Grass and foliage textures


Did warhorse downgrade the graphics on the games foliage - on the ps4 pro here and seriously why the downgrade?
There was no mention of it in the recent “update” (*coughs downgrade).
For a game where the world consists of 90% foliage this is a real game killer for me. The foliage before the update was one fo the most appealing parts as it WAS beautiful and made up for the bare world. Now everything looks like a pixelated mess and its immersion breaking as when i go adventuring through the wild it just looks aweful.


I guess it isnt a downgrade. On PC i noticed the same but on PC it can be fixed until restart.
Then the High texture setting is “downgraded” to medium back


Ive never known an update to drastically change so much. I guess i can understand why they did that as it helps the game run more smoothly but a lack of communication about it isnt an honest approach. Hopefully it will be sorted and addressed with the next update.


I archived every update on pc and It is present since patch 1.4(.0)
The funny thing is, if i downgrade my game to 1.4 or 1.4.1 it isnt possible to change the texture settings. kk, you can change the visual button in menu but it will take no effect in game.
I’ve worked three days on that problem and replaced everything in the game to tell it, there is no low or medium settings anymore. But no, nothing helps.

Yes, that’s right. Many developers do, but usually it is not obvious icon_laughing

Yes, but maybe they did notice later, just like me. I saw this first with patch 1.4.3 :rofl:

Yes i hope too, otherwise if it was intended i am very very pissed off!


If WH had just created the game in its proper setting (March), we wouldn’t have this issue… the March lows in Czechia flirt with just above freezing



But this was before my downgrade experiement. It is present in 1.4, 1.4.1 and 1.4.3.
I made a video of it, but it was recorded with Fraps and is so huge to send.
Maybe someone can give me another free and good program?
One in which the video file in the end is not so big and maybe 720p? : :slight_smile:


Maybe you should be directing your anger at those whining about how many frames a second you got before, not Warhorses fault they had to pander to them.


On PS4 it could be downgraded for a better performance, but on PC it should not be on the very high and ultra settings!


In my version it is presented on High, Very High and Ultra Texture setting :disappointed_relieved:


Why is this in bugs if its intentional? Plus my textures on xbox arent any different so its a nonissue for me.


Its in bugs because for all we know this could be a bug that was introduced with the recent patch. Much the like the quick button option to equip the torch on ps4.
It was probably too late to patch it out because they had to deliver the recent patch on time after the many delays. Cant wait until this game is finally the product that was promised.