Patch 1.3 Released now!


interesting. in Tobi’s interview today, he mentioned millisecond timing (calculations etc) were part of why WH ditched idea of multiplayer earlier in dev


Old true is saying - do good single first… and maybe after something else… With their if scripts multiplayer would be hard…


Change is that you can not loot bodies in story battles - it sucks… its probably because even stupid bandit is in full plate… They should make game difficult by other way.


Look at State of Decay; they could have added multiplayer but they didnt want it to feel like it was added vs feeling like it was made to be that way. Future WH products should/could include multiplayer, let’s let them get their footing first.


still no travel events happening -.-


Warfare skill is probably still stuck on level 19 and 604/620 exp…


Someone ever activated - make working horsenip perk? What about Horse items repairing?


No to perk. Couldn’t find someone in Rattay to fix bridle, head armor and shoes (armor trader repair, blacksmith repair… no dice). Tailor can fix 0 condition caparison


Oh no! Trader wealth got reset. All the traders I normally deal with have upward of 10k in wealth - no more. Just went to Sasau blacksmith after completing an ‘Interlopers’ camp, plus bandits along the way - must have been 2.5k booty, easy. the blacksmith had 400 groschen. WTF? Where are we supposed to sell gear now?


Try using it to buy other things. Actually this is god, I don’t want to be the medieval warren buffet in the game. Its better for the game this way since you will reach a point of the game where it is too easy believe me.


Too late. Have about 500k


I already reached it! Just loaded my post-epilogue save to see if all the broken side quests work - they have done, so far. Shame about the economy though - I was raking it in. :slight_smile:


Now you’re going to have more items than God (inventory bug lurking?) or you’ll have to stop looting corpses


so? you probably have enough gold anyway and with an unlimited world chest this will slow your income down for just a few sessions at most I’d guess lol


I can’t stop looting corpses - it’s pathological. What is an RPG if I can’t loot corpses? I feel like Peter Sellers in Doctor Strangelove. That arm… must loot…


So , I believe we’ll have the 1.3 released on console this week end or monday ?


Maybe WH needs to build in damaged beyond repair to NPC inventory items. You just slashed bandit Bob to death. His cuirass is beyond salvageable.


I agree. But then again, balance is a funny thing. I’d trained and grinded combat so much by the Runt fight that he went down in two hits. All other group combat scenarios were similar. If they’re gonna limit wealth in the campaign, why not limit character development entirely before certain story events? I realise it’s all monumentally difficult, I dunno - just throwing it out there.


Vagabond still stuck in barricade in town for that quest. Not too many graphical improvements, i like the added options but still getting 30-50 fps in towns at 1080p with a 1080. But i feel this game is going to get patched forever, but at least its getting patched.


Is not good idea, just limit importance of items and stats boosts… In real life you sometimes just kill, poison 1 guy and you very become very wealthy…