Patch 1.3 Released now!


i discover that they add new items to the game with this patch that i think i never see before and they fix the issue with the light armor perk and the leather-hunter gloves :slight_smile:


What new items? :open_mouth:


i loot a silver neackle (i think that before only were available just “neackle”) and a ring with a name i dont remember but it whas like “somthing” ring that wasnt silver or gold (and no bianca also)


I already found silver neklace, so I don’t think this is new.
I’m on PS4.


signet ring its the name and silver neackchain, the decorated black hose exists in 1.25? im not sure


I am talking about just the silver neklace, the others… I don’t know.


sure… how have you not been able to check this: it is on the net, has had official devenloper comment; has stickies to do with the process etc…

A few days from now when the platform holder approves it (Sony and Microsoft take THEIR time to approve these things; it is in their hands now)

A few days has been quoted around a few times.
Four days has been the closest to a quoted time… but I wouldn’t hold anyone to a promise, as no one can fairly say how long it will take for platform holders to approve…


what will become relevant when testing,… will be:

has this been a fresh start game (new game from after the patch), or are we rolling with older games that might have underlying issues.

the real problem would be if a new game, started post patch, has issues.


just to help identify… the gamma change in windows (and issues it causes) is a win10 update from the start of Feb.
Ony my system that update keeps trying to install itself (has done nine times now), three times succesfully.
When it runs (even during my game), my game gets little glitches in it… a reboot has windows ‘installing the update’,… when it comes back up my gamma is returned to my settings, and game runs well.
Ihave seen that windows patch affect this game a few times.
Ido not use nvidia; same issue. (Its Win 10)


apparently the individual settings are correlating to each other,… changing vegetation also affects vegetation view distance.

Iam not running update yet, as Irun all my settings on ultra+ (everything set to ultra, and all sliders set to max), except for shadows, which Ivary depending on monitor Iuse or framerate I require.

Can anyone confirm if patch 1.3 for PC will allow all settings to ultra (including three sliders turned up), and turn shadows down… do the sliders stay up?


@Whitedragem some guys in the steam forum had the same problem, others don’t !?


@kurosawa not sure what you are saying…
people on steam forums have been talking about the stammer caused by a background win 10 update breaking things?(or are we talking about something else)… (soz I had three posts in quick succesion and my Androids Chrome might not be the best way to view this site)


i am talking about the viewdistance problem…


cool- if it is only affecting some people, then perhaps Warhorse have set a hardware limitation for some of the sliders.
interesting. would be nice if there was a post detailing this somewhere.


perhaps. by choosing ultra setting it says something about experimental and future hardware.
but it should be my decision what setting i use…


Stop White-knighting, if you are telling me that after 160 hours of gameplay and 50 hours lost because of bugs, i should start a new game with clear conscience, you are sick person.

Gamma is not Win 10 bug, im using Windows 7.


Man youve lost me. I reread your post, my post and then that reply and I think you want to direct that somewhere else?!

Sure I mentioned the two criteria by which feedback to the devs will need to be seperated (I was kinda politely trying to suggest how you might want to frame your ideal patching requirements from the devs)

And man, wowsers , I honestly cant believe you are playing just one playlime. So sure - be upset at me for your life and what you do but dont ninjaturtle my conscience about it like I am attacking you or trying to hurt you or cost you anything.

I will take it as ‘dont talk to me’ (whilst I am pissy at everyone), sure…
Really it isnt so personal.
Personally I dont really trust any of my saves going forward after a new patch and would prefer to start again and check out the smoother framerates in key spots along the way.
We each have difference experiences and worldviews.
I dont invest the same negative energies intongaming as people around here seem to.

Not sure if it is competitiveness or trophies or what but people seem really loaded about-=gaming=-

If its stopped being fun; find fun somewhere else.
Literally ‘fun off’!


The more you suffer
The more it shows you really care
… or so says The Offspring

The neked cutscene not really worth the corrupt save files and hours or replay


You were most negative here, because you said me to start new game… that is not nice at all and you are trying to say to me that is something wrong with me… Just thing about yourself, you are the problem.


Ok i can confirm that is not Sasau problem, with patch i simply gained 1 or 2 game days of playing and game is again, crashing after certain game time period…

I dont know why - it could be bugged and still active monastery quest, it could be merhojed heal waiting quest which is active for eternity… or main quest line or could be some timer, threshold, other bug, i dont know - if there would be some log, i can try to make some mod to fix it.

Yeah im pissed and i have right to be… And im writing it here, because i - want to warn you, say people on console that Patch 1.3.1 is not magic bullet and maybe comfort other people with same problem that they are not alone.