Is there patchnout 1.9 for the PC version?

There were rumors that there would be an improvement in the schedule, maybe there is some information? Can return the graphics that was in the beta version, just there is a very beautiful forest.

Unfortunately, this will not be possible, sorry. The Forest change from Beta to release version isn´t a graphics setting.

There was hope, thanks.

I hope it will be possible later on with modding tools, but I assume you will need to have a very high end computer to play KCD with the forest which we had in the beta.

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It would be very good, I really hope that it will be possible to do this with tools for modding. I have a powerful PC. Thanks again.

But I can´t promise yet, this isn´t sure for now to what extend it will be possible. But there is a chance that this will be possible.

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Keep in mind that playable map in beta was smaller and so the area around player did not load as much stuff, despite seeing more behind the border, where there was no life yet at the time. I doubt they’re planning to make linear game with loading screens between areas.

What exactly was the difference? I played the beta so little that I can’t remember its forest, but everyone is talking about it…

Thanks, but I’ve seen these videos. And I honestly cannot spot the difference without someone pointing it out for me. I can see colours different a little bit, volumetric fog (but I can activate it manually) and… that’s it… But people imply the difference is cardinal, which I cannot see. Perhaps, you could draw my attention to important details?

Ok. Did you read this too?

Well, this description has better attention to detail, thanks. Honestly, I am almost pleased with the forests in the game except for one thing. I’d adjust the vegetation colours towards the beta’s. They are more realistic and the current ones are kinda cartoonish. But I’m not good at modding, unfortunately.

We added global illumination, which makes the shadows more realistic. But we had to reduce the amount of foliage, there are less plants on the ground level, which gives the forest a less dense look, but the performance in the finished game with all these plants wasn´t good enough for gameplay even on PC.


It seems to me that the trees models were also replaced, in the beta version the forest was photorealistic and more alive and real, when I first played the beta, I was delighted and dreamed that the whole map would be so beautiful. The forest and vegetation of the beta created a real more dense atmosphere, as if walking in a real forest. If it could be returned, the game would be perfect for me. I apologize for the errors, this is a Google translation.

Thanks, Christian, I see. The video linked by TechMPro is much better than others to see the difference. My last question is: is it possible to adjust the colours of foliage?

I don´t think so. The main difference comes from the change in the lighting and shadows, the global illumination.

Can Warhorse at least finally add volumetric fog from the beta? This feature is already implemented in the code and can be activated by modding the config file. But a real in game option would be great and maybe they can do some tweaks to the volumetric fog. And maybe more clouds. The sky is too often too blue if you ask me, even when it’s raining.

And finally HUD removal/config.

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I would very much like a Xbox version

No you didn’t, global illumination was already in alpha:

Please stop misinforming :slightly_frowning_face:

Because of the consoles, the PC version was degraded.

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