Patch 1.3 Released now!


Have had night lightning before. One of fav times to ride around on horseback


Need to respec the potion that triggers a bandit and Cuman attack on the NPCs at town/village nearest you


same, just still can’t do very hard; game says I’m not good enough and it always breaks as soon as I move it lol. Just gotta keep leveling I suppose


with my lockpicking skill i can open SOME (!) very hard chests now…others not (still to hard)…Keep tryin :smiley:


Downloading now. Looks like it’s gonna be great


No need Pickman!
Rattay uptown part (where is the hunter guy is living), there is an another blacksmith too, break it in to his house. The house is next to his workshop.


This picture is not mine, but I already found it!


Gosh I was scarred ! I’ve started the game and saw a quest tip saying me to kill the bandit leader. Thing is yesterday when I left, I had done all the bandit/Cumans quests. And too I’m at An Oath is an oath main quest, and the game started with the cinematic of Hanekin Hare with the guards, quest that i’ve done so long ago… After the cinematic though I’ve return where I left the game yesterday… Humm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So saves loading was not fixed, this crashing its the same… So i will have to find last working save for 1.2.5 a hope, that i no more corrupt in 1.3.0…
Hard crash to Windows again… no proper exception handling, log, error number nothing - awful.


I will check that later on!! thx!


Game launched fine before patch - now gives black screen on startup. Grrr! Investigating… :confused:


i mean like when I go to activate the mini game a message pops up saying I cannot unlock it, like the game is telling me it cannot be unlocked by me. And the I get the sweet spot and instantly it breaks, gold or not. I do not have a high enough level to do it or my game is bugged out; probably a skill thing. Hard chests are easy, and easy and very easy are almost so easy they’re hard (the wheel moves so fast it’s ridiculous lol)


Best to remove any mods/user.cfg etc first just to test and rule them out (if applicable of course).


when you reach level 12 or higher in lockpicking its extremely easy to open locks on on Consoles.


Fine i have found working save, unlimited saving (but you need to have 1 flash in inventory) and skip intro mods still working… I cant test too much things now, because i have to story…

What is most important new save can be now loaded, some i hope, that story will now progress would hard crash and impossibility to load save.

I dont get if is Pickmans piece of sword working or not, form previsions posts?


Mine is at like 14 or 15 now, 14 last I looked, and I still cannot open very hard (the game has a message that says I can’t unlock it even) but hard, easy and very easy are no problem at all; only pick I break is if I try a very hard against the game’s warning


Pop Ins (Object, NPC’s) hasn’t improved. Shadows far away in forests might also be messed up, will keep playing to see if it occurs in different places or only outside of Rattay, and I’ll also adjust settings (Tried everyting Ultra and it got a bit better but still present) and I’m unsure if this was an issue before the patch as well, since I might not have noticed. Although I doubt it since I usually notice these kind of issues.


15 is what usually does it for being able to do very hard I have lvl 17 I think and have been able to pick very hard locks since 15. Also if you have like 200 lockpicks just break them while opening the lock. You get xp regardless.


Cool, I’ll look into it…probably still at 14 then. I knew you get xp for broken picks, I just usually have around 20. I just buy what Peshek has when I run out, which isn’t too often now that things are pretty easy to get into


Yeah I get it. I usually take as many as I can from the start to level it up quickly. Makes it easier closer to end game.


Any performance miracles - main story big battles are still 15-20 fps, even when whole game is 30+ unless my graphics and loading even of normal scenes - like run from bridge are long as hell, even on SSD / not really much difference between SSD / HDD - its probably more about calculation on CPU that about storage speed…

Combat seems to be a bit harder, if is not probably with my half broken warhammer - because how was game bugged, i wasnt in mood to try normal gameplay and repair it, it just rushed story at the moment and tried to find way how to not crash the game…