavern)


I made a post about this, but I would love to have armor/weapon displays at our Rathaus! Think of TW3’s Blood and Wine for reference


The DLC (mainly via Sir Divish) hints heavily on future expansions, so maybe there’ll be future updates with more features