How to get the Steam Key?


I’m not going to say no to centralizing my gaming collection on steam. Please.


I would like a Steam key if they are now available please…


Hello I would also like to ask for a steam key if there are any available, please. I just bought the game today and registered to the forum minutes ago. I am a steam sheep and want my friends to see me playing this game so I can brag :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Could I please get a Steam key as well, since I play pretty much all of my games through it.
Thanks :smiley:


Greetings! I’d like a steam key too :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the beta once it was out but regularly updating or having to use the launcher was kind of annoying, I’d appreciate having it in my library (and would also be a nice promotion as I’m always telling friends about this project :3 )

I’m a Knight tier Kickstarter pledger so I suppose that applies for a steam key? Not sure though, let me know if I can have one, please :slight_smile:


I too want my version through steam, I’m a ‘knight’ kickstarter as well


im spartacus! (i’d also very much enjoy a steam key!)


could i also get a steam key? :slight_smile:


Can i get a steam key too?


Hi there,

can I get a steam key, too? thanks in advance. =)

Greetz from Germany


If there are any Steam keys left i would be very grateful if you could send me one please. Many thanks Paddy.


Hey there, I pledged a good while back and would like to have a steam key for the beta if possible-- Want to test it out more but the launcher is slightly frustrating to keep updating


Hello, just purchased the game and am woundering if i may get a key for steam. I understand if not, and appreciate your time. Just happy to have the game and help out amazing Devs :smiley:


I bought the game some time ago with beta access and I’d like to have a steam code, too. Just if it’s possible :slight_smile:


How does it work? i can not figure out how I can link my game to Steam. (Where I also have no key for it, yet)


Hello, are you still allowed to give those steam keys for the beta? If so, is there a possibility of you giving me one for my copy?
Thank you in advance


May I get a steam key as well please?


As I can read in my Kingdom come Deliverance profile, we’ll have the steam key when the game is released. Then will have a steam key instead the beta access link.


would you please send me also a steam key? I’m a collectors edition backer.


I also need a key because it no longer shows ownership on steam ):