Patch 1.3 Released now!


I’m not sure i have understand you. But here are the patchnotes for 1.3


Problem is this:
Many quest related bug fixes

i somewhere here saw something about hundreds of Quest bugs fixed claim… Embedded from Somewhere.

BTW If patch 1.3 would not fix lots of major problems, are sales of this game doomed or not?

Because you know, most of the people usually buying game in first week or not buy it at all, how many waiting buyers are there? This sort of game could have good sales for longer time period, but not for full price probably… and would be even bigger stigma… How many chances they to fix game they really have?
In other way there some minor bug in Fallout 4, which probably bethesda will never fix, but they have much bigger moders community.


This is where main quest vs side quest bugs should be differentiated in the release notes


I felt Lockpicking and Pickpocketing was working great. It was insanely hard at the start, But I gritted my teeth and kept trying and now I blow through Very Hard Locks.


The xactly mate. Doesn’t need touching, so there wasting there time with that shit.


people complained last time when they introduced a fix that basically did the opposite(ginger quest could not continue), so postponing release for extra qa to make sure that doesn’t happen again is just being responsible. the same people complaining about the delayed release are the same ones complain that the patch broke the neuhof quest, yo can’t have it both ways. delay is the way to go.


Tbh I’ve not had any problems with the game I just wish they’d improve performance in the unoptimised areas like rattay and nighttime where ever there NPC’s and torches.

And hope they can improve pop in because it’s the worst I’ve ever seen in any game ever, even assassin’s creed unity and that says alot.

I’ve not had any quest bugs yet.


So it’s not sure if the patch can be released this week as well?

Guess I should’ve waited buying this game for at least another 6 or so months after release. Right now I’ve halted progress on the game because of all the bugged quests both main and side. Yet to experience save corruption tho.


I may need to pause myself. Had a fatal CE crash. Deleted save files and restarted. Ok again, but bandit-Cuman raids getting old (~400k Gr) while waiting for 1.3 patch (save etc patch)


Honestly there are a bunch of other games that are keeping me occupied, i love KCD but, for now i can honestly be patient with the next patch, im just hoping it really takes care of a lot of issues and isnt going to play out like everything else has.


I agree.
Fix the game-breaking bugs. I can do other things until then.
I’m looking forward to finishing this game.


If you dont care about graphics you can still play more hardcore and realistic games like Ultima VII or Darklands.

They could keep you busy for very, very long time…


About lockpicking - im now playing on pC with x360 controller, because i have some problems with my back, so keyboard and mouse is now problematic for long usage… But Lockpicking is soo bad, that im everytime reach for keyboard and do it on it, its much, much easier… Now i have lockpicking 20, so controler started to be ok for easier locks only…

It probably depends on length of your fingers,i have quite short fingers and i rotate left thumb to position which game wants, i have change controller grind during this move, in very awkward move and it pains… other games not have such move, it could maybe, maybe mastered, but its highly annoying - keep it optimal.

Edit: There is something about Visual scripting in Cry engine, i dont know if is from crytech or 3rd party and if Warhorse use it…


This is not maybe lots cause, look and console command list there are some some gravity command, maybe it helps.


Now is 4PM its friday here in Czech republic, so i would expect that something will be release in 2,3 hours or nothing this week…

I dont think they are lazy, its about skill and leadership, these are questionable… we will see soon, but hopest are very high and a bit doubt that Patch 1.3 will fix the world :slight_smile:


This is why I like the mod Immersive Balance.

That mod nerfed the holy hell out of that perk, so if you want to be quite you actually have to wear few items and nothing heavy.


Patch 1.3 Release date: Soon™.


Lol sounds like Battlefront 2 language


Hmm. Patience™


The last version of the mod seems to have toned down the movement penalty when wearing armour so that is good. I am having a blast with it.