From the Ashes DLC feedback


I really really like the idea about building up a new city while questing. But it seems to me this DLC is made for the once who have massive amount of groshen. If you just play “normal” and not farming like a mad man, its very very hard to get anything going now. I feel its mainly due to the huge prices for repairing armor, I like its hard I like everything about the game, but I doing like the feeling this is made for those with loads a in game cash.


the swordsmith in Rattay has game assets which would seem suitable for such a request. if WH could just create slots on a piece of furniture that we could assign an object to, we could use this for displaying swords, gold goblets, etc. would be a great addition.


hope ashes 2.0 has more of this. do X and enable the completion of the palisade wall/gates around the hamlet. do Y and enable the creation of a dorm to replace the tent city. etc


Marius mentioned the construction of a weir. have you seen it?

btw, funny how one judgment is about defecating within close proximity to the town… and yet the trader’s outhouse is on a ledge heading straight into the stream


I just wanna see short spear use and maybe polarms that u keep on ur house when in towns if it’s not implemented into game I guess I could wait a year for mods😅


Srry spell check meant horse


I know rite the judge was hilarious :joy: well I guess I’ll tell the boys we can :poop:now been a hard few days


Yeah not sure i get the locator stuff, if the village never grows i probably will lose my mind seeing that guy everytime i am there. Not to mention the armorsmith with no grindstone slowly makes me go mad as well.


Ok after playing the DLC for some days now I am not impressed.
Overall the quests are ok,
The city it self tho is Sup par
From starter.
its a shame the city is not dynamic growing, its sad that you can just order a building and presto its build. Why not some simple animations of npc building stuff, and let the building go on for weeks / month in game time.

The idea of this dlc is really good and expectations are really high when it comes to this game. Many that plays this game, have waited years for something good to come out. So dlc’s or expansions have to be really good and immersive. This is both the positive and negative for warhorse studio. Since anything being released has to be as good or better than the original. Sadly this DLC is not even on par.
Secondly. with this dlc why are there no fix for the huge amount of bugs still in the game.
I am hoping this is part of a bigger strategy.


and created more. Like the random clothing optional bug for the whole game.


Clothes and all such things. im a little hmm about. Its ok but it has to abide by the history part. The bug things I agree with. But yes this part I also understand from a developers side. every time you fix a bug you make 2 new so its an endless process.


Like the Rattay bailiff, rattay gate guard, rattay armorer, Zack in Sassau before hiring , capon in robber Baron, Mirka and Adam after they get to work, preb. tavern customers. and yes no mods @Kirksty


The “a few days later” animations are a total lie. Cost me thousands of dollars. Built 5 buildings where “a few days pass” miller resets after 3 days so obviously 5 times a few days should have all the traders restocked. Nope. All this meat is spoiling because the dumbass developers thought it would be cute to say “a few days pass” but actually make it instant.


Maybe because it´s a game and it would last months for building houses (handmade!!!) and years for building/restoring the church.
(and only hours for the die tables…)


In some commentary on the recent patch notes, I had read a comment that with the fixes to “fron the ashes” that they just made, that they, WH, will not be making any more changes to that DLC. The person who made this comment did not cite a source.

Is there anyone here who knows of a source for this comment, or can someone from WH let us know if any of the requested changes in this thread will ever be implemented?

For me I have not been able to bring myself to even play the game in the last few weeks. My save game is in Priby. Every so often I load the game thinking I will do some quests, then I see my character standing in the middle of that unfinished town, covered in mud, and surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Then I quit the game for a few more weeks thinking I will wait for mod support before I play again.


No, not really. Medieval peasant houses and shops could go up very quickly. Supporting timbers were generally pretty rough, walls were usually made of dung and clay covering a woven mesh of some sort, and roofs were usually made of giant heaps of stacked straw. They were hardly using modern building codes, using indoor plumbing, routing electrical wires, or any of that stuff. They had dirt for floors. It takes the Amish less than a day to build a barn without power tools, and they generally have as many men as Henry does in Pribyslavitz to build.

As for the Church, I’m not seeing much as to what would take a lot of time. Each of the repairs you make are roughly a days work for as many men as you have. It’s not as if you’re building a buttressed cathedral.

As a side note, the costs do puzzle me a bit. Not really sure what you’re precisely paying for, as your men (who you pay) are gathering all the local materials needed, yet you pay 80k Groschen to restore the place. I’ve calculated before that a Game Groschen is roughly equal to a penny, which they likely did for ease of use. Even so, 80k pennies was a staggering sum, and you could have had 80 craftsmen workshops erected for you (including material costs), or about 300 cottages. My personal theory is that either the locator or Sir Divish is siphoning off the coin thinking Henry won’t notice.


A barn or a hut yes, but not this kind of building(2. Rathouse) like in the game.
Please show me some evidence (maybe a youtube video) where a group of people building such a building in less than two months(without modern technik/tools).

What kind of job do you work? Building worker? Or an office job?

The stone floor… no chance!!!
The paintings… the altar… the bell.

The church is pretty high. You need support strucktures for building the roof. (like in the monastary)
You have no tower crane. You need a brace/ winding tackle. ect…

No work in the winter? Is it a full time job (from sunrise to sunset)? Do all the people some other work like field work? They must build everything from the scratch!

To repaire the church they need three to five years!!!


Still missing the weir, the tailor, the butcher or baker and stables & laundress.


Tobi and Prokop basically said so.

My take is the WH either cares about customer feedback or it doesn’t. If it does, tweaks^ to ashes should be possible. If it doesn’t, WH is no different than EA, Bethesda, etc.

^ - minimum FtA tweaks: home services should be enabled by servant, structure or object with do-it-yourself link (click activation button). home services include bathing, laundering, mending clothes and mending footwear

additional FtA tweaks:
—attack and/or defend with guards [anyone notice the enemy camp over the ridge from logging camp? Or, the Cuman that spawn further out from bakery/butcher path to Skalitz (at T in open field)?]
—convert nasty water trough in front of combat arena into functional, clean water trough
—allow Adam to have dialog enabling sale of beer to quartermaster in Seige (for the love of God, why can’t Henry press his own brewery into action!? this logical, rational benefit to being a bailiff should confer a benefit in the main questline!!)


Frickin’ Locator mentioned the weir. Weir, warhorses, dungeons, large battles, and sandbox. WH set these expectations. When will they meet them?