My ideas for a mod

So I’ve seen the first video tutorial. with this amount of support, I decided to try learn how to mod (after my PC is repaired).

My plan is to make KCD even more alive. Like making Samopesh great again…ehm… I want to make some camps of mercenaries near the village. That would open me some possibilities for new quests. Speaking about quests - definetely more hunting, drinking and gambling with Sir Hans. Another idea is for a “grand race” - something like Talmberg race, but combined with other activities like archery, tournament dice and even alchemy or lockpicking (need to think more about the details).

It would be great if I can reset Skalitz before the raid. On the other (and if it is possible) - making second From the Ashes could be interesting. However you will use your Pribyslavitz income to rebuild and maintain new Skalitz/Rovna. If you don’t, people will leave, become ill or even die of starvation, etc.

I’d like to make the “small” merchants (those by the stalls) to travel from town to town. I won’t be probably able to make them travel on horse, so I’d add some peasant with a sack (“carrying goods”).

Some other ideas:
robber quest line - chance to join band of robbers. Hide by the roads (so many great places to prepare an ambush. Like on the way from Uzhitz to herbwoman…) soldiers will hunt you etc.

some “extended” quests from KCD - for example like towns guard in Rattay (come on, just one day?)

once per week people gather in church/make a procession to conciliation cross (great for pickpockets/bandits)

maybe some inquisition questline? (didn’t finish Womens Lot DLC, so no spoilers pls :wink: )

I am not sure yet, what part will the wind mill has…

Anyway, I am not sure that I can do that (or even if I start). So feel free to use any of my ideas.

So what do you think? Any ideas? :slight_smile:


I’m so tempted to mod in this game, I no stranger to the creation kit by Bethesda, I don’t want to learn another script language, its the only thing holding me back, it becomes a second job after a while. But I would like a bathhouse and a stone keep in pribyslavitz


Oh yeah, Pribyslavitz… quite a lot of ideas there:

Obviously more buildings (like bath)

You have to pay wage to your guards or they leave

Some defense quests and other kinds

And finally (but I think I won’t be able to do that) bigger roads to Pribyslavitz! (Of course you must invest to built them)

there is a main road from skalitze to pribyslavitz instead of the zig zag road through rovna to the stone bridge I use it all the time. I would like to see some of those mines stone quarried for building henry a nice stone keep and some servants, then I can spend some of the 600k gold, silver whatever it is , I have piled up to stare at lol

I would not mind building a stone keep in pribislavizt, but you got to wonder why they would built one there. It is not a defensive position such as Talmberg, Rattay, nor Trosky.

Also, I’d like the construction to happen in real time, instead of some video clip with the « a few days later » quote. That means you would launch the construction, finish the main quest, head to Trosky with Sir Hans, complete KCD 2 and return just in time to see the first few layers of the fondation of you keep completed :wink:

I love kingdom come deliverance and have been playing for a long time but I just made this account so I could try and share some ideas with potential modders. I am very much in love with the historical accuracy and the immersive experience which is present in the game but once all the quests are done it gets boring. So I’d love to see a mod which adds more content in the form of main quests, sub quests, activities, events, and maybe even battles.

1 If possible add npc mounted combat or at least regular transport in order to improve immersion

2 Add more work animations for example maybe building? (This one would be hard I know) also add a more farmers, it seems strange how the map doesn’t have very large fields of wheat… maybe add those.

3 Add some more household members to Sir Hanush of Liepa’s retinue for example, adding a Chancellor, a couple of relatives of the Capons (knights or ladies), and having Captain Bernard made the Marshal (Perhaps the distinction between Marshal and Captain is not so great but it always struck me as odd that he was a “captain”). Additionally if it is possible to add children then add some as wards/pages. It would also be nice to see the Baillifs reporting to Sir Hanush/Sir Divish every once in a while to pay their taxes.

4 The characters are named inconsistently, Personally I think it would be best to include a description of the character and also the name of the character rather than having certain characters who simply do not have names. This would be an easy fix and I think its a no-brainer.

5 Adding more quests to do involving nobles such as Sir Hanush, Sir Divish, and all other nobles. I would love to see maybe a feud between two knights on the map culminating in a battle; I know its not exactly in the character of Kingdom Come (usually the local knights all work together) but I still think it would be pretty awesome and I think that it could be done in a way which would not effect the character of the game too much. For example if Sir Sebastion Vom Berg and Sir Divish have a conflict over who is the lord of Samopesh. Sir Divish finds a document from the reign of his father stating that he has the rights to Samopesh and he asks Henry for help. After he sends henry to Sebastion, Sebastion rebukes him and moves armed men into samopesh. Henry relays the message to Sir Divish who tells him he doesn’t want to bother Sir Hanush with the squabble and assembling men to move into Samopesh. From here it could go several directions

6 I’d like to see a questline involving the repopulation of Rovna, maybe we get to see inside the church.

7 I’d like to see a quest with a meeting of all the local leaders, Baillifs, priests, and noblemen which henry takes part in. I would think it would be addressing the issues with Jobst and Sigismund.

8 More conversations with local peasants/citizens. I want to be able to go to the tavern and actually have something to do other then sitting down or playing dice. Also being able to eat and making Henry have to eat more food.

