Patch 1.3 Released now!


To be honest, past level 4 it’s getting pretty ‘easy’. I can already open hard locks with 1 attempt.


If error would be on 3rd party side, i sure that they will point it out…

I dont think that there is so long certification on Steam, if some at all, but i could be wrong… On console in other hand, i could take a while… But that is one of the reasons, why im playing on pc.


I’m sure they had issues on their side that they didnt expect they thought they’d be ready earlier but probably a bug wasnt properly fixed
and no on Steam you dont need certification afaik


Main question is really what will this patch able to fix and if already broken games would be fixed, or they would say sorry start new game… This time it would work, perhaps.

Because fix already broken things, data structures could be much more complicated, than fix code for new players. that is one of reason why is buggy releases very bad idea…


I think the most critical bugs are corrupt saves on PS4 and infinite loading screen then questbugs

Patchnotes say:

  • Save and Exit functionality
  • Lockpicking minigame controls improvement on controllers
  • Pickpocket minigame improvement
  • Alchemy recipe for respec potion
  • Many quest related bug fixes
  • Torch holding bug fixed (bug created by 1.2.5 for PS4)
  • German Voiceovers fixed

This Picture adds corrupt saves

So I hope the most critical Bugs will be fixed.
I think there is some lack of communication especially here in the forums we need to look on twitter etc. to find out about new updates… I guess they just have too much to do right now to care about forum but I wish at least 1-2 Staff members would look on here at least once every hour


I have corrupted saves even on pc and last saves which im able to load, could be resaved - loading of them is crashing everytime…

This list dont show too much, problem of this game are lots of broken scripts for character skill, combat and quest, where si something about it?

Ikrementalni patche - just means incremental patches, so no huge patch files - improved data management that all. This list looks like they tried to just have some patch notes and implement some cheap features…


Just realised there not planning any FPS optimisations till fuck knows when,when we’re all done with the game I expect, fuck lockpicking and pickpocketing, there not even broken ffs, easy and working as intended. Increase skill that’s all that’s needed. Jesus Christ.

Surely most important things are

Save corruption, never experienced, I’m on pc but that’s just obvious.

quests bugs

FPS optimisations

Everything else.


they are working on all the things you mentioned including FPS optimisation
(on the picture it says Framerate osciallations)


Rendering / FPS optimisation needs prioritisation. Beautiful game but this issue undermines the experience


The delay on the lods yeah please sort.

here’s the problem.

I’ll keep the small FPS hits. I don’t want them fuglying up the graphics for 2 FPS . Fuuuck that shit.


Yeah my problem is it’s not next, which means alot of people will be done with the game by the time they fix it. That’s how it is with alot of games ATM and I must admit I’m sick of it.

Be nice if there was some sort of independent testing done before the release of a game that check for unfinished games and they cannot release unless it meets certain requirements. Not talking about consoles useless cert which has nothing to do with that. Devs should loose money because of it too, to force them to make sure it works as intended, I’m not talking just about this I mean all of them.

No more releasing games with have massive FPS drops when looking at a certain rock. No more blatantly obvious game breaking type shit we keep seeing again and again.

I can dream.


The industry is part blame here Leroy. And the people who control the market, the consumer.


Cert process, if im not wrong is process when someone just playing the game and searching for too big nipples…


No that’s the rating process :joy: searching for big nipples :grimacing:


Independent QUALITY ASSURANCE testing. Get a hundred people throw em in a room for a month with you’re game. It gets a pass game gets released , if it doesn’t , it ummmm. Doesn’t. Plus you give us all game for free.

Mmm nipples. Hate big nipples.


Well, I’m not a 100% sure, but I just got a 165 MB patch for KCD in steam. I guess this is the anticipated 1.3.


Mee too - i saw and downloaded something 165 MB for KCD.

game start is still slow after Steam cloud saves implementation… // Fixed, problem was elsewhere.

Maybe it was steam problem - i was moving game to ssd (though Steam official Move install feature) and at that moment game was patching… and after that it can start… i validated steam data integrity - 9 files wrong - now im downloading 10 GB. In pure theory i could not be my local problem… I started game and its still 1.2.5 and game is still crashing, if is patch applied im not really sure…


Problem is some issues aren’t bugs (actual defects such as invisible neck and corrupt saves) but design complaints (lockpicking, pickpocketing, not having save-exit)


Im a bit disappointed claims about: “Authenticity. Accuracy. Realism.” i was born 3 kilometers from Skalitz, i really like mediaval history and meelee and to be honest, i have some historical elements, but lots of thing is totally wrong… I know that average american can thing that is accurate, but its lie… Some of historical info is just side streamed in codex, but not in real game - dialogs, npc / enviroment / items design etc…

i think that every game has design flaws, im used to it, i just play game as Developers want to… its nice if you could fix something with mods, if you dont need too much mods together - what is usually way to hell

But heavy bugs which are blocking to enjoy game at all what is problem…


The main quest bugs haven’t impacted me yet but the corrupt saves have. Frustrating but manageable