Patch 1.3 Released now!


Ofc PS4 has got auto-updater too :slight_smile:


Did they nerf bows?


If they havn’t they should…bow shouldnt do shit to plate. Good against cloth/soft leather, alright against hardened leather and chain, but plate? no dice


plus apparently they’re super OP, idk…I can’t get good with one lol


They need to make it where folks with full armor cannot sneak around lol


I have a hard time sneaking in armor, or at least I can hear it…not sure if it actually makes sound the enemies can hear. But there are perks you can get to make your armor quieter and all sorts of perks that just really dont make sense. If you wanna sneak about you should probably be in black/brown hose, a for fitting shirt, maybe a hat, some gloves and some shoes…thats it.

I’m working on a stealthy character and I can get around pretty good in light clothes.


This is in a work shirt, brown tabard(I think), brown hose, either hunter boots/burgher boots or barefoot can’t remeber, and either no gloves or leather gloves


I wear no armor, Just light dark clothing. My stealth is at 19, My Bow exp is at 17… And when I have to fight, I use a short sword because It allows me to dodge like crazy.


im doing stealth, bow mostly for hunting(i doubt I’ll get good enough to try to snipe enemies but I’m gonna try) and woodcutters axe for close combat…it’s weak so it wont be OP later but it’s fast and it fits with my murderer/assassin thing I’m doing lol. If it becomes too hard to fight with an axe I’ll try a better axe or go to short swords like you said.


I never tried using an axe. Is it any good?


Good enough


using a woodcutters axe right now, havn’t had any troubles yet but I also havn’t had to fight more then like 2 people at a time and they were hardly heavily armored. Though I have not yet worked with Cpt Bernard to learn the ripostes and such so combat is still super limited for my Henry. I’m sure, with good defense and good levels, the axe will do just fine.


Actually it has been tested and proven (real world) that the medieval longbow can pierce plate armor consistently and to lethal effect from about 20 yards away. Just sayin’.


Ok, so if they have a longbow with piercing arrows, sure…not a villager bow with the shittiest arrows available. Also it’s a game, so you have to take into consideration a good blend of realism and playability, not just one or the other. But, your typical bow/arrow setup isn’t going to do you much good. And the AI in KCD has crack pot aim, even in the dark…a few adjustments and it would really add to the balance and playability imo


Where have you heard that a medieval longbow can penetrate plate?

Check out this video

Seems that plate armor should reduce arrow damage by 90% in game, especially with the multiple layers.


I was gonna say that maaaaybe it would go through, but not enough to go through that and multiple layers…but I left it alone lol.
Enemies in this game generally don’t have multiple layers, but I did and arrows were my only real worry in battles so I’d just rush the archer if there was one.


That armor is not period accurate to the game. History tells us that hardened steel plate manufacturing techniques did not come about untill the end of the 15th century. This video better represents the armor quality of the game setting, beginning of the 15th century. Enjoy.


I agree completely, armor layering can negate the damages dealt even if the outer plate is pierced. In fact, a combination of hardened steel plate and mail was nearly impenetrable for any projectile save for maybe the most powerful of crossbows.

That said, hardened steel techniques (late 1400’s to early 1500’s) were not yet discovered in Henry’s time. Please see the video linked above for a more accurate example of the longbow vs. plate armor in relation to the steel quality of the early 1400’s. Thanks.


Right again, a simple broad head arrow for hunting game would not have been sufficient for piercing plate. However, just like in the game, armor piercing arrow heads did exist and they were effective against the armor of the games time period.


Still waiting for ps4 patch.