How to get the Steam Key?


you must wait until 13th Feb 2018


Hello, I bought the digital copy a while back. Any chance I could get the Steam key? Thanks.


At the release
Feb 13th 2018

Beta access was cut off Aug 17th. If you backed before then go to your profile page and get the installer from there.


Yeah I got it before then, I know to get the KC:D installer from my profile. I was just under the impression that I could now get a Steam key as well so that KC:D shows up in my library.


Not yet, but you will get a key at release on the 13th of February 2018. Don´t worry, you will be able to have the game in your library. We will give out new Steam keys even for the people who are already able to play the Beta via Steam. The Beta will not update to the final game automatically.


Alright, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: February can’t come soon enough…


Thanks for sharing.


Please send Steam Key. Thx.


by Feb 13 2018 you will get one


I would also love to have a steam key, cant find a download link for the launcher on the website anymore.


Sign in in the middle of the page. Rewards available under your profile (use the store page credentials, if they differ from you forum ones). The Steam code given in time for the 2018/02/13 release will also appear there.


perfect, thanks


I wonder if those of us who backed the game 2 to 3 years ago will get anything for backing i never did check lol i saw the game and was oh god i want this and jumped on it.


are you still giving out steam keys drfusselpulli?


@Damitrial, sure, you will get the full game at release with the preorder bonuses, and you already should have beta access in your profile.


Hi, i bought the game on steam, but dont see lint for beta. how can i play on beta version ?


Hello, Beta was only for the supporters of our Crowdfunding Campaign, which stopped on the 17th of August. The Steam Preorder was available after this date, and doesn´t include early access.


What if my Steam account doesn’t match with the mail address I provided here ?
How will I be able to get the Steam key ?


You will get a steam code at - which you can redeem via the steam redemption page or via the steam client. (Login is at the centre of the page). Uses the ‘warhorse’ login details (same as store and front page, rather than the KC forum ones).


i backed it on kickstarter when will i get a steam key i played the beta and i re downloaded the launcher today and when i put my e-mail and pass word in to start the download from the launcher it says credintials not valid any help would be great thxs oh i was wondering if i could change my preferance from pc to ps4 can’t see the option on my profile page