9 Some kind of way to rebalance the economy, I dont know if Im the only one who is getting WAY too much money… but its ruining my immersion having 50k. Perhaps some armor/weapons could be so damaged that its worthless after a fight.

10 Introduction of crossbows, lances, and blunt weapons, the ability to knock someone out and tie them up and then talk to them when they come to, maybe even ransom them? (Also more money on npcs) Permenant horse deaths, realistically it would happen somtimes.

11 Perhaps a questline where you, as Baillif Henry, can personally lead prybislavitz in a local feudal war against a local knight or cuman leader who has actually taken up residence in Skalitz castle.

12 It would be nice to be able to have a cart which you could attach a horse to and buy goods for cheap in one town and sell them for a profit in another. Also have NPCs do the same.

13 More NPCs, the streets of Rattay are kind of Barren

14 More quests with Godfrey, Hans, Radzig, and the other favorites

15 A quest under the Prior - after Sir Divish wins the war against Sebastion Vom Berg, he gains Samopesh but Sebastion is still the Custodian of Sassua. Divish sends henry to the Prior of Sassua monastery who tells him Sebastion has been siphoning funds from the monastery and the monastery wants to get rid of him but they cant. Sebastion has also been taxing the citizens outrageously high and confiscating wealth (which he is spending on Mercenaries from Prague). The prior has Henry do a few tasks and then has him gather men from amongst the citizenry of Sassau and his old village of Prybislavitz. What happens after that could be a complex chain of events eventually resulting in either a failure (Henry is permenantly outlawed in Sassua and maybe some other further questline), or Henry wins and the Prior appoints him Custodian of the town.

16 A quest for marrying Tarisa bringing her to Prybislavitz etc. Also adding servants to Henries manor.

17 I may be the only one who thinks this, but I really dont like Sir Divish and Sir Radzigs clothing, (the studs on Radzig are terrible). For Sir Radzig I would do maybe the clothing with the tabard, the long robe, the short robe, or the one with the cape. For Sir Divish I would replace the metal greaves he wears with something else and give him some kind of a hat.

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Great ideas. I hope that also some experience modders will read them.

I don’t think that 1 would be possible - if WH didn’t do that and they wanted to do that…

8 - yeah, I had some ideas for “Pub life DLC” - (Suggestion for the Taverns)

I thought about 9 and I think the answer is inflation. I wonder if the trader can higher his prices if he has like 10k or so. Something should be completly changed - like archery. 15 groshen? Come on! I can win more in dice.

13… well I fear some players won’t enjoy the drop of FPS… :confused:

You gave me some great ideas, thanks! I should be reunited with my PC this week, so I will explore the modding tools more. Maybe I won’t be able to do anything :smiley:

I just started to wonder, if I will make “Name of the Rose” quest line. The monatery quest reminded me of it so much :slight_smile:

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Are there people playing some musical instruments? I can remember them just in cut scenes. Would be great to add them to taverns…


This is where the modding becomes a second job though, you would have to get approval from divish, purchase the land, hire the labor, mine the stone, have the keep built in small steps , every week or so you’ll notice improvements, upon completion you can round up some rattay beggars and put them to work as servants. But that’s a years work to assemble and weed out the bugs.

Yeah, that is one of the things that troubles me…

Would I be able to do the things I want.
Will I have the time, energy and patience.
How long would it take me to do at least some of the stuff (alone…)

I think you should search for some modders who have similar ideas of fleshing out the base game with more quests, immersion, and content, that way you can get more done.

Heres a guy I saw who wants to join a project: [meta] Offering help with mods / Looking for a project to join

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For number one dont completely give up hope because during the seige of Talmberg in the default game, Sir Hanush can be seen going on a regular route by horse- this is proof that it can be programmed for more npcs riding horses- as for combat the combat with Sir Ulrich sort of suggests its possible. Additionally think about how modders have added features not originally in a game.

For number 9 I see what you mean but I dont completely agree with the answer. While I think SOME inflation is okay, I also dont want thousands of Groshen being thrown around, theres gotta be a way to make it so that Henry doesn’t get 30k so easily.

minstrels and merrymen would add a nice touch to the game :} My favorite character in skyrim was Cicero

this is the type of keep I was thinking of, humble to the point, I had to borrow this image. I would give it an interior cell though, so it would need 2 door markers, easy to navmesh. I would need to fiddle with the ambient occlusion with the interior cell to make sure its not a batcave. I would like some nice wall sconces and candelabras. OHH and a nice toasty fireplace.
Here I go, to the concept art drawings lol time to study cryengine

Just to be clear - I mean that nr. 1 wouldn’t be done by me :smiley:

We have also horse riding in Band of Bastards. So experienced modders should be able to do also the combat…

A bit big for Pribyslavitz in my opinion, but nice :wink:

Well I have no experience. So I think I should get some first before offering help/joining a team… However thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Another idea: Henry could built his tent in the forest and camp there. Possibility of bandit attack if you set fire.

I could , to save a lot of time and headache, duplicate the house on the hill in rovna, and place it in pribyslavitz being its markered out as a player home, with a sleep and save bed…just have to duplicate the divish bed to sleep on.

This could be made to very interesting quest line…

I would love a mod that turned the mail collars in to mail hoods. Like this: