Patch 1.3 Released now!


Really not seeing what you keep saying. I did go reread it.
But as I have already written- we have different playstyles. Maybe I dont understand you well enough- its alright. Youve put lots of hours in and like being a front runner for this game. Did you back it/beta test or are you outplaying all your mates from the retail release?

Everyone I know who has got it has overtaken me, but then I am doing all sorts of different stuff on startup. Checking out the conversation arcs from different play choices etc…
As I said I use the different playlines available.

Win7/win10 are the same from microshots point of view… did you get any patches since start of feb?
Cause every time that update executes it screws my colour profile and glotches tge game…


you need use padfoot potion too sometimes, and “very hard” locks are almost same as “easy” locks when your level is high enough, when you reach level 15 you won’t even think about breaking lockpicks because its too easy.


WHen does the latest Patch come out for PS4? North AMerica?


My Guess is a week from now, if is really submitted… I depends on sales, other games in same time, number of refunds etc… I would be really surprised if it would be earlier that on Thursday morning…


Hi guys, anyone noticed that on PC you can no longer manually tweak the LOD sliders with patch 1.3? Is that a bug or what’s going on?

Edit: a good soul pointed me to that tweet


dont know if this was already included or i never noticed but now i see horse patrolmen


Kind of disappointing they made lockpicking so easy. As I already posted, combat is fine, it is not too hard like some people said, I am still able to one shot people:

I sincerely hope they will not make any more changes to dumb down a perfectly playable game. I did not even encounter any bugs, saving or otherwise, in 1.2


:rofl::rofl::rofl: No, you misunderstood. The download was 50 minutes away from being available on Steam to auto-download. Once those 50 minutes went by, it auto-downloaded in about 12 minutes.


Can they fight well?


I did more testing of my crashing (2 PCs, 4 OS), when im just in wood outside of civilization and dont trade and dont speak with people game not crashing and corrupt saves too much - but its still happening. When i reach some new skill level its corrupted everytime…


i don’t fight them. they are on my side. have not seen a bandit or cuman yet but i will keep looking


Wondered if you saw them at battle spawn point


no, only camped horse which you can stampede. i wonder if cumans will ride that from camp to camp. maybe warhose needs to add that. the soldier in the above picture is titled “guard” when i approach. he was spotted riding up the road to executioner’s hill in rattay and then back down from the road that goes through the forest.


Really hope they work the mounted units asap. Having a game with Cuman without them, it’s like Brazilians without futebol or Americans without McDonalds


Any info when will be realse the 1.3 patch for


When it passes certification, it was released Friday so anytime about 5-14 days after that.

Patch for PS4 dropping soon?

So if we have luck maybe this week?
Anyway thank you, Sir!


With luck maybe :wink:


That’s good, cool! :slight_smile:


doesn’t PS4 have auto update? Xbox does but I kind of wanna look at turning it off, it seems patches seem to break more then they fix here in the beginning. I’ve noticed that the game performs much better in the first half, the further you progress the story line the more wonky things get lol. Also number of save, so delete old ones you dont need, and if you’ve been playing for a couple hours straight you should catch a save and shut everything off and restart it. I had a loading screen glitch and just shut down and restarted and the scene went through no problem .