No steam key, No steam link button on profile, Kickstarter backer


Hey, I´ve seen this same issue posted a few times now and I just wanted to add myself to the List.

Can´t log into Steam on the Profile, shows no platform and I´m a Kickstarter backer.

Any help would be appreciated

there is a bit of a queue at the moment. Please wirte a mail to

You’re not the only one. See

Thank you for the reply.
I did write an email this morning I was just hoping maybe I could speed things up here.

The anticipation and the fact that I could just buy it now on steam is killing me :smiley:

THere was a response from WH, now probably buried somewhere amidst all the posts, that some people may not have platform specified on their profile because they did not log in during some period before the release. I will try to find the post if I can. It seems like they are working on fixing it.

Edit: Mentioned reply

Thank you for looking, I tried to find something like that but you´re right, stuff is getting buried real quick :smiley:

you must go to the main website, NOT THE FORUM page, go here and sign in with your account on the top right. then on your account page you’ll see the link to your steam profile

Tell me about it…sad thing is, I had to buy the game on steam just so I could play… Pretty shoddy treatment for backers

and i dont thin you understand, we have the link to steam in our profile but no key has been provided so the link is USELESS

Where about on the account page is the Steam link button? All I have is “Update Profile” or “Log Out”…

Have you still not received your steam key??

Same here. I dont have any links on my account page. I’ve got a physical copy of the game sitting here and I can’t use it.

I’ve not received anything whatsoever.

have the same problem. i send two email but no reply.

OK, so I finally got my key but it didn’t come from WarHorse. After repeadedly trying to use the steam link in my profile, I FINALLY GOT A CODE FROM STEAM… i’M NOT SURE IF WARHORSE MADE THAT HAPPEN BUT AFTER CLICKING ON THE STEAM LINK, I PROVIDED THE CODE THAT STEAM GAVE ME AND i was finally able to download… I purchased on Steam as well and I was happy to see, it didnt delete any of my saved files and also added the backer content properly…Hope you all can finally get here and move on with your lives… Just wish WarHorse would have given more specific instructions on this… I do love the game… Hope to see more from them… but I will be buying from Steam if they do…

same problem here… nothing in my profile… no response from the support…

Same. We’ve pretty much been scammed.

Same here. No steam link on my profile at all. Haven’t really worried about this game up until now but it’s been 4 years and I finally want to play it and now can’t figure out how to get the bloody thing. Frustrating…

Send a PM to @DrFusselpulli

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