How to get the Steam Key?


You will get the key for the release version at or around 2018-02-13, via the profile page.

You should be able to download the launcher still as far as I am aware. Are you using the ‘warhorse’ credentials, and not the forum ones?

@DrFusselpulli may be able to assist if you are still having trouble.

You missed the 26th November date for changing the platform, which was mentioned in the email sent out early in November. It might be possible to ask nicely and get a change, especially if you are digital only. I can’t say if this is possible though.


Hey guys,
I played an early alpha or beta version (as Baron backer), which I downloaded from the website. After quite a while I logged back into my account but there’s no download link to the last beta version anymore…was it taken out, now that the focus is on finalizing the release version?
However, I’ve got a Steam key in my profile, but so far I failed to find the Beta on Steam. Is there still a way to play the Beta right now?

Edit: May have solved my problem…found the game in my Steam library and I think it’s updating…Apologies for the unnecessary post.


So I got the steam key from my profile on this site. I added it on steam and I downloaded the beta client. however when I try to run the beta client from steam, it starts to load and i get an error stating “License not verified” & “Steam client is not running”…even though that is how I launched the game. So it is completely unplayable at the moment. Any suggestions?


Hello! Just wounder if I allsow can get a beta access on Steam. Is that possible? =)


Not possible. Some kickstarter backers got Steam keys and it was rare even then. You also missed the option to preorder with beta access via their own launcher.


It is on sale for $38 dollars right now preorder.


But I do have ??.. I am able to download beta but not on steam have no steam key. :frowning:


If you have the bought the game and have launcher access to the March 2016 tech beta then you will receive a steam key via the backers-rewards page in the upper right of this screen in February, don’t worry. It is a simple process to activate the code.


How the hell did I miss this. Just my luck to not check for a few weeks…


Hi there, I have read that there should be steam keys under backer rewards section of our profile page. I was wondering if in fact we should see a steam key now or will these be given out later on the 13th of February. At the moment I have no steam key and am a knight tear backer from ages ago. Thanks for your time


@DrFusselpulli Is going to help you. :wink:

P.S I hope.


Thats normal. You will find the Steam access in your profile quite soon. It is not there yet, as you already noticed :slight_smile:


Thanks!! All the best



I’d like to get a steam key too! Is that still possible?


hi all guys, i’am backer… and i have Digital Collector’s Edition (PC), but i have only beta and nothing for reward the key for steam.
can you help me guys?
see you later


Hi Dr.
I backed the game at the very start of the kickstarter campaign, may/13 I think. But It still does not show my steam key for the game on my profile. Would It be possible for you to send me one?


The key doesnt show for anyone yet
you have to login here and when they release the game the key will show up right under your Backer Tier


The key will show upon release? Does this mean we aren’t able to preorder like regular purchases can? That seems a bit odd to punish the backers in that way


Preload you mean? As I got it there will be a steam code at 00:00 CET on your profile,
Might be wrong…


where did you get this information? Would be really nice of course :smiley: