Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?

I don’t think he looks rough at all, especially with that haircut. He looks to soft in my opinion, i think he would look much better with some facial hair, and some scars.

He looks too innocent for someone who watched his family get murdered by Cumans.


Ye, i might have used a wrong word. but by saying rough i mean ugly, went old too soon, i mean henry is probably going to die in his 40s anyway. But yea facial hair/scars might be an addable thing in the game ? Like you could get a scar by being hit, maybe…?
He kinda looks like Frodo the Hobbit
I would narrow his eyes just a bit

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He does have facial hair now, it was just not done at this moment yet. :slight_smile:


Can we see it, maybe…please…?

bruh… release is NOT soon enough! :smiley:


A cutsceen from the game.

Check at 50:30
First you see the acting for the sceen. After this you see different versions of the sceen in “ingame” graphic.

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Are they sitting in a washing barrel…?


Of course…! :smile:

And a special version (with armor): :blush:


Imagine how filthy the water was after a bath… I mean they didnt have regular washing habits, they did, but the issue is regular meant “Once every few weeks” back than. Unless you were wealthy,ofcourse

Apparently, that’s one of the common misconceptions WH found when doing research. They may not have washed every single day, but they did wash more than once a week.

Not if they were poor people living in a village. Most of them didnt even own a washing barrel, ofcourse we cant know for sure how much did villagers really wash due to a very small amount of archive documents, but its for sure that they couldnt mantain regular higenic habits.
Source: Annales d’histoire économique et sociale, Georges Duby, “Mantaining of health in medieval europe”

They do have access to a river or lake though :I

You don’t exaclty need a bucket.

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Still they wouldnt do it regulary., especially in volder periods…

There’s one in talmberg :-x so we can consider at least talmberg to be clean :grinning:

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not washing for some time (2-3 weeks)

It kind of seems that Middle-ages Hungary must have been a lot worse than the Czech Lands during the lowest point of the 30 year war.

This “not washing” nonsense is really starting to tilt me…
Why the fuck would anybody think that people would not clean themselves every time they could? Only rich would be bathing, because poor could not afford to? What is this nonsense, most settlements are based around some natural source of water, mostly rivers and small water streams, and everybody could just go there and wash themselves after day at work. Or do you think that people didn´t have any smell back in those days?
And even villages further away from water sources still had to have some barrels and stuff for catching rainwater, and that can be used for cleaning aswell (not bathing, but just regular cleaning of yourself).

Yes people was magic back then and smelled like candy!

Im not from Hungary lol im from Dubrovnik, it was fairly reneissance in 15th century

Its based on historical facts, mostly found by french aanalyst historians.
Also check:Le Goff, Medieval society of western Europe;Oxford history of medieval Europe,ed:George Holmes