From the Ashes DLC feedback


Can we recruit guards?


A teaser from WH twitter …

By the time we’re done, it looks like the hamlet will rival the settlement around Talmberg castle… unless WH got cunning and tied further Talmberg development to Pribyslavitz :wink:


that last screen is very much like an Old USSR/PRC propaganda poster of cold war days.
Only mod need was to use the a hammer and sickle /Mao soft cap and little red book and an AK-47


and why is no multi language in the game self?


Funny, I thought to myself something is missing… a booming, more masculine Soviet chorus


The ending to that trailer was hilarious. It felt so Communist I was expecting a rousing speech from Stalin to urge me to defend Moscow and the Motherland.


What I’ve been waiting for… a direct WH communicated date


It seems horse armor will be a benefit of ashes. Also, seems like we’ll have interesting choices: armorsmith or weaponsmith, butchershop or bakery, etc. which unique items do you want more (eg unique weapon or unique armor)?

If the Pribyslavitz weaponsmith produced a crossbow or a polearm I could treat like all the other weapons, I’d go with the weaponsmith. This is I really like the Magdeburg longsword and am more interested in better protection or an alt look… so probably armorsmith for me. What about you?


It’s out on July 5th !


And this and a price is all I’ve wanted to know the whole time


so existed for this DLC this is exactly what i have been waiting for, but i have one simple question

so technically the land does not belong to you your not its lord your just a bailiff which i assume it like a mayor so why should Henry spend his own money building a village which is not his land, the owner should provide the money Henry is just a bailiff.

am just curious am not saying it should be like that am really excited and hyped for this DLC am just saying how it makes sense for Henry to spend his own money on someone else land.


Hmmm that’s a difficult one. I mean I want horse body armor, and unless the sword is like crazy strong and stronger then the st George I don’t need that plus normal armor hmmmm again it would have to be crazy strong for it to make me choose it over horse armor. The way I see it is the fighting is already pretty easy and Henry is a bad ass anyway so I don’t need to make him anymore op. But my horse needs protection cos I’m not walking!


Prokop equates Henry’s new position to governor. Others mayor, etc… most jobs pay you, not the other way around. it is odd as Tobi says you don’t own anything. i guess the only rational answer is that you manage the hamlet’s finances. you can grow the hamlet to generate positive cash flow. i’d guess you can add to the treasury and you can take away. so it’s a bit like a company that you run but don’t own. … i guess


The DLC will explain the ins and out but I think the town will be owned by sir divish. But your kinda renting it from him. He’s the Lord he collects a % of the tax and you get what ever is left so you can in theory profit


its more like it a company you build from the ground up all by your self and run it but don’t own it which doesn’t make sense to me.


It’s not like a company. If you invest into the company you get companys’s stocks which proof you as an owner. Or if you create company from the scratch you have authorized capital of it.

It’s more like a donation without getting rights.


exactly, thats why am saying it doesn’t make sense.


there are places where guys and gals do this. they fail at their own. they create a public enterprise. build it from ground up but don’t own it. but, they get paid and ‘invest’ money to fulfill certain needs


think about it this way technically sir Divish tell you he will make you the bailiff of this town and you have to build it all on your own and the town belongs to him why would anyone do that it just doesn’t make sense.

if I build something ON MY OWN EXPENSE am the owner I wont do it for someone esle

without said I still think the DLC it a great idea this is exactly what this game needed but the way the implemented it, it just doesn’t make sense to me how ever that doesn’t mean it not fun, it would have been nice if somehow Henry became the lord of that place.

I would rather have a bit of historical in accuracy rather than not making sense.


in RL, Henry would never have been able to accumulate millions in groschen. so i could say KCD’s wealth/economic model itself makes absolutely no sense. to add this, manager/founder of public enterprise mechanic (as i mentioned it does actually exist in RL) is really a distinction without any difference

Prokop, the lead on ashes, has a grad degree in econ. question … do you think any part of KCD’s economy is based on the following…:

given the fact that i’ve traded in over 1000 top of the line suits of armor and the price per cuirass has never fallen below 1K and given the fact that i don’t see ever more Bohemian NPCs wearing such gear, i’ll say not a snowballs chance in hell that a plausible RL economic model underpins KCD’s wealth mechanic