No horse steps sound / no save in bed

Xbox One X, version 1.9.1.
No sound of horse steps. When riding a horse there’s no sound of hoofs, horse just flying through air silently.
Can’t sleep and save game in my bed at Rattae mill. Very first quest for Peshek about hangman’s ring, Peshek suddenly turns suspicious, constantly saying “who’s there”, when I lay down to sleep he wakes me up. Also there’s only “sleep” option now, “sleep and save” disappeared.

Probably not a bug… if you don’t pay Peshek the money for the medicine (50 groschen?), you are losing home/bed at the mill.
After this you are a “strager” for him…

Same on PC, observed after reload a prior savegame. I do not use any mods. Resolved, quit the game and open again.

You can pay for medicine or do the quest. I was doing quest when he starts behave like that. I did first part with the grave, he gave me second part with hangman and I wanted to save before doing that. If there’s some sort of time sensitive decision (no money/quest => no home) then I think it’s kinda broken because I was accept quest.

Yes, but in latest Patch notes you can read:
“If player doesn’t pay back debt to Peshek, he will take Henry’s bed back and throw him out of mill.”

I haven’t tested this. No idea if it works "correctly "…:slightly_smiling_face:

Doing quest is paying debt. Anyway I loaded save, did the quest and hope Peshek satisfied now. And I hope devs fix horse issue.