My honest opinion on "From the Ashes" DLC

I hope so…

I can say by myself that i’m not shouting for this unrealistic wish. I just wanted more content from a DLC that they said it have 30 hours plus of gameplay and in reality is nothing like that.

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Well, I got like 60 hours from it. Just because I started a new game and DLC forced me to make much more money than I did before. So a did a lot of poaching and exploration and bandit-killing. Also thanks to DLC I discovered some new quests around Talmberk (nearest settlement near Prybislavitz), that I missed totally in my first gameplay. So the promise certainly worked for me.

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Well, i have more them 400 hours on this game in my shoulders. Maybe is because of that i was so disappointed about this DLC.

Then next DLCs will probably be more for you, there will be some more quests. I am especially looking forward to tournaments, because I like combat system a lot, and there is never enough enemies.

I got, if counting chasing down supplies, and not counting about hour+ finding which mods the DLC screwed about 1.3 hours to the DLC and when done had no reason to go back as the towns had ALL I NEED AND THE DLC DID NOT. the DLC was out of the way with no easy route ( read good road) to rapidly get to. Nothing to do after finishing it relating it to the game. Nothing extra relating to the health of the village ( after recruiting and “judging”).
This is because I refused to drop a game 1/2 way done with tens of hours spent on it and 1.1 million groshen just to “do it with a new game” when it was released when it can be played in a current game if you did the battle already.

And BTW no skalitz people like Teresa, Antonia , bern & wife, Vincent , Stephen, beggar jane and other refuges could be invited. Instead you get NPC’s from who knows where that you can’t/don’t talk or interact with you.
No office, no house or even a room to the Player.
Left over artifacts from the battle , lots of building supplies and logs laying about giving an unfinished feel.


Oh man… Don’t even mention Theresa… To be not able to go further in the relationship with her teared me apart. For me is the most disappointing thing in all of the game.

I saved her from the Cummans, them i go visit her 3 times in her “quest”, we gain a “fuck in the barn”, a new buff and Theresa become a zombie like the other women NPCs of the game… Man, my balls dropped in the floor after this outcome and i ask to myself: “Is that all of the romance???”.

Why they don’t developed this further? I want Henry to marry her, have a child, a family… (BTW there is no children in the entire game, people is born as adults in medieval Bohemia)


Whole story takes about … like 2 months? You want to meet a girsl, marry her and have children in 2 months?
Children were one of the big questions during development. Problem was with some laws (killable children in game are problem for someone).

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why not just marry/live together and the rest in a future game/DLC? Have her run the operations of the Rathaus as job. Like at the mill.


Yeah, I too would like more of Theresa. And it sure would be great to recruit her to Pribyslavitz. But marriage … it is too early for it, I would say.

I mean that in the future… Do not take seriously what I said about marriage between the two and children. This is impossible, the story of the game is short to have that. Please, do not insult my intelligence.

I said in order to at least let the foundation of the relationship lead to this in the future, in another game perhaps continuing the story of Henry.

Skyrim did it in 2011. Daniel Vavra gives the middle finger to the SJWs and those stupid people who creates problems in everything.

That is more or less what i meant to say.

I don’t know what to expect of this planned DLC about Theresa. You play as her? The main quest is wake up after sleep with eyes open, them make the beans in the pot. After that sweep the dirt floor at the door of the house and then sit on the bench facing the river and staring at nothing for hours?

This is the whole DLC story about Theresa and the life of a woman in the middle ages … Run and buy for 10 bucks this exciting DLC …

i could tell you i explicitly prepped my HC playthrough for ashes and i have +100 hrs of Pribyslavitz related gameplay. it’s not a matter of hours; it’s a matter of quality. the explicit design intent was home. ashes fails in that regard (no bathing, no laundering, no mending clothes, etc). ashes was also explicitly designed (by a grad economist) to be a financial mgmt system. to be kind, that system is short sighted. the intent was great. the foundation is good. but, the quality in delivery is lacking. the tragedy of inaction is that ashes could be sublime if some of the ashes feedback were developed


FO4 too. Even PS4 mods have kids :roll_eyes:

Nightengale, Bernard, etc are non-targetable. So the kiddie killing issue isn’t one to me

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Exactly and well put.

WH totally failed in this attempt. It is impossible to use Pribitzlavitz as a real home and base of operations. I have tried very hard to swallow this design and use the village as a home and home base, but for me it is a complete failure. As I once said, I prefer sleeping with the pigs in Rattay where I have all the services available.

And if you think about it a little, you can see an unbalanced economy where all services are concentrated in Rattay and Sasau. That is, in the extreme south of the province. Talmberg, “U-shits”, Samopesh and the other towns and cities have almost no crap at all.

And fail again in this attempt, since after you spend, we can say 100K from Groschen to rebuild the village, in the end you get a chest where only money comes in and you have nowhere to spend. In the end you end up getting more money than at the beginning to rebuild the village and no reason to spend that money.

I say this because the DLC developers themselves said they wanted to “give players the opportunity to spend the money left over from the hills by playing the campaign normally.”

It’s exactly as I see it. A lot of potential in this DLC but almost nothing taken advantage of. They preferred to keep themselves in a sort of “comedy” when you judge certain cases like the first where the guy has nowhere to shit … It’s funny, okay I understand, but they (the developers) should have given more attention and thought to one little more on the kind of shit they were doing on this DLC. For me this also smells like a hurried project to raise some money with the intention of continuing to fund the development of the game and the countless patches that this game needs.

As I also said once, in 2025 KC: D will be a great game … It will take all this time in my opinion to put this game 100% ready and free of bugs.

BTW, i loved the survey you did @frelmedieval, really was a great contribution and i voted and see that my opinions is in the majority.


For me this DLC is very entertaining and definitely a quick money grabbing for warhorse to continue their project on KCD . There is one mistake that KCD make is that, with highest skill of lockpicking you can steal ARMOURSMITH AND TAILOR personal chest containing 1k-2,5k of groschen and it could be repeteadly done after 24hours of game time. So when from the ashes need whole lots of groschen to build, then this minor bug is the only thing that could safe henry’s ledger better than selling stuff and hunting and selling loots.

I DO WAIT FOR any new DLC of kcd like maybe League of Lords where we compete online or maybe pvp attacking someone’s online player village kind of.


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A very warm place will freeze solid first. :unamused:


If this becomes a multiplayer game, I am out so fast.

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Good to know about From the Ashes. I purchased the core game very apprehensively due to the buggy nature, but hoped that all the patches would have at least kept it playable, and it is - but when I started looking at DLCs I stumbled on this thread and I must say I’m glad I did. I get that they need money for development, but they should be upfront about it if that’s the case and push for smaller priced DLCs with a more modest aim for content, not a solid 10 euro demand.

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Agreed. Well done, but not good value for money. Same with the treasure DLC, pay real money for armour (treasure)
which turns out to be mediocre armour. If you’re going to do DLC, at least give us value for money. The last thing you want is for us to buy DLC and be left with a bad taste in our mouths. It’s not conducive to giving you more money!


true, ashes may suffer some shortcomings but it provides far more value than the treasures DLC. in my second and so forth playthrus, i haven’t used any of the treasures.

there are aspects of ashes which are really well done. if ashes had more home services, i think they’d be better acknowledged and appreciated


only helm Is worth keeping if you want to use a closed helm for combat.
The rest is good for up to level 5 IMHO. The Wafenrock(sp?) has less charisma than other items at that level.