How to make KCD actually feel more realistic


He talks about his hunger so the player will notice if for some reason they havn’t yet…also if you’re Henry is saying “I’m hungry” enough to bother you you’re doing it wrong…there are pots EVERYWHERE and there is no penalty from eating from them…I never recall hearing my Henry say that my entire first playthrough minus the few times you get hungry due to the quest (i.e. the beginning escape and in the monastery etc)…Hunger really isnt hard to manage

  1. Weekly markets/festival in bigger places like rattay with new quests that are time sensitive to the market. I’m halfway through the game and things get a little boring in cities. Things are too predictable. Make the cities change and be engaging instead of just a walk-through place to complete quests.

  2. More animals. I know bears are on the list, so allow Henry to make a bear skin rug or mount antlers to put in his room.

  3. Ability to own a home. Allow rooms of your home to be rented nightly. Also allow things to be stolen from your home like suggested before.

  4. Make it harder to get rich. Henry shouldn’t be able to buy expensive items by hunting a few deer.

  5. Have the miller tell you that you either pay rent, run his errands or get your own place to live after a period of time in the game. Henry is a moocher.

  6. Make rivers, streams rise when it rains for a long period of time

  7. Remove the ability to eat from every kettle in the game. If I find a random fire in the middle of the woods with nobody around there shouldn’t be a full pot of food to eat.

  8. Haggling should be more in depth. Sometimes have a trader say, “Make me an offer” instead of having a set price. This would make it where you would have to know an items value. Also the trader could get irritated if you offered too low.

  9. Give the ability to mark an outfit as an outfit instead of individual pieces.


where’s this “festival” I’ve heard of that is supposed to liven up the crowd? Perhaps Sigusmands forces put a dampener on everyone’s mood…


That’s coming in 1.4 :wink:


About Alchemy, I think about some tweaks and ideas, from Alchemy improvements, post yours


That’s a sweet idea.

Also, you shouldn’t be able to transfer inventory unless you’re standing next to your horse, and the horse shouldn’t be able to carry such a ridiculous load. While I’m at it, the player definitely shouldn’t be able to carry such a ridiculous load either. And if you do carry a lot, you should require some sort of backpack that of course prevents you from having weapons and bows and arrows also strapped to your back. Maybe if you really want to collect tonnes of loot, you could have a huge sack that goes over your back that you need to carry with two hands.

This would help with the problem that the way to get rich quick is basically to go around killing bandits, looting their corpse and selling all their stuff. That’s only fun for a little while, and once you figure out that simply repeating that a few times = easy money & all the best stuff, the game loses its challange and interest.


Concerning the horse, we should not be able to call it from anywhere/any distance. Then eventually and icon on the map could mark it’s location.


There are several wooden carts in the game but never saw actually one being used.

Besides there are also the toilet but none never used them as well…

Sometimes I sit in the toilet and read a book :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats one of the jokes that the new Jumanji “welcome to the jungle” movie got wrong. (Kids transported into a videogame)…

How many video games in the history of gaming featured real working toilets?

Leisure Suit Larry (80’s) was for story progress (“ken sent me”),
Duke Nuken 3D was on a mission to do everything ‘against the grain’ and had nice toilets.

Generally toilets was where bad shit would happen (pun intended) Half Life/Resident Evil etc…


I agree with many of the things you wrote. Here’s where I diverge:

  • I don’t want to see kids in the game. Adult game, lets keep it that way.
  • I’ve hurt people and other horse riders plenty of times running into them with my horse.
  • I see blood. Is your comment that you want even more?
  • No carts. Would only get in the way and make travel more difficult.
  • Not a house, but an Inn that is larger and can be adorned/outfitted with stuff for display purposes. We need to be able to spend money as time goes on as money becomes meaningless.
  • No hiring protection. Game is finicky enough already and cpu strapped already.

  • I’d add that the horse should be searched in town just like the player is for a hardcore play mode.
  • If not that, then you can’t put stolen items to the horse nor your chest. That way you’re always afraid if you’re running around with stolen goods.


Well, I guess one little thing. When whistling for your horse, maybe not have the horse directly behind you every time! Having the horse actually Gallup over to Henry and maybe take a little bit of time would make it a bit more immersive.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that only to turn around and find the horse creepily staring at Henry.


Add a chance to get food poison from the pots. Make you use your own food. I haven’t used my own food in a long time.


If Henry commits too much crime he should be executed. There should be point that even if all his stats are in twenties, the guards should simply be able to knock him out and hang him. Crime system is strict, he goes to jail for stealing an apple but on the other hand he goes to jail the same for serial murdering people, which makes no sense.


Being a serial killer could also trigger the lost of confidence of sir Hanush and thus a game over :wink:


There are a lot of good ideas here.


Not sure if this was mentioned before, but i forgot to put in my post:

Eat from pot should be considering stealing, unless you paid for a room. There are free food in pots everywhere.


I use a mod that drastically increase digestion and exhaustion speed. Food pots are much less relevant when you are after food that actually provide energy instead of nourishment only :slight_smile:

Mod is « oh hungry Henry » from nexus.


Alternative death: “life is a God’s gift, not all combats should end with death”
I’d like to see alternative ends when henry is defeated in combat, well dependig on situation…
1-Bandits,Robbery: Knockout - they stole at least half of your money (this make sense of stocking your groshen in the stash…) and somethign random from your inventory (consumables, weapons, equipement)
2-Cumans: Prisoner - you awake in a cuman camp, tied, everything is stolen from you. You can take back a good part of your equipment in the camp or on the cumans body onece you freed yourself (something like lockpick minigame?)
3- Worst case: Permadeath - Yeah! in hardcore mode should be only one saved game, so ypu have to ponderate your choise very well, it should make things really risky


I wouldlike the addition of death by hanging as a consequnce if you get caught after commiting some serious crimes, like murder. It is nonsense to be jailed for 10 days for murder. This might be different once eveyone know who your real father is.


Great thread. Good to see it re-awakened. I just skimmed it, but lots of good ideas and I’d say I’m in full agreement with 90% of them.

Still, one thing has to be kept in mind: for a computer game (or any game really) realism is only good in moderation.

That said, I do think the bar could be shifted a lot more toward the “extreme” end of the spectrum and still be well within the “moderation” range. The game is too easy seems to be the general consensus, and more “realism” elements could go a long way toward improving on that experience.

ADDIT: some specifics which occur to me which may or may not have already been mentioned:

  1. Poaching is WAY too easy. Game needs a Game Warden system with patrols and severe punishment if caught.
  2. Alchemy/Herbalism, this is the single easiest way to (a) get rich; (b) train strength/vitalty; © buff your in-game capacities in general; (d) once you get Silver Tongue, min-max grind haggling to gain Speech. This combined with poaching means you don’t really need to do anything else to have fantastic gear and ample funds as well as buffing some of the most important stats (bow use buffs, STR, AGI, VIT, BOW, WARFARE). I don’t have a simple solution for this, but it is a pretty glaring “realism breaker.” The only possibilities I can think of which seem promising: I. Herbs are property so you best pick them out in the countryside? (not an ideal idea); II. Up ingredient costs by 10x or 20x?? III. Lower the resale value of potions substantiall? IV. Maybe “hide” the recipes away behind some quest pre-requisites which would force the player to get out there and take some risks?