Patch 1.3 Released now!


news you will find here


sleep-save at miller peshek and practice on the re-locking chest. there are also some “very easy” doors and chests in that area you can try.

only reload your save if you bust all your lockpicks. you still can level up from failing.


Haha let he who is without ego sin cast the first stone.

Yeah he has his points of view some don’t agree with and isn’t afraid to voice them. He’ll you might not like or agree with those opinions but at least there is respect gained in a willingness to express his honest opinions.

You can’t take away from him that he followed his dream / ambitions. He marched on with the help of a strong family and set of key individuals by his side that have helped him achieve this. he may well be egotistical but I doubt stupid enough not to recognise this.

It is funny I read a lot of the weekly torch’s. And how of people came to working at warhorse studios. A alot of them were not your normal situations and quite interesting. A few seemed very much like gambles on people that wouldn’t normally have gotten a start. That much I’m sure they appreciate if they move on or not.


How did you manage living with the corrupted saves issue? I’m kind of stuck as well.


I’ve kept save files to less than 15 (a must)! I’ve purged extras whenvever i accumulate enough sleep/bathhouse/savior schnapps saves. And, when i had load fails, i purged the most recent save files down the line till found one that worked :confounded: also, made sure to reset the PS4. There is a sys cache problem that’s involved is this somehow

it’s a pain in the back side but i restart my PS4 each day i play KCD. not all sys cache problems impact the save files. others impact sound and crossing the (door) threshold. i’m sure there are others.




Patch notes for the 1.2.5 update are minimal but the developer mentions that numerous issues have been fixed through the patch.

i know it’s a pain to provide traceability to all fixes and enhancements but WH should do a better job of providing traceability at least through this rough, initial stretch.


I dont want to be prophet of bad news, but quite few people stated that 1.2.5 is in some aspects worse that preview version and less stable… I played most of the game with it - dont expect bug fixes, only capons quest is fixed, i think.


hans and ginger fix. that’s all that was official in the PS4 ‘release notes’

to me, rendering is worse, not qualitatively but quantitatively


This reminds me of the Skyrim Dlc for PS3 not working because of the way the PS3 handled cache. Something similar?


Could be… Sony’s proprietary system can be a challenge to work with… just remember some of the issues pointed out by Howard and his PR guy when trying to get mods on PS4


Update from WH twitter page.


uhh meaning we will be lucky if it hits this week on PC :frowning: shame, waiting is hard.


So, for the console patch we will have to wait more weaks… Great! Just simply great…


It also means that is probably worse than what we thought.


It just feels wrong that they try to bundle those fixes. Sure we don’t know if Question and Answers is whats keeping them from dropping the patch. But that quest should have been hotfixed weeks ago…


we have no idea about the many factors to move the release date of the patch.
I think we can trust them they do their best. :+1:


I dont know if is still true, but there were times when developer actually paid for patches… because cert process etc is not for free…
Regardless, yeah lots of easily to bugs should be hotfixed long time ago on pc…


My guess would be “One Day” Mot much of an ETA has really come out. Be nice if communication was somewhat more regular.


There are no patchnotes to what patch 1.3 will actually patch. If it doesn’t adress the pop in then i will not play it. (Console version)