How to make KCD actually feel more realistic


Out of interest, I googled it (movement in full knights armour). These guys are definitely not doing acrobatics, but it appears surprisingly mobile. Definitely more than I would have guessed.

(and I still think your agility and stamina should be hugely nerfed if you wear it!).


Some very good ideas in this thread! I would like to repeat a few and add some of my own:

  • Not eveyone’s name should be known to Henry. I should see ?? Over the head of a person rather than a name if you are new to a town and have no way of knowing who they are. You would need to talk to them, or have someone point them out to you, before their name would appear permanently. This could open interesting possibilities as someone could well tell you a wrong name…
  • No matter what my stamina, I should not be able to carry 4 swords, 5 bows, 3 axes, 2 shields, etc, in addition to my regular equipment (not to mention, hide this stuff in plain sight). Being overburdened still allows you to move at a slow pace, whereas it should not be possible to move at all. Transferring the loot to a horse (again, within reasonable limits) should be fine, but again, it should be visible (depending on size and bulk) and realistic. You can’t possibly be carrying 5 bows, 3 swords, a complite suite of armour, and 3 halberds in a saddlebag!
    -Respect should grow slowly and realistically. You can’t be addressed as Sir Knight by the guard captain who was treating you like a lowly, worthless peasant just because you happened to steal a nice armour and wiped out a couple of bandit camps!
  • Hitting an unarmoured person should produce appropriate amount of blood, if not break/sever limbs outright.
  • weapons and armour should break/fall apart physically. That bandit leader should not be able to continue to fight and defend using a sword that has hit 0 durability: the blade should have broken off, forcing him to pull out his sidearm or run.


My list for now is something like this. (I still refined it)
• Being able to ‘‘store’’ a polearm on a horse. And/Or give it to an entrance guard to be able to retrieve it afterward. To be able to store polearms in your house (chest?).
• Bring the drawn arrow closer to the eyes to see along the shaft, to be able to shoot without cursor.
• Have a size limit on the things you carry, like a bulk attribute. You cannot physically transport a dozen armours, 200 arrows, 100k groshens… on you.
• The more weight you have, you will start to lose stamina faster and faster even when just jogging.
• You cannot manage the horse inventory unless you’re beside it.
• Not being able to call your horse from anywhere in the game. (Need to make sure that he always stay at the last place)
• Arrows on plate should do nothing or rarely minor injuries.
• Have a fixed body size, and armours and clothing must match your size, if not, you either cannot wear it, or it should give you malus, (restrict your agility, hurt you more when hit…). When buying at the artisan (blacksmith, tailors), things he sells always are your sizes. Maybe too be able to adjust a piece of armour/cloth.
• Important NPC should always be possible to knock them off. And after knock them several times, they should flee you by fear.
• Being able to thrust with any melee weapons even if not locked to someone.
• Being able to clean weapon with clothing or bandages.
• Armours and clothing will get dirty more slowly if you just walk. The upper parts will get dirt only if you roll on the ground.
• NPC should repair their clothing.
• Being able to adjust speed of walk. Gradually walk from crawling speed to jog speed with the mouse wheel. (PC thing…)
• Being able to knock at a door and someone come to answer if the area is restricted.
• Being able to call at someone that you look at, and he should stop walking and wait for you. (Assuming that he is friendly)

Fifteen hours into Hardcore and I'm ready to get my map markers on the compass back

I’d love to just be able to knock on a door. My quest guy is right behind it, and it’s locked! I don’t want to rob the guy, I just want to talk!


I don’t think it should be nerfed a huge amount, but I do think it should get some kind of nerf, and I think people in plate armor can do acrobatics, I did a quick youtube search and I have watched a video from Shadiversity, they could do acrobatics I believe, but I don’t remeber if I’m correct on it so I could be wrong about it.


What is funny is when my horse is overweighed by the load. Ok, so I put stuff instead of horse saddlebags to my inventory, then I (and all my stuff) jump on horse’s back and ride happily away :wink: This needs some rethinking… I could use the horse just as cargo transporter (without me) or as usual but with weight limited to me+weight of my inventory.


Hello, armorer here. You’re not wrong. Well-fit armor should not slow you down or hamper your ability to run, jump, or fight…as long as you have built up the stamina necessary to do these things. Yes, armor is heavy, but the weight is distributed evenly across your body, so it does not weigh on you like an equal weight in a backpack.

Someone who is not wearing armor will be more nimble, of course, just because they don’t have to fight the additional inertia of the armor. But you are by no means clumsy or clomping. That’s Hollywood nonsense.

There are historical records of knights training in all kinds of ways to get used to moving in their armor. One knight in particular was well-known for putting a ladder against a wall, hanging underneath it, then climbing up the underside of the ladder using only his arms.


You know, we are talking about Middle Ages, where people was dirty, with bad higyenic habits. We could see uhh… like Cyrticercosis (parasite-like disease, cysticercosis, which some doctors and historians attribute to the delusions and visions of Joan of Arc) causin mental illness on people, making them crazy.


Comfort levels and heavy loads(not just Overburdened) giving you grief.
Like, you can’t expect to get a decent nights sleep in a full suit of plate(reduces bed comfort) and tromping and stomping around with 100lbs. of gear on AND 100lbs. of misc. stuff on your person should tire you out quicker(more loss of Nourishment/Energy with the effects really noticeable when you’re closer to maximum weight).

Also I second the whole “people shouldn’t know something is stolen right off the bat” but it should depend on the item. Nondescript stuff like food, or pelts shouldn’t really be identifiable as stolen unless someone spotted you stealing them. Now stuff like swords and armor, yeah because those would have a makers mark on them for identification purposes.


Very interesting thread with great ideas, I hope the developers and community managers take a look on good feedback like this.

Some feature requests, linked from two comments I posted, related to spawns and NPC AI behaviour, on a persistent RPG world.
… from “list mods that you want made” … post #272
and from “About spawns, random encounters, events and locations” thread

All feature requests could be implemented directly by WarhorseStudios or by modders with proper documentation and tools, that is why I posted some ideas on Modding subforum.


For sneak mechanics:

  • If you have spare armor or weapons in inventory, like after stealing 30 suits from a shop, the visibility/conspic/noise gets added to Henry’s stats. Minimized somewhat by stealth, but a couple breastplates and a handful of swords generally means you’ll be clanking around with a giant swollen pack.
  • Horse inventory shouldn’t be available from interior “private” or “trespassing” areas. Preferably only outside structures, and within a certain range of the horse.
  • NPC’s should only miss valuables from containers once they check the container that it’s in.
  • For pickpocketed items, they should notice they’re missing after a randomized window within a couple hours (if awake).
  • NPC’s should go to the local bailiff or nearest guard if no bailiff is available, and report a crime.
  • Guards should keep tabs on who was around (who they saw) during the suspect period, and question those people - not just immediately jump to searching Henry. Should keep track of only top 5 or 6 most conspicuous people.
  • Overall suspicion level should increase if Henry is caught too often, or present at too many crime scenes.
  • High levels of suspicion may lead to guards ending up at the mill or whatever inn you are staying at for a search.
  • High levels of suspicion may open more quests from seedier folk.
  • As others have said, food items and other generic items shouldn’t immediately be flagged as “stolen”. No guard is going to know the fine details of who purchased what cabbage that day, and that it was magically taken from their house.


Small but eqsy one to implement…

Auto remove the HUD when it isnt needed. (And menu toggles for crosshair/compass)…

The game can be a photorealistic walking simulator. Shame the vivid red and bright yellow interface ‘get in the way’


I think the one thing that could truly improve the immersive feel is a FREE-LOOK CAMERA mode. Maybe on Toggle Alt key. it absolutely drives me crazy to not be able to look left or right while maintaining direction of movement. In real life i don’t turn my whole body and have to walk side ways if i want to glance to my left or right, so to me, if there’s anything that would improve the feel, i would start with the ability to look around and enjoy the beautiful world WH has created.
-TY WH! Absolutely love KCD!


but you can! on horse back…


The free-look idea is a good one. You should be able to follow a path like a horse by just holding a button or direction and look around as you’re moving forwards. I’ve seen it implemented in other games, it works well.

As for the plate armour stuff, I think it needs to be changed quite a bit. It should be really noisey, and you should move more slowly and get tired more quickly. I was the one that posted the YouTube video above of the guys doing some pretty impressive stuff in plate armour, but it wasn’t that impressive. I mean, it was impressive that they could stand up and jump a little in the air. And that was without the chainmail underneath it (which weighs a tonne). A fully kitted out heavy armour (plate, chainmail, etc.) should be par tougher and offer far more protection but at the cost of more restricted movement and stamina.

Also, the armour shouldn’t get worn out so quickly! I was watching a documentary on medieval weapons and armour on YouTube, and they said they found one suite of chainmail that had been worn in battle for 700 years! (albiet with some repairs).


I would say more bickering/debating among nobles and having them put their own interests first before others. More rivalry too.


Lots of great ideas above! One that I would love to see is the ability to dismount and lead your horse around by the bridle. That way you can talk to people and have your horse right there with you. You wouldn’t leave your horse in a non-secure environment for very long without it being stolen.


This game needs a mod in which if you die, you can never play the game again. Ultra-realism.


For your consideration:

  • Money is too easy to get and the most expensive items are not expensive enough. If you clean a bandit camp and sell the loot, you get enough money to buy the best sword or a nice horse. The best stuff should be ridiculously expensive (i mean something like 20k), making us actually work to deserve it.

  • Merchants harder to deal with. Discussing prices only works in our favour. It should be more unpredictable.

  • After a few hours, the game turns too easy. It would be great to have more dangers outside cities, especially at night. More bandits, wild animals, etc…

  • The ability to interact with more objects in the world.

  • Why can’t we get robbed? It would be cool to have to lock the door of the places where we sleep, or even own our room or home. A bad lock (or no lock at all) should increase the probability of being robbed and lose some stuff.

Great thread, TC.