How to get the Steam Key?


Would be corious too if I can get a steam key because I have trouble with the launcher.


i signed up for this last year i had been using the download launcher. Is there any advantage to using the steam key yet…
I will admit using the launcher it always says my game is up to date I don’t think its ever updated to be honest. since my first download.


Greetings, I bought the game for 60e 1 month and half ago, I would like to have the steam key, can someone help me?


Hello, I have Collector’s Digital Edition and would like to have the steam key. It is possible?


Hey, Since I do most of my gaming thru steam it would be awesome to have a steam key :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:


Hi, i have beta over client, is there any chance to get steam beta key? I’m gaming mainly over Steam (actually have something about 533 games in my library) and I want to play Kingom Come over steam too :smiley:


Hi, i purchased the beta a long time ago, is there any chance to get a steam beta key please? many thanks


Here the same, I bought the game Beta but I just can download the Launcher, I bought it when it was in Kickstarter more than 1 year ago.


How Do i play the beta? :slight_smile:


You needed to purchase the game prior to Aug 17th just gone.
If you did, then go to ‘backer rewards’ in the top bar, login (mid page) and download the launcher from the link. (This will also be where backer steam keys will be delivered in due course).

If you missed the beta cutoff it is no longer available, and while you can pre-order through steam directly it no longer includes the march 2016 tech beta, only some quest dlc and the ‘treasure hunt’ armour dlc.


Hi, i have beta over client, is there any chance to get steam beta key?


Hi guys,

i see kingdom comes available on pre order steam and i would like to install it by kingdom comes website, so i go to my profil but i’am unable to download the launcher due to bitdefender detection. i cant finish the download, i try many times but it says it detect a trojan. i try down my fire wall and antivirus but i still not able to download the launcher. is there any way to activate it by steam to solve this ? because i look for a solution till 2 days but didn’t find any. i see a thread on that point to set bitdefender to “ask” but i’am not able to find the option it in internet security 2017, and i’am not so good at english.

tks for help :wink:


Hi there.
I bought the digital copy of the game. Is it possible for me to receive it as a steam key, please?


Hello I purchased the game on steam and would like to play the beta. How would I do that? Thanks again im super siked about this game I can provide my steam receipt


You had to pre-order before August 17th to get the Beta.


Hello, i just found about this great looking game. Would love to try the beta version, could i get a steam key?


too late :slight_smile: wait for full game (13th Feb. 2018)


:frowning: damnit, thats just so far away. There isn’t any way to get the beta key at this point?


I think there isn´t :confused:


I am a first day KickStarter backer. Could you send me a steam code please ?