Livesteam, Thursday 12th of July 2018, 5pm CEST


Hear hear, peoples of the Forum and beyond,

This Thursday, 12th of July we will be live streaming our brand new DLC "From the Ashes"
Tobi “The Saint” Stolz-Zwilling
Prokop “The kind one” Jirsa

During this live stream we will be answering your questions.
So if there is something you want to know about the DLC or anything really, feel free to ask here in this thread.
We will be also answering questions from the twitch chat so don’t be sad if you are reading this post late.

I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined
Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


Will DLC receive any further content updates, like new quests, buildings, adjustments apart from possible bugfixes or should we consider it as it is, final product?


Do you think y’all will ever add jousting to the game? I want it sooooo bad


How will this DLC relate to the other upcoming DLC´s? Will DLC´s sort of work together? The new tournament dlc for example, will there be a tournament in rebuild Pryvislavitz?


Firstly, thank you for engaging us in a livestream. The gesture is much appreciated.

Secondly, WH has 3 play content DLCs planned: the tournament, woman’s lot and band of bastards. With each of those DLCs, can WH do a livestream to share some high level DLC ideas (before the DLC is too late in development) and then listen to ideas/expectations of users? Doing so might help better calibrate player expectations.

Thirdly, a lot of thought and effort was put into ashes. It’s very nice but not yet sublime. As bailiff for a new hamlet stuck in the middle of a forest infested with banditry, having more engagement content with our hamlet folks and more conflict content with the surrounding enemies would be much appreciated and i’d argue it’d make ashes truly sublime. Are WH willing to invest more in developing ashes beyond squashing Pribyslavitz bugs?

Fourthly, have WH reached an agreement with CryTek to launch modding tools, and if so, what’s left to do before their launch?

—Can you share the inspiration behind the Locator?
—How did you decide the limits of Pribyslavitz development?
Why not put the ledger on the bailiff’s own desk?
—Haven’t found a capt of the guard. Is there one yet to be found or was a decision made not to add one to the guardhouse? (would’ve expected the discussion about lost grain and how many woodcutters and laborers to recruit to come from him à la Ruin)
—What was the rational behind not enabling bathing and repairing clothing/shoes via buildings or a servant?
—Why weren’t all named Skalitz refugees allowed to move or at least be given a dialog option for Henry to ask?


If I am correct It already happened as that is 6 hours ahead of Me. await the recording posting


No. Stream will start in ~25hours from now.


Any plans to add some content or polish content within From the Ashes?

In the topics were discussed few things people do miss in Pribyslatz:

  • a possibility to repair boots, cloth parts of armory
  • grindstone at armory (or maybe making it a standalone upgrade for both types of forge?)
  • If not full bathouse an opportunity to take bath and launder garments?

At this point also it seems unconfirmed who can be recruited to Guardhouse. Someone for position of Huntsmaster?
Maybe a feature which indicate free job at Pribyslavitz would help.

Also, it seems FtA has been targeted by some criticism bit unfairly - such as few reviewers missed that there are new items and equipment. Of course its not a ton of new content , yet it seems that some new content has been missed…

But to some more relevant criticism - NPCs which can be recruited to Pribyslavits may give dialogue response in a form “i have work to do” however its not indicated which quest has to be completed to change their mind, also they give information about quest which might be unknown to the player (like Kornelius comments on the Aquarius quest, before he should be aware there is a vacant job at Rattaj)


got my day mixed. oooppss! 06:00 here. guess I’ll still miss it WAY to early for me.

So the hopefully made recording for me.


what time are they doing it? The attachment is blocked because I’m at work. Thank you


12 July 12:00 CEST for EST USA 06:00


Will it be possible to change the graphics (return the forest and vegetation) when the modding tools come out? I really liked the forest in beta. Thanks.


dang, that means 5am for me…looks like I’ll be catching the recorded version as well :expressionless:


It is 11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 10 AM Central Standard Time, 9 AM for Mountain Standard Time and 8 AM for Pacific Standard Time in North America. Just so people know.


time conversion a sites says -6 hours for EST so is why I said 06:00.
So I resd the wrong time? 17:00 CEST?


5 PM minus 6 hours = 11 AM.


still if not live here on the forum I won’t see it live. I don’t use all that social media stuff.


Ladies and Gentlemen . Questions about “form the Ashes” please :wink:


don’t like the ones i asked or do you want me to ask more ashes specific questions? i have plenty of ashes specific questions i’d like to ask but i dont want to overload The Saint and The Kind One