From the Ashes DLC feedback


Didn’t Bailiff have a wage? so Henry should get a % of the working profits to pay back his investment.


well the economy is a different subject and I never had over 25k in game, but yeah money earning is not balanced.


no it’s not a different subject. one of the explicit motives for creating ashes was to give us players something to do with all our money enabled by that (economically irrational) KCD economy

and like i said, there are RL public enterprise that are founded and managed in a way not to alien from what we’ll see in ashes. for the sake of playability, that’s enough for me. to me, anything beyond that requires Prokop and the others to build in a RL medieval production and distribution model… which gets shot to hell with respawns.


yeah i Know that I was one of the first persons to address this issue

this post was in feb 19, 5 days after lunch I said that is a different subject i already said this DLC is perfect it what the game needed.

am just saying it would have made more sense if Henry actually owned the land somehow.


Prokop might tell you it wouldn’t be a realistic expectation for a bailiff to own all the buidlings in a hamlet that is not his. so, what matters more to you: having a plausible station in life for a bastard (not yet ennobled) or an investment mechanism that’s seemingly less self less (but not without rough equivalents in RL)



well as far as i know sir radzig dont have any sons even though your a bastard you would still be en titled somehow if sir radzig and the king acknowledge you as sir radzigs son and the land could have been awarded to sir radzig some how it not entirely impossible


that’s not an answer to the question. Pribyslavitz is not Kobyla’s, and Kobyla didn’t return to Skalitz

at some point, you’ve got to ask do you want to suspend disbelief and enjoy the playtime or disbelieve and fret


thats why I said that before


iow, no ashes

btw, Henry is historical fiction. so what does historical accuracy mean in this context? i’m not sure how you can play a game that is set in the wrong time and then fuss over historical accuracy


I really like the idea and way this DLC is thought out.
I see some replies of people who think it is strange that Henry manages the town but does not own it and still has to pay or receives profit from the town. Obviously that is how it works in a game. A lot of things are not historically accurate. You might want fully historical and simply make health recover in days. A broken leg, no more running from a month. A chopped off leg, no more running until forever. Not to mention, the economical system is not that strange or far from the truth. It is normal that a high positioned, manager receives a percentage of profit.
The banter I see here with sons of Radzig, I doubt Divish in real life would give away a plot of land for nothing or even for money, because Pryvis is so close to Talmberg, on a hill and such. Would be tactically stupid.


I meant historical inaccuracy


so i tell you that such arrangements currently exist and then you say it doesnt make sense? there are public enterprise founded by people. they invest their money to build it from the ground up. they don’t own it but they get some compensation from it.

this exists and it makes sense. i know people who are living large from this approach


first of all let me get one thing straight am not saying this DLC is bad in fact it look amazing

and this public Enterprise just seems different form what the ashes will be henry will build all the village by himself and he doesnt own it that means lets say sir divish can kick him out any time he wants even though hennry build the whole town own his own expense.

and dont say the village has income its not hennry money cuz in the begging the village is a waste you need to build those income for your self


the Divish factor just reflects the caprice of life in medieval times for those that aren’t ennobled


Guys do keep in mind, such economical structures. The year is 1403, Adam Smith was not born yet, and neither was his book ´´An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.´´
At this point in time, making profit was still a sin. To learn more, read the Summa Theologica from Thomas van Aquino. This was radical because you could make profit in certain situations without it being a sin. A lot of now normal economical business systems such as giving a percentage of profit were not there at the time.
Also @Zero_0200 Divish is the lord, he can do whatever he wants. Divish can and will. That is historical accuracy for you.


@FritzFruegel well understood. that said, irrespective to the prevailing sentiment in medieval Bohemia about usury/profit, there was most certainly not a market for 1000 Nurembergian cuirass in Rattay and Sasau (or more precisely, no consumer demand for the armor sets of 2759 dead soldiers)… that’s a simple fact that this game hasn’t and probably won’t ever address

Bet the guy who studied the valuation of derivatives could correct this but there’s a point at which playability and simplicity must prevail… even if it leaves (sometimes masssive) gaps in realism


lets just hope sir davish doesn’t find out you slept with his wife and kicks you out of the position


Plot twist…she gets pregnant


wow I didnt even know that


Not if she boinks Divish shortly after to cover her “extra-martial insemination”
I thought along this line when I first played. when she said she had 2 infants that didn’t live and is left with and old less virile spouse.