Mordhau, a new interesting multiplayer medieval game



Hello everyone, I have found a game you might be interested in as well and its on kickstarter. Its essentially a better, more advanced version of chivalry. They want to go for more realism, but not make it realistic like KCD.
Anywho, just want to make it aware to people. Please spread the word, even if you aren’t going to back it on kickstarter.
Set for release in 2018, using Unreal 4 engine.






Ouch 29 days left in the KS campaign and they have just under 40k left to meet thier goal.


Well that was about 2 years ago


I tried to find starting date, couldnt find anything except trailer put on youtube today and it ends on april 7. If its been one day $56,000 isnt too bad.


It is the same game though.

Yeah just noticed its up about 10k since my post, at that rate they will meet their goal. I am curious when they started their campaign.


I know its the same game, I was just raising awareness to new people on the forum, or to people who havent seen it yet c:


no realism, no care


Was looking for this game since last year.
Now I am thinking about backing 60$ dollars for Alpha and Beta.

They have 68k now.


They will meet their goal and im pretty sure they will have their core playerbase as well as occasional players. However i dont like it as it looks like a game in half way from KCD to For Honor and somewhere on the way it turned a bit toward Mount and Blade.
From what I quickly saw i cant say there will be much realism in swordfighting (chopping off someones head while cutting a dwarf? Really? Its either too slow blow or too weak.)


This game definitely isn´t aiming for realism. They never even tried to be realistic. You can slice through plate like nothing, and collisions are NOT physical based (as you can see in KS trailer, when you swing your sword, it doesnt collide with enemies BEHIND you like it does in chivalry for example). Its done on purpose, so they can avoid ridiculous bullshit like rear overhead swing in Chivalry.

All that said, it looks like good fun, fighting is nice, fast, fluid, it DOES require lot of same things like real fighting, e.g. timing, distance management, parry-counter attacks etc… So yeah, I have grown to hate Chivalry, and this game looks very similar to it, without those annoying fucked up turnaround swings and such…

Definitely not even in the same genre as KCD though.


I dont say its aim is for realism, i just said i dont like it for not being realistic and being a crossover of several other games :slight_smile: and as above, im still pretty sure they will have their wide playerbase.
But who knows. Maybe it will somehiw drag my attention in futurem. At first i thought that KCD wont ever make it to the market because its too sophisticated. This still has chance to be part of my steam library :slight_smile:


I got the same kind of excitement from Mordhau as I did with KCD so many years ago. Ended up backing Mordhau as well. I like both of these games for different reasons. KCD is sophisticated and it appears to be an extremely expansive world and incredibly engaging. I liked Mordhau because of how fast-paced it looks and the fact that you can take the pommel off of your sword and throw it at someone. I mean, c’mon.


It certainly looks fun.

Its one Ive watched here and there, Ill look into after releases.

Im just glad to see the market getting more saturated with this genre, even the psuedo historical abortions.



10 chars. So i amswer to stubbins flying pommel. Folks i know developed better technique on same principle. Throwing boot. Dunno what to do? Just kick strongky your boot to opponnents face. 100% effective, works against superior opponnent.


All joking aside about the pommel throwing, there is some merit to it if you think about it. Let me paint a scenario, you’re in a full suit of armor fighting a foe who is very lightly armored. They aren’t equipped to really do any damage to you and your suit, so they decide their best bet is to just run away. You really want to stab them, but you won’t be able to keep up. As a counter balance, a pommel is a hefty piece of metal. It may be only a slight chance and difficult to get a head shot, but it may bring your foe down long enough to stab them in the back. The end.


“Throwing the pommel” is a misunderstanding by an illustrator. It is almost certain a ‘casting’ of the pommel to strike with the hilt from a half-swording posture, rather than a time consuming and self-defeating disassembly of the weapon.

Disposables were thrown in combat - hats, sheath for the sword if it is held in the hand prior to fighting starting, but I cannot see any advantage to making your weapon ineffective in order to ineffectively throw a part of it a few yards, especially since the context was armoured combat with longsword.

OTOH, striking with the weighted end of the weapon is the more effective way of using a sword against harness at wide measure, and remains effective close in too, although then working a shortened point (with half-swording shortening and stiffening the unsupported portion) is also workable.

Cuts are not meaningfully useful against harness.

Ending him rightly

Sorry Stubbins, I pretty much agree with Lieste. I dont see a reason why to throw pommel and I believe its a misconception in translation. First of all you have to unscrew the pommel. That take ages and as Lieste said, why would I disassemble my weapon? What you describe, isnt better to just use dagger or whatever just comes hamdy?

Edit: Btw using pommel to hit someone is a valid technique when going really close. I cant describe well because I dont know HEMA terminology in English. But I guess you will be familiar with such few techniques.


Who says I’m totally serious here? The idea behind it is entertaining and outrageous.With that being said, I’d rather take this back to the game itself. Its combat isn’t realistic, especially compared to KCD. I think it looks fun, though. I kind of considered For Honor, but something about it just rubbed me the wrong way, the 64 player battles definitely caught my attention though. The idea behind Mordhau is sound and I think it does deserve a serious look.


It would take less time to charge someone even in full plate then it would be to unscrew the threading on a pommel.