Livesteam, Thursday 12th of July 2018, 5pm CEST


could we get all the building like both selection, a tailor, and a cobbler and a laundry?
will the armorer or guard house get a grindstone?Will there be more for the bailiff to do than be a bank like beef up the guard to go on bandit camp raids?
will the under wear bug be addressed? the random loss of clothes on NPC through out the game caused by the DLC?
could we equip our guards with good gear?
get more named Skalitz refugees to the village?
Could Henry get an office with a cot ,desk and move his stuff chest to it?


Are further expansions planned for Priv? A home for Henry?
Will we get to build a palisade wall to defend the town?
Will we have to defend the town from bandits? Will we need to escort a supply cart to defend a shipment of supplies? Random, repeating tasks, in other words, that give additional use in acting as Bailiff.
Are more unique items going to be available? New armor, weapons, clothing?


How do you feel that a lot of the community feels like you’ve let them down and mislead them with the DLC? Please note this isn’t a dig it’s a real question.

I asked when the roadmap was released if you was planning a season pass. The answer was no as you wanted to try something new. Tobi even brought my question up on the E3 live stream. Can I ask what is it your trying to do because from all I see it’s a EA aprroch where your giving very little detail not delivering on what was promised from this DLC and charging 2 much for it
Also are you going to learn from past mistakes and start communicatining things more

I would like to say I love the game and I’ll defend it to anyone but you have to admit the DLC missed the mark. Do you think you’ve misjudged what it is that your community wanted?


Free speach here. If you have a question you’re welcome.


with everybody else chipping in it would be a marathon 12hr stream!


Will you add content to the dlc that lets you make your own house, with interior decorations(trophy, bear head.etc.), or your own castle?


The DLC has everything they mentioned in their promotions and meetings with the media —and some more. What was misleading?


There are no less than four in-game hints of future expansions. What would those look like? More buildings or added farmland for aesthetics? Etc.

Any plans for Rovna? I was so happy to see Talmberg brought by back from ruins (no bugs for me)


Homebase for 1 30 hours of extra game play I could go on


I want a house
Not a crazy house or a castle but a decent house, with a farm where I can grow cabbage, carrots etc…I want a liveable town, not a place to run through for no reason.


And so it shall be…

Can WH please add the following enhancements to ashes or band of bastards?

Combat enhancements:
(1) ability to create a kit type (eg archer type equipped with user designated armor a, b, c and user designated weapons x and y) (via bailiff ledger) ^
(2) ability to assign kit type to NPC (via bailiff ledger) ^^
(3) ability to assign combat attitude (offensive, defensive, balanced) to NPC (via bailiff ledger)
(4) ability to assign NPCs with (2) and (3) to a ‘on duty’ squad (10 NPCs) (via bailiff ledger)^^^
(5) ability to battle against enemy squads with squad created by (4)
(6) ability to activate defensive (defend hamlet) and offensive (attack enemy camp or group of enemies walking around area) versions of (5) by talking with Pribyslavitz capt of guard

Homestead enhancements:
[A] ability to assign an object to a slot (eg golden goblet to table location or Magdeburg longsword to rack location)
[B] ability to commission goods (eg pick alternate color scheme from a list for shield, gambeson, etc or pick different hilt from a list for swords, mace, etc)
[C] ability to engage in multi-person (Henry + 2-3 NPCs) mini-game (eg drinking game)
[D] ability to recruit an NPC in capacity of servant to enable bathing (draw bath… nothing vulgar as Mirka says), mending clothes (limit repair ability relative to tailor if you must), repairing shoes (limit repair ability relative to cobbler if you must) (if bathhouse, tailor and cobbler not added to Pribyslavitz)
[E] ability to click on holy water font and sign the cross and click on altar to say the Lord’s Prayer (which includes kingdom come)

^ - in setting up customized kit, the choices available within each slot depend on having gear present in chest. if need be, limit shields and waffenrock to Talmberg varieties.
^^ - if all components of kit not present, kit choice listed but not selectable. if no custom kits are enabled and selected, default (game generated) kit used
^^^ - have them loiter or whatever within Pribyslavitz. Make them non-targetable (Henry can’t pickpocket, knock out, loot, stealth kill or attack them; same restriction in dealing with Nightengale, etc)

Worst review of FTA

Please let us build a bathhouse, that together with a tailor is a necessity if Pribyslavitz is going to feel like a home of any kind.


So my questions are 1) when will there be game mechanic to clean blood from weapons with a cloth since grinding it off seems dumb, i.e. consume a bandage from players inventory to clean blood off. 2) archery and unarmed skill tree would be a great addition since they are use so much through out the game as well as a mounted combat tree too since you do end up spending an awful amount of time on Pebbles or your stead of choice. 3) this more of a pet peave but do you think you guys could do something about the clothes clipping or is a that limitation because of the engine or something that can be fixed.


The clothes did cot clipp as bad in 1.5 as they do now on 1.6
At least on console, I am playing on the PS4-pro


Hey guys, love your game. A bit of a nerdy question, but would you guys consider the inclusion of a photo-mode?


So the stream starts in 5 hours german time right ?



Thanks for the stream :slight_smile:

Related to the DLC:

  • Are you planning to do an expansion of the DLC as the NPC are talking about, to let us extend the village further in the forest?
  • Why you didn’t choose to rebuild the village of Henry? Skalitz can’t be rebuilt?
  • Knowing the end, from a story point of view, don’t you think it’s weird that Henry is becoming the Baliff of Pribyslavitz on Sir Davish territory?


  • At the end of the game, side quests are becoming unavailable. I know I had a warning about that but I have still markers on my map and NPCs ready to go in the world. It’s something you’re planning to fix at some point?


-I want a house
Not a crazy house or a castle but a decent house with proper sleeping arrangements (at least an actual bed with a chest at the footboard), maybe an actual wardrobe looking container for clothing, a farm where I can grow cabbage, carrots…maybe next to the cooking pot you could create a storage cabinet in the space below the stove? Or next to it, for immersion you could keep your ingredients by the cooking pot.

-People playing dice in my tavern along with some bardic action or a town drunk who likes to fight like the guy in Sasau Inn or something to make it more immersive.

  • Maybe church on sundays

  • maybe some missions where you need to make decisions between say a Skalitz refugee stealing from or begging around a hired merchant…do you side with the refugee and gain popularity with your population and potentially lose your merchant and need to recruit a new one or do you side with the merchant, potentially lose villager(s)(then making lessening income or increase production time and lose popularity among your village?

-It would be cool if possible to have bandit raids on the roads near your town, after all it was recently settled by bandits so it’s not like you’re a well established village yet…so make a random encounter where you are baited by a tied up villager or you see bandits attacking a villager. Bonus reputation for success, lose rep for ignoring…on top of this make rep meaningful. Maybe with low rep people will leave (if not already a thing) and with high rep they produce more gold or something(or just overall production rates are based on reputation), or you are able to hold town feasts in the church or something.

-Poachers in Pribyslavitz Woods…just like it sounds, add poachers and let me make a deal with them for more food for my community(maybe another “live stock” option) or choose to do something about it…and as for that, if I cant, let me get a Master Huntsman and on top of that let it be a choice related to Hare Hunt/Wolf in Sheeps Clothing mission to pick Hanekin or Nicholas

I’ll think of more, edit and repost I’m sure


People, could you post stream link in this thread then stream starts? I can’t open twith attachment. Please advise.


It starts in about 15 minutes.