NPC routines are a waste of resources


This will be completely different in the final game where there will be even more different stages of awareness for the people and how they react to you. In the garden they will probably only follow you around, to check what you are doing there, in a house they will try to throw you out or call the guards.
If you steal something, they will notice it, depending on how important the item was. Maybe they will never notice about an apple, but about the expensive sword on the table.
They will not know if it was you, but they will call the guards and rumors will spread around and people will get more sceptical around strangers like you.

NPC Verhalten

That is impossible and foolish for you to try and claim if you aren’t a part of the team.


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Sounds great.
Though I have never seen a game that has done any major changes from beta to release.


I guess so, I hear some people think it might be a waste of resources though :wink:


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It sounds great that they get the NPC KI right for reacting to players invading their property. They already had that in games almost 20 years ago…
Making complicated and most likely non deterministic routines (which is most likely the main reason for the troubles) is without a doubt the worst economical decision the dev team has made. It could have been replaced with simple predetermined routines with a handful of stations and nobody would have complained either if the devs never mentioned those complicated routines.


Your nonsense has been refuted already, don’t copy and paste identical “arguments”.


And you haven’t brought up a single valid argument in the whole thread.
The devs even admitted in here that things didn’t go so well for them and yet you still deny the obvious problems caused by the NPC routines.
But it’s normal for people of lesser rational ability to ignore uncomfortable facts.