No more wayfarers after 1.3.1


After 1.3.1 was released, all wayfarers have disappeared, I get random bandit encounters but no wayfarer knight, feint-hearted knight etc. I even have some older saves that are right in front of the wayfarer and feint-hearted knight, but as soon as I approach them they disappear right in front of my eyes.


I’ve only been getting foe encounters since 1.3.1. I’ve been playing pretty much all day, but all of a sudden I’ve had zero peaceful encounters. No beggars, no riddler, no knights, only combat.


Same here, which is a shame. :frowning:


Seems to have gone from one extreme to another


It seemed fine to me before, I was getting all of the random encounter events and I never noticed any of them appearing too frequent.


it was like this for me before the patch ,i was hoping the patch would fix it. but it didnt and now its becoming more common. this needs a hot fix cause this is like 25% of all the combat you would have seen in the game gone.


Ehm no, this is about getting only combat and nothing else in random encounters. Sure, you miss the knight and mercenary challenges, but the balance has actually flipped to all combat encounters…


na dude i have over 150 hours so far beat it 2 times now did everysingle thing i could find. but with out random encounters to fight once youve done evrything then theres nothing. i even made a 3rd toon today infact and it still is happening . only thing i can think of now is a full re-install of the game and hope that fixes it i think. might be worth a try.


and also if your only relying on quest for combat sorry man thats gunna suck. think about how much combat your going to miss out on playing a whole play through with zero raandom encounters… is it happening to u lol do you know what thats like… to have it and then to not have it.


Weird, I haven’t heard that. I’ve been getting wayfarers galore on 1.3.1, sometimes twice in a single fasttravel.


Hello Henrys

Just for some people that don’t get random events anymore I thought this might be helpful.
I was searching how to get my random events back and found this.

You can debug random events and increase their appearance.
All you need is restricted console variables unlocker mod ( nexus mods )
Replace whgame.dll in your data folder and type in console or create user.cfg

wh_pl_randomeventsdebug ( 0 default / 1 debug )
wh_pl_randomeventscooldownsenabled ( 1 default (my setting)
wh_pl_randomeventbasechancerunoffset ( 0 default / 1 chance increase )

Seriously these are the things that should be implemented in the game like random events increase/decrease I think debug too.

I dont have it confirmed but it works for me and ofc at your own risk. thx

Zero encounters after 1.3
Patch 1.3 Draw Distance

can u send a link to the nexus mod ur talking about



thannk you my lord


So what I would do if I was you. - first check if you have on or off cooldown so type wh_pl_randomeventscooldonwsenabled just to see your default settings.

(I think I had it on 1 by default and so you should have. I had the encounters I basically increase them by typing 1 to basechancerunoffset.)

Then debug -
wh_pl_random eventsdebug 1 and switch to 0 right after that (why leave it on 1 for debug right?)

then wh_pl_randomeventbasechancerunoffset 1 or 0 ( the whole option is -1/0/1)
I set it to 1 so the amount of encounters increase -1 is probably decrease a lot


Hmmm. Strange to say, in 1.3.1, I meet random wayfarers (mostly local villagers/townsmen) 90% of the time, bandits and whatnot only occasionally. But I mostly inhabit the more civilized south half of the map.


Add me to the people without ANY random encounters anymore. I’m not quite sure since when that is, but definately after the 1.3 patch.
Thanks @Hornet: I’ll try that one out.


After 1.3 installed my St.Georgs-Sword disapeared and i dont have any randomevents. I try the fix from Hornet but it dosnt work.
Then i load a savegame from 10.03. before 1.3 was installed and all is as usual. I have my sword back and constant randomevents on the usual spots (on fasttravel from Sassau to Rattay about 3-4 times, i checked this several times)


Update: After some hours playing only bandits and cumans seems to appears normal, all other randomevents are becoming increasingly rare. After a good start, the randomevents get constantly less and less often.
Now I stop playing KDC, its to boring after I completed the mainquests.
I hope they fix this in time or it comes a mod.


Since I did the fix Hornet posted I’ve had all kinds, attacks, wayfarers with bad feet, knight wanting a duel etc. etc